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Chairway to Heaven Fun

Thank you for the fun festivities at the Blue Chair on Sunday for Valentine's Day!! It was great with the fire pit, comfy chairs and good treats!

I also want to thank the folks at Shooting Star, I made them a bird feeder last season (I was making them for my golfing group and had to work on them after skiing so I told the guys that was what I planned to do most afternoons and they said that they could use one too. I thought they would just put it inside because it had pink roses all over it) to my surprise they had it up all last season and brought it back out this year. It was kinda falling apart, it is now good as new, Leo fixed it and it is hanging once again.

I feel that staff on all the lifts are fantastic! It is so fun to be welcomed on every lift on the mountain by name and a big smile! Thanks guys, you are the best!

-- Lynann

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