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Pay Online with Gift Cards or Passholder Value

When you get to the payment page during the purchase process, enter the card number and click the “Add Gift Card Payment” button. It will check and display the balance and present a textbox where you can enter the amount of balance you’d like to use from the available balance.

  • You can only use as much of the balance as the total of your cart purchase (not to exceed total charges)
  • You can use less than the full amount if you want
  • You can use as many cards as you have balance available  (one of more in a single purchase)
  • You’ll enter a credit card for balance due if your gift/phv cards don’t cover the full balance

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  1. Jon Daniels

    February 20, 2014

    I have not been able to use PHV on the website all season. During checkout, I select the box to use PHV and then see "Pay with gift or passholder card" and can then enter a number and click "Add Gift Card Payment".

    I've tried entering my pass number from the back of the card, my daughters number, and every combination (spaces, no spaces, dash, no dash, full number, last 13 digits, etc.). I have also tried the numbers on the front that start with "UNL". All to no avail.

    The error message is always "Unsupported card".

    Can you add some text to the checkout page that specifies exactly what number and which digits of it are needed to use PHV?


    Meadows: Thank Jon. We'll pass this along to our I.T. department to see if we can provide a more specific message.

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