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Awesome Storm Drops 27 Inches of POWDER

It's the storm we've all been waiting, a mid-season reviver and welcome return to winter!

Jay Carroll powder shots 2.23.11

A burly storm with frigid temperatures blew in Monday evening, dropping 27 inches of snow (and counting) through 5 AM Thursday morning, including 17 inches throughout the day Wednesday. Tuesday was great, Wednesday was epic, Thursday will be absolutely awesome as you can expect incredibly light powder.

Jay Carroll powder shots 2.23.11

Jay Carroll was up Wednesday to take some powder shots. Finest kind!

Jay Carroll powder shots 2.23.11

Temira from M-Comm donned a GoPro to show off some teleturns in 2 Bowl. Hey - tough job, but somebody has to do it!

The storm has elevated Meadows base to 105 inches - and there's still some more to come Thursday, before clearing out Friday and into the weekend. But don't wait for the weekend - take one of your "wellness" days and hit this powder Thursday and Friday. You'll thank us later!



  1. Dino Terrana

    February 24, 2011

    What an awesome day! Jay takes the best photos.

    Meadows: Helps to have epic powder and a great skier! Dino is featured in these shots.

  2. Adam

    February 24, 2011

    what's the likelihood of heather opening tomorrow?

    Meadows: Heather was opened from A-Zone down Friday morning.

  3. Lynn Norbury

    February 24, 2011

    Boom boom POW, gimme some o' dat! But please leave some there to grow bumps. I love ya Meadows but you need a bumpin area like Grouse Mountain at Beaver Creek, CO. Porpoise-ing through bumps is way more fun than hucking around a terrain park and far less work for your snowcats. I enjoyed your blog about grooming the steeps two days ago, but it said you knock down those nasty moguls. Well some of us REALLY LIKE moguls. You should have a Meadows "Grouse Mountain". It would complete you. No grooming necessary (in fact they thrice on neglect). Love the snowcats but after nine years skiing Meadows my buddies at the Beav laugh at my bump skiing. Please give us some good long regularly available mogul runs so I can recover my pride. Now is the perfect time to let them GROW! Shout out to McGavins - chime in here my ski buddies!

  4. Brian Baur

    February 27, 2011

    It is nice to have our "March powder" early this year :) I also agree with Lynn, moguls can be fun, especially when they are soft like they would be now. What ever happened to the "bump run" we used to have rider's left of Two Bowl? That was awesome. We just need one run...

    Meadows: You should be able to find a lot of powder bumps over the next few weeks. This weather is awesome!

  5. Frank

    February 27, 2011

    What is the definition of Mid-depth and base depth?

    Meadows: Base depth is the snow depth recorded by the NWAC telemetry at the 5250 foot level, near the bottom of Mt. Hood Express.
    Mid-depth is more of an educated guess on our part. We'd prefer to just go with the base depth, as we could pretty much record any snow depth we wanted to by probing around on the mid to upper mountain.

  6. electrick

    February 27, 2011

    Powder !!! Looking good meadows was worried there for awhile .
    @ Lynn's idea about keeping moguls , Lets just say they are nice in certain areas but it was awesome to have Groomed Steeps. I think it would be nice to have at least 1 track groomed down Heathers so those of us who only have a few moguls left in our legs get a nice fast cruser down! Same for the bowls last week when you had 2 bowl groomed in just 1 area it was awesome fun you could go to either side and jump into a mogul run if you choose .

    Meadows: Great suggestions!

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