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Champions of Snow Sportsmanship Awarded at Mt. Hood Meadows

For the past several years, long-time skiing enthusiast Henry Bendinelli has promoted encouraging young people to become aware of and demonstrate better etiquette and safe skiing / riding on the slopes. His vision took a giant step forward Saturday with the presentation of the first annual "Champions of Snow Sportsmanship" award. Supported by the Mt. Hood ski areas and other sponsors, the awards went to deserving Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association racers who represent the values and spirit of the award. The pictures and text below are from Henry and co-visionary Jeannie Coyle.

Hello Snow Sportspersons:

What a heartwarming and gratifying experience was the awards ceremony! That which made it so memorable was the enthusiastic reaction of the teenage racers who seemed genuinely moved and appreciative of the program to restore the qualities of "civility, class and congeniality" to the snow-slopes.

But I find it difficult to convey the spirit of the occasion in words. The photos below might give you a better insight to the FIRST EVER awards given for good and civil conduct while skiing.

Thanks to Mr Randy Hewitt of OISRA, for embracing the project, enabling it to be introduced to the youngsters. Without Randy's involvement and effort, this splendid project would have remained just a splendid idea.

And to Emilio Trampuz a special thanks for: the photos, videos and applying his professional computer skills to create the promotional videos. Besides his photographic and computer skills Emilio donated much of his time and artistry to create the silk screens and print the T-shirts.

Very much appreciated was the financial assistance given by the charter sponsors, the resort areas of Timberline Lodge, the Mt.Hood Ski Bowl and Mt. Hood Meadows, in funding the two awards given to the two "Champions of Snow Sportsmanship." Of equal importance was their recognition of the legitimacy and cogency of the program. A big THANKS for this, especially at this early stage.

Snow Sportsmanship at Mt. Hood MeadowsHere are the two delighted champions with their awards which were presented by Henry Bendinelli.

To Columbia Sportswear another charter sponsor, a big thumbs up for donating the t-shirts. We liked them but the kids were thrilled as you can see by the picture.

Snow Sportsmanship at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe kids were absolutely delighted with their T- shirts. After the top 50 of the 300 racers had been awarded the shirts for sportsmanlike behavior, they immediately wore them with evident pride.

The T-shirts displayed the logos of both the Snow Sportsmanship Program and Columbia Sportswear. These logos plus those of Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood Ski Bowl and Mount Hood Meadows were displayed on the banner. Pictured below is the banner with our happy and proud program staff. From left to right: Jeannie Coyle, Emilio Trampuz, Randy Hewitt and Henry Bendinelli.

Snow Sportsmanship at Mt. Hood MeadowsWith this successful pilot program under are belt we will now turn attention to scaling the program for the future. We'll keep you informed of our progress.

Henry Bendinelli and Jeannie Coyle

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