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Great Experience With Programs

Kudos to Patrick Billings, ski instructor. My daughters finished their make-up lesson today. Lauren B. was able to have him come up extra to teach a make-up class and the girls loved being able to finish off their sixth session with Patrick. Continuity is valued by parents and loyalty is well establish with young ones. Patrick took several little girls who had never been on skis and had them progress from the ballroom carpet on day one to Mt. Hood Express-Ridgerun, Beavertail, South Canyon etc today. I'm so excited and thankful. I appreciate all the ski lesson crew for their hard work and due diligence! Also kudos to Scott in rental for going the extra mile. One day last month, he insisted on coming up to the ballroom carpet to make a binding adjustment when I failed to bring my daughter & boot in with the ski! He was happy for a little fresh air and I was appreciative that it saved time. Again, thank you for your team work. 

- Sandi (mother), Keeley (7) and Mckenna (6)

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