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Friday Night Jam 4

The jam just keeps getting better! Here's a video from the March 11 session produced by M-Comm's Pierce Hodges.

The final Friday Night Rail Jam is coming up Friday, March 25 in Shipyard. See you there!


  1. Eric

    April 3, 2011

    CSP??? (cascade super park for those not in the know...) timing? features? plans/hopes/dreams/aspirations? I know you're getting some fresh right now, but let's get a teaser going.

    Meadows: We do have plans for Cascade Park later this month, but we're going to have to get into more spring-like weather. Any attempt to build on Cascade with the current winter weather would be futile. But once we get a forecast for some extended sunshine we'll start building features.

  2. Reed

    April 6, 2011

    Are you going to build the superpark this year or just boulevard park?

    Meadows: We're no longer referring to our Cascade Park as a Superpark so as not to confuse it with the features we have built in the past. We plan on building Cascade once we move into a spring weather pattern.

  3. steven

    April 9, 2011

    are you going to be rebuilding the jumps in park place and rose city and if you do when?

    Meadows: Yes we'll continue to rebuild the jumps. Last week four feet of snow is requiring pretty much a rebuild of all our parks. We also prioritized the banked slalom course due to Saturday's event. We also focused on rebuilding the five tables in Park Place. You'll see daily progress in our parks. Thanks!

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