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Blue Bird Days of February

The high pressure system we've been enjoying the past week has set up some stunningly beautiful and fun days on the mountain. Spring-like skiing conditions throughout the day and into the evening has made this usually wintery time of year enjoyable. Morning corduroy gives way to afternoon hero corn great for carving. The groomers have been doing exceptional work - laying magnificent corduroy down on our 70 inch base. And the result - we'll let our guests tell you.


Come on up and see what you've been missing!

Video filmed and edited by Pierce Hodges from mComm (Mountain Communications).


  1. Mike

    February 3, 2011

    My thanks to the grooming crew at Meadows - always great skiing even if you are not an expert and rarely any surprises where your not expecting them. I skied another great area last month and the thing that hit me was how much better the grooming was at meadows. Thanks

    Meadows: Thank you - we will pass it along to our groomers.

  2. Dan

    February 4, 2011

    Thanks for doing your best with what nature gives you to work with. I just wish it would snow a little. I have to say that in the 14 seasons I've been riding meadows this one has been the worst as far as snow conditions. I'm sure you have access to records of this but has the snow pack ever been this low this late into the season? At a 69 inch base in February, nature isnt giving you guys much help. Doing my snow dance as I type this...

    Meadows: Thanks for the dance. Looks like it's going to start paying off next week!

  3. k2skier

    February 9, 2011

    Hey Dan, It was 04-05, so little snow MHM closed for over 3 weeks (Dec-Jan?) and there was dirt everywhere.

    IMO, MHM jinxed this year by La NIna this La NIna that....(sarcasm of course), it just goes to show you that you can't always predict winter by an El Nino, La NIna event, kinda like Dave used to do, dismiss the whole thing and pray to Ullr.

    Meadows: Ullr; Ullr; Ullr; Ullr ...

  4. Bob

    February 9, 2011

    Could Meadows check and be sure this is a La Nina year?

    Meadows: Follow this link - believe it or not "La Niña persisted during January 2011 as reflected by well below-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across much of the equatorial Pacific Ocean (Fig. 1). However, some weakening was evident in certain atmospheric and oceanic anomalies, in part due to Madden-Julian Oscillation activity."

  5. Steep & Deep

    February 10, 2011

    Are you ever going to open Heather Canyon completely again this year? I know that the new snow in the forecast for this weekend may close it again but it seems with the nice days you've had over the past couple of days it should be open. I can only hope that your team will be able to overcome the upcoming mild storm forecasted for Saturday and on to open at least Memorial Bowl down on Sunday............Finally my prayers for snow are coming but now I may need to focus on the Canyon being opened again.

    Meadows: We're confident Heather will open again this season - just need the right conditions and unfortunately that hasn't been the case here for the upper canyon recently.

  6. Spring Skier

    February 13, 2011

    While the bluebird days of February have been great the snowpack this season certainly has not. With that in mind, is there any chance the spring pass might go on sale a little earlier than usual? And any word on when usual might be this year?

    Meadows: The unlimited spring season pass will go on sale right around March 1.

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