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March Roars In Serving Spring Powder

Okay. We are all excited about the Spring Pass kicking off today. But in all of our spring, sunshine, corn, hero snow enthusiasm, let's not forget that it's still winter. Here is an awesome video by M-Comm's Adam Fleck featuring an awesome week of powder at Meadows. Enjoy!


  1. k2skier

    March 10, 2011

    Did I read the report on Heather this morning correctly? 30 FEET+ of rubble from a slide from Wy"East??!! Now it says 50+FEET! Is this the same area that slid last year on 1-17 (?) 2010?

    Meadows: Yes the Wye East let go some time overnight. Similar to last year's event, the slide started near the peak of Mt. Hood, collecting and depositing snow and rubble in several drainages including White River, Newton Creek and within our permit area Heather and Clark Canyons. The event is well documented in our blog archive - just select the January 2010 archive on the right hand side of this blog page and you'll find it.

  2. Brian

    March 11, 2011

    Nice video! Gotta love FRight Trees on a pow day :)

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