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The New Stadium Express High Speed Quad

MT. HOOD, OR (August, 2011) -- Mt. Hood Meadows is constructing its first lift since 2005. Stadium, one of Meadows’ original lifts, is being replaced with a new generation Poma high speed detachable quad. This important project will not only improve the overall skiing and riding experience for guests, but also allow for important wetland restoration in the base area.

Significant Upgrade for our Guests

The new, modern lift will represent a significant upgrade over the existing Stadium fixed grip double. Maximum uphill capacity will reach 2,000 people per hour, versus the current maximum capacity of 1,200 which the current lift rarely achieves. With a more robust design the new lift will be more stable in high winds and will therefore run at maximum capacity more often. The bottom terminal will be much closer to the lodge – guests will find the load point approximately 300 feet closer than it is currently located. The top terminal will be placed on the ridge near the top of Heather lift, which will significantly improve access to the North side areas, including Heather Canyon, Shooting Star, and Hood River Meadows. The lift will also join the Mt. Hood Express for night operations so evening riders will have two high speed quads, maximizing their night riding experience. The lift will also provide improved service to racers on the Stadium courses

  •  Faster uplifting to the North side lifts and terrain.
  • Improved loading experience for beginner and intermediate skiers and riders – the lift will load on a contour similar to Vista.
  • More efficient maze and loading design.
  • Provides backup for Mt. Hood Express.
  • Improved run time in windy conditions.
  • Improved night skiing/riding experience.
  • Improved experience for participants and spectators for race events on Stadium.
  • More efficient footprint (takes up less area).
  • Better base area circulation on skis and boards.
  • More groomed skiable terrain.
Wetlands Restoration

According to Mt. Hood Meadows CEO Matthew Drake, a very important part of this new lift construction is the integration of our continuing environmental initiatives. “A significant element of this project is the restoration of the wetland complex at the base of Blue chair over to the bottom of Mt. Hood Express and continuing to the base of Stadium”, says Matthew. “This project will restore approximately 1.5 acres of wetland within our area. It will also include innovative design engineering for the re-construction of existing roads to ‘float’ above the wetland areas without impacting their hydrological function or the propagation of wetland vegetation.”

With the removal of Stadium (known as “Yellow”), Meadows says goodbye to one of its original lifts. Yellow, along with Blue the first two lifts constructed at Meadows in 1967. After many successful operating seasons, Yellow was upgraded in 2008 with new chairs, electronics, and a variable drive, and renamed “Stadium”.

    Stadium Express High Speed Quad Specifications

     yellow  stadium express
     Year Installed
     1967  2011
     Bottom Terminal Elevation (FT)
     5382  5369
     Top Terminal Elevevation (FT)
     5930  5949
     Vertical Rise (FT)
     548  580
     Length (FT)
     2246  2802
     Speed (FT / Minute)
     500  1000
     Passengers / Hour
     1200  2000
     Passengers / Chair
     2  4
     Number of Chairs
     90  52
     Ride Time (Minutes)
     4.5  2.9
     Chair Spacing (FT)
     50  120
     Interval Between Chairs (Seconds)
     6.0  7.2
     Horsepower  100  271
     Rope Diameter (MM)
     29  40
     Number of Towers
     15  12
     Passengers in Air
     82  88


    1. alpineaudio

      August 26, 2011

      HOORAY!!! It's about time....more lifts for night skiing!!!!!!!! This needed to be done years ago.

    2. k2skier

      August 27, 2011

      Thank you! A much needed improvement. Will Stadium run weekdays? And how much will pass prices increase?

      Meadows: The Stadium Express is scheduled to operate daily, although that could change depending on weather conditions and turn out on certain days. We'll be announcing season pass pricing by September 1 when passes go on sale here on our web site.

    3. Dr. Schuss

      August 28, 2011

      Since we are getting the racers a brand new lift, can we also put up an additional ski corral for them to use? It is hard enough getting kids to the magic carpet for lessons, with all the skis on the ground right outside the north lodge. Adding more cross traffic going to Stadium, and reducing the space near lesson lineups (and SnoBlasters) is only going to make it worse. This is my only concern with the new chair.

      I am, however, excited to see how this new lift will affect my free riding time :)

      Meadows: Thanks for the suggestion. We'll address the corral with our race crew and the race teams. FYI: ski racers place their skis on the snow surface in order to reduce the temperature differential between the snow surface and the wax on the ski. The racers are usually taking a break between their first and second runs when down at the lodge. We'll take that into consideration as we look for a better solution.

    4. burtonjosh

      August 29, 2011

      Last year was my first one at Meadows and I will be the first one to say that this place is awesome. I heard awesome things so I bought a season pass on that alone. I am just sad that this year I won't probably have one since I am moving again... I hope to visit you at least once especially to ride this new lift!!! Meadows is AWESOME!!!

      Meadows: Thanks for the props. We hope you can find a great place to ride this winter. Travel well!

    5. Vytas

      August 29, 2011

      Create a Freestyle terrain park to divert the flow of traffic from the easyrider side, including accessible during the night riding times, we need a longer flow of freestyle features. thank you Meadows keep it pushin'


      Meadows: Thanks Vytas. Great suggestions. Flow can be an issue on the front side - we've pretty much maxed the terrain that facilitates park building. We're committed to our plan of presenting parks for fun and progression, so we'll have The Zoo, Shipyard, Rose City and the Banked Slalom course, as well as Forest Park and Park Place off of HRM. We'll see you on the mountain!

    6. Dan

      August 29, 2011

      Are there any plans to sell off the chairs from the old Stadium lift? :-)

      Meadows: We don't plan on selling those chairs as we intent to sell the whole lift intact - the ultimate in sustainability.

    7. nwshreddin

      August 29, 2011

      whats up meadows. long time season pass holder just wanna say definitaly best terrain on hood. the new lift should be nice but how much more terrain will be opened up? and at night with this running? and is a quad replacing heather ever a possibilty?

      Meadows: The Stadium Express is scheduled to operate at night. There's some terrain that will be opened, but that's primarily access terrain from the new top terminal location. Regarding Heather, we're not currently planning to upgrade from the double to a quad lift, at least not at this time. Thanks for the post!

    8. Anonymous

      August 29, 2011

      So is this lift only going to be open to racers on the weekends like it always is?

      Meadows: The Stadium Express is scheduled to operate daily, as well as evenings. The new terminal locations (closer to the lodge and unloading on the ridge for direct access to Shooting Star and HRM) makes it a much more useful lift.

    9. Anonymous

      August 30, 2011

      So are you guys going to let us use the lift when ski racing events are going on?

      Meadows: Yes - the lift is scheduled daily and since it is servicing more terrain than just the main race hill other guests will definitely want to ride it. There may be exceptions on certain nights, when Stadium has race training, but that's usually limited to just Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    10. Eddie503

      August 30, 2011

      you cud market yelloy chair stickers, patches, key-chains, and even posters or post-cards. That things a legend around here, don't want to say goodbye to my cave access lift. Thanks for the upgrade though. Good on ya

    11. Eager

      August 31, 2011

      How about pointing the base area webcam so we can see the construction?

      Meadows: We'll look at moving it over again. We had it focused there early on, but right now there isn't much to show. Helicopters will be flying in towers in September!

    12. klauss

      August 31, 2011

      This lift is a great addition.

      However, can we please put the racers on the side of the hill (stadium run) so the Ram's Head isn't always closed? It chaps my hide that an area with such cool features is always closed by race teams. It would be different if they let you enter, but the don't, they close the entire feature to practice down the side.


      Meadows: Thanks Klauss. We'll discuss with our race crew.

    13. marcus

      September 1, 2011

      I like the new lift, but I agree that there should be some kinda park for night skiing. (small/medium size features) Maybe along side the trees were the base of the old lift used to stand. (couple of jumps, few rails.) Anyways, can't wait to ride the new lift. C ya in a few months.


      Meadows: Thanks for the post. We've looked at Stadium for terrain park features. Even considered it for a halfpipe, but most of it is actually too steep to maintain features. When we built our slopestyle run on Stadium for Vegetate all the features required winch cat grooming to build and maintain them. We are looking at varying the lanes and set up on Rose City which is night lighted. See you on the mountain!

    14. erin

      September 1, 2011

      I am glad for the connection point changes this will now include. I am however, really bummed you guys decided to inflate the season tix prices so much this season. Is it because of this improvement?

      This is way above inflation rates... which would constitute a $15 - $20 increase but $50...?? Many of your loyal pass holders are already struggling to make this part of the budget but this increase makes it really tough to swing. I love being a part of the Meadows family but you may have ousted me this year with this increase.

      Meadows: Hi Erin. We're sorry to hear that the increase is too much for you to afford. You may want to consider the 10 Time Pass @ $379, or even a specialized pass like the night pass for $129. The new lift as well as the many other improvements we are making and have made over the past several seasons is reflected in this increase. We held pass pricing down for several seasons, but feel it necessary to increase in order to continue to provide the high level of service and quality of experience for our guests. We sincerely hope you'll reconsider and purchase a pass again this year.

    15. Pat

      September 1, 2011

      Whenever you can put up a new high speed quad that gains 580 vertical gotta do it. No brainer.

      Meadows: The upper terminal location is strategic, offloading for easy and direct access to Shooting Star, HRM and gated access terrain. The lift is scheduled to run daily, and evenings as well.

    16. Greg

      September 1, 2011

      If you keep the cookies, I’ll keep paying!! 

      Also here are some added comments.

      I love that you personally respond to this forum so keep it up
      The cookies give outs, don’t stop and you should really increase this
      Sunscreen given out in the spring
      Love your ski selection in the shop for I even purchased a pair this last winter!
      You’re keeping prices reasonable given the ski areas around the country; this even applies to my season pass that our family pays
      The smiles you all have

      Now for my one suggestion !! 

      Your lift line management is the one big area needing improvement. Other areas your size and prestige are years ahead in managing lift lines. You don’t need more people, JUST TRAINING and more lift line guide ropes !!! Please email if you need more input, for this is based on skiing 15 days a year in UT, WA, BC, NV and CA

      Meadows is an “A” ski resort and just one item away from being an “A+

      All the best
      Greg, one of your pass holders

      Meadows: Thanks Greg for the good score, and the challenge to improve it.

    17. John Olson

      September 1, 2011

      Now you just need to get rid of THE worst ticket checking system in the world!

      Meadows: We're working on it. Scanning is necessary - its the technology we currently have. We are exploring RFID for the future. But for this year, we ask that you present your pass for scanning at the lift. And smile at the lift attendant - it's a hard job and our crew is doing its best to reduce the inconvenience and make it enjoyable.

    18. HOODisHOME

      September 2, 2011

      Please, please, please, never upgrade lifts out of heather canyon or PR. I know many regulars in heather myself included that feel like heather is becoming way to crowded. It is supposed to be terrain that is meant for "Experts only" and many times this past season I have seen it full of people who are in way over there head and end up slipping the lower canyon and destroying the good snow. There needs to be a large sign at twilight like there used to be off Cascade outlining the dangers of skiing in gated access areas. There are too many people who ski/ride heather "Just to say they did it" when it is way beyond their skill level. Upgrading lifts out would just open a gate to more inexperienced riders.

      Just my .02 but I feel that my friends and I aren't alone. I'm looking forward to a response.

      Meadows: Thanks for the post. There aren't plans currently for lift upgrades to Heather or to gated access terrain. You make a good point in that there's a difference between skiing Heather and side-slipping it. There's all kinds of advanced terrain that novice and intermediates can hone their skills on before heading through the gates. With that skill, you can proudly say you not only skied Heather, you ruled it!

    19. Gray

      September 2, 2011

      If I promise not to ride the new lift would you knock the price of this years pass down to last years rate? How many days of the year can you justify actually needing this new quad? Can we keep a running tally of how many days out of the total ski season this lift actually spins?

      Meadows: The new high speed quad is scheduled to operate daily. We're confident it will significantly improve traffic patterns, particularly on weekends and holidays to expedite transporting guests from the base area through the morning. It should also reduce the cross traffic on North Canyon of "Shooting Star Bound" skiers and snowboarders making a bee line for the North side. We will keep track of operational days and learn this season how important the new Stadium Express is.

    20. Session

      September 2, 2011

      Gotta agree with a few people here and have my vote counted.

      Klauss is right. I support racers as they are skiers too. But too often good terrain that many skiers enjoy is closed off because it is adjacent to what the racers are using.

      Lift crews seem to start out good, but start to degenerate over the season as well as throughout the day. Props to the HRM crew last year. But I have seen MHX with only 2 people during peak traffic periods. This makes no sense to me.

      I'm stoked about another first chair option on a pow day. As well as not having to make the traverse to get Shooting Star/HRM/Gates.

      Meadows: Thanks for the post. Thanks for the kudos to the HRM crew an observation on MHX.

    21. neversummeragain

      September 5, 2011

      How about giving some folks a good deal on old chairs. I own a Steiner built historic cabin that would stand for a chair swing out front. Would keep the history of Hood alive? Email me!

      Meadows: We have a few of the Yellow chairs remaining. They're available for $250 each. If interested email

    22. vilage idiot

      September 5, 2011

      For years we (my riding friends and I) have been talking about where you need to add a lift and you just missed it by that much |<------>|... you need to add one going from top of shooting start to the top of cascade. As it stands to take the best run on the mountain (outer limits to bottom of shooting star) you have to take 3 lifts out to do it again. You waste a ton of time to do the single best ride over and over.

      All this new lift does is redirect lazy people who don't know how to ride into riding an area they usually never find. Now they are going to ruin lower heather being in over their heads. Clog up the area we always go to get away from the crowds.

      The rides from Mt Hood express or Cascade over to shooting star are great ones with some of the best rock drops in bounds so this really adds no advantage to those who know the mountain. This just makes it so you have a lift close to the doors so the lazy riders will jump on that and now the good side of the mountain will be overrun with the beginners instead of them staying under Mt hood ex.

      You used to be able to count on Apollo being open for carving and speed bombing the end but now it will be full of beginners who should be on the other side of the mountain. This will probably be great for your income but as for riders who know the terrain this adds nothing. And this is coming from someone who basically only rides Mt hood ex. in order to get to Shooting Star. I have been boarding at meadows since '87 and man this is one of your worst moves yet. Oh well I guess it is par for the course...what can you expect from a business that has proven over and over that the customers don't matter because of the monopoly.

      Meadows: We agree with you completely that the runs off of Shooting Star and from Cascade to Shooting Star are some of the best on the mountain. We also believe the new Stadium Express will improve traffic patterns significantly, particularly as a direct route for those who know what terrain they want to get to. We don't think this lift will increase the number of novices heading into Heather - the gates and pure steepness of the Canyon send a fairly intimidating message about the advanced nature of the terrain. We also don't think Stadium is for "lazy" riders - it will be used by those who want to make the most of their riding day, so if saving time to get to these great runs means more time on the slopes and less time riding and in transit, then it's a good thing for everyone. We respectfully disagree with your comment that customers don't matter. We're not a monopoly and we certainly won't be successful if we operated that way.

    23. John

      September 6, 2011

      So you will be putting a lot more people on the mountain faster? With little if any additional terrain the lift lines might be shorter but the slopes are going to be much more crowded.

      Meadows: Thanks for the comment. The uphill transport increases from 1200 people / hour (old Stadium lift) to 2000 (new Stadium Express). We believe this lift will reduce congestion through better disbursement. It should definitely reduce cross traffic from the top of Mt. Hood Express crossing over to Shooting Star.

    24. Chris

      September 7, 2011

      I think the new lift is a great idea! I want to second the votes on NOT improving access to heather, heck make it harder to get to. Also, any plans on increasing your permit area, as to do avy control above heather. I know this was a huge headache last year

      Meadows: Thanks Chris. See the previous post about avalanche hazard reduction operations outside of our permit area.

    25. devon

      September 9, 2011

      This makes me a little happier with meadows lol. Biggest pain was going up Express and then having to trek all the way over to hit hood river and the park. Definitely a good and much needed improvement to Meadows.

      Meadows: We're very excited about seeing how the new lift will redistribute traffic flows. No more "bombing" down North Canyon to get up the hill to Shooting Star.

    26. Brian

      September 9, 2011

      Here is an idea: Light up HRM and gain a third night operating high speed lift and another option for night parking.

      Meadows: Good idea, and something that has been considered. It would also provide a lighted way back to HRM parking for those day skiers extending their day into the evening hours.

    27. Ride ON

      September 9, 2011

      Kudos to MHM for the new Stadium Lift. With your eye on being a top level resort, you made the best decision in a poor economy to better the eco system and improve your base area disbursement. For the incremental increase of season passes (compared to other resorts of same size), the snowsport public is still getting a great value and a better access print to the mountain. As far as comments of replacing the scanners: Radio Frequencey gates are not cheap (and can be problematic) there is a season pass increase if I ever saw one! And for Heather.....I applaud Meadows and the Ski Patrol for the very wise evaluation of the ride safety for that area! Keep up the wise planning, safety, operations, employee training, and facilities to give your guest the ultimate in a Snowsport experience!

      Meadows: Thanks for the post. See you on the mountain!

    28. Cking

      September 11, 2011

      I think this new lift is fantastic! It took a lot of energy to get to the lower terminal of Stadium from the lodge, and so putting it closer will certainly save people like me energy that can now be used in a different capacity: skiing.

      One improvement that should be made in the near future: convert Shooting star into a 6-person lift. The flat base of S.S. is comparatively small when compared to bases of other HSQs. I see people backed-up on the slopes, waiting to get to the lift maze during peak time -- a potential safety issue. The new Stadium Express I feel will only amplify the crowding situation at the S.S. base. Shooting Star should be the next lift to get addressed.

      Thanks and I cant wait to try out the new Stadium

      Meadow: Thanks for the post - interesting idea about the Shooting Star upgrade.

    29. Nancy

      September 12, 2011

      Will you be able to get on Trillium from the Top of the Stadium Express lift? There needs to be more trails open for beginners.

      Meadows: Thanks Nancy - yes Trillium is accessible from the top of the new Stadium Express, but it's not an ideal beginner run because you'd still need to take Yellow Road or Whoopee to return to the base area, both are a little more advanced (in between beginner and intermediate).

    30. pdxmeier

      September 12, 2011

      Are the fires and red flag conditions having any impact on construction of the lift? When do the towers start flying in? Looking forward to riding the new lift and not having to worry about my 6 year old getting run over on the way from MHX to the north side.

      Meadows: The fire conditions haven't affected the progress of the new lift. Towers are scheduled to fly next week, depending on weather conditions. We're looking forward to the new lift for many reasons, including the one you stated above!

    31. Daniel

      September 14, 2011

      Will Meadows please consider opening up more of the Stadium terrain for night skiing. We particularly enjoy Lady's Slipper run and ask that the side runs off of the Stadium recieve lighting for night skiing.

      Meadows: That is a great suggestion which we are addressing in future seasons. For this season though, we won't have additional lighting on Stadium.

    32. Hood-aholic

      September 14, 2011

      Hey, it's mid September and the webcam shots don't show any lift poles in place? Is Stadium really on schedule for THIS winter or have you run into a slip? Great pix of pouring concrete. Give us some proof that chairs are hanging! Once the weather turns wet, your equiptment is stuck in the mud. Give us some visual feedback as the clock is ticking....

      Meadows: Patience my friend. Towers are scheduled to fly next week - and we'll provide the video evidence!

    33. Ted Beyer

      September 18, 2011

      I think it is great that you are investing in the ski area. I have been a pass holder since moving to the Camas area in 2004. We have seen such improvement over the years to the base area and lift operation. I am just scratching my head however over the choice to replace a lift that I have observed and experienced only services a select population of skiers. The current chair is dominated by race teams unless the weather is so stormy that it is used to get us up to HRM access or limited skiing and boarding on the base area side. It will improve access to shooting star and HRM first thing in the morning when we powder hounds stand in line to get first tracks but other than that what access or rider/skier access is improved? You mentioned night skiing and riding. Did you improve the lighting also to include more access at night which is the greatest limitation at night. LIghting shooting star would be a great addition to your night offering. The current chair is not full at night now unless race teams are using it and then the area is closed for use anyway. Keep up the good work but I am still scratching my head over this investment.

      Meadows: Thanks for the post. We believe the relocation of the upper terminal will make the lift very popular and take some of the pressure off of Mt. Hood Express. It should reduce the cross traffic of people heading to Shooting Star from Mt. Hood Express. We haven't added lighting this season, but we have plans to in future seasons.

    34. pdxmeier

      September 18, 2011

      When do we get to see an updated trail map showing the new terminal locations?

      Meadows: We'll get it updated on our site soon, and the new trail map will be printed in October.

    35. pdxmeier

      September 19, 2011

      Do mine eyes deceive me, or do the lift cams show towers in place?
      That was quick!

      Meadows: 12 towers in 2 hours! Check out the video on the new blog post.

    36. bill

      September 19, 2011

      This really does nothing for me. I guess the 45-60 year old moneyed demographic is not your target market. Good luck/ While I'm wating another five years, I will enjoy my time at Alta and Whistler.

      Meadows: Two find choices! Enjoy your days on the mountain, where ever you choose to pursue your passion. But even if you don't get a season pass, you can still come up for some day skiing to keep on your edges between trips.

    37. pdxmeier

      September 20, 2011

      I'm in the 45 - 60 year old demographic (not sure about the moneyed part) and I think this is a great move. Now, how about that Superbowl Express ;^).

      Meadows: Boy - that does have a ring to it =0}

    38. Joe

      September 26, 2011

      First of all i havent gotten a season pass at shredows for the past six years and i love it. I am pretty stoked on the new lift, but instead of selling the old lift you guys should recycle it and put it on daisy, i don't know how much longer daisy is then old stadium but it would be nice to see daisy running more often. For past 3 seasons or so daisy hasn't been running hardly at all

      Meadows: Stadium Express is scheduled to operate daily - with the higher drop off point it will be very appealing to guests. Daisy operations are related to the other lifts which serve the terrain - it's not an equipment or maintenance issue. When Mt. Hood Express, Easy Rider and Vista are operating that provides excellent service to the terrain serviced by Daisy, so it may not operate at those times.

    39. Jsmith

      October 3, 2011

      Thanks for all the years of op. so far they have been great. That being said... 580 ft. vert? The statistics of the new lift don't seem to be a very substantial gain from the other lift (which I thought was useless). It's only 1.5 minutes faster than the other and still takes you nowhere. Besides easy rider and butterc. this is the lowest elevation rise of any lift and its the newest. I have spent hours looking @ the map dreaming of where I would put a lift, this is not where I imagined.

      Wetland preservation... Stop driving cars up and down a mountain, in-order to ride on a gas burning lift, on hill that are serviced by gas burning machines. While you litter in the parking lot ect.

      Meadows: Great advice regarding respecting the mountain. We can all do more. Regarding the lift - the top and bottom terminals are relocated. The bottom terminal is closer to the North Lodge, and the top of the terminal shares the knoll with the top of Heather, meaning one-ride access to Shooting Star, HRM and gated access terrain on this new lift. It's a big improvement!

    40. taylor

      October 11, 2011

      Meadows, I cannot believe the heat you take from some of these posters about this lift. Jeeze folks, if you don't like the lift, don't use it. As for the guys that are miffed that 'novices' might intrude on their precious terrain: you are those that ruin the experience for others. I wish we could all be as awesome as you are. you are elite man, we should be privileged to ride the lift in your magnificent presence. the person that posts under 'village idiot'- you're probably the greatest kill-bro super rider ever, we're not worthy - Jerk.

      Meadows: It takes a village. =0}

    41. pete

      October 12, 2011

      When will you guys show the new trail map with Stadium Express on the website?
      How are the racers going to get from the top of Stadium Express to the top of Stadium run?
      When can you guys open some new ski runs?

      Meadows: Check our responses above - regarding new ski runs we're currently servicing most of our permit area but there are opportunities for opening some terrain within our permit area. That's all speculative and requires review by our partners at the forest service. I look at it this way - with new snow, every run becomes a new run every day!

    42. pete

      October 13, 2011

      This lift is a great improvement idea! Do you guys think it will take all the crowds off Mt. Hood Express? If so, we can finally ski Mt. Hood Express's bowls without having to wait in a long line!!!

      Meadows: It should reduce Mt. Hood Express lift line as many lined up there are headed over to Shooting Star and STX provides a more direct route.

    43. pete

      October 14, 2011

      When are you guys going to string the cable and put on the chairs?

      Meadows: In the next two weeks. We're shooting for a successful load test by the end of the month!

    44. windmandc

      October 19, 2011

      So, can I get to the top of HRM Exp Chair and then down into PR and Yoda Bowl. Or will I have to still hike up to HRM Exp to get over to that sweet powder.
      Also I wish you could have a lift or rope tow from the bottom of Heather Canyon Runout to the base of HRM EXp chair.

      Meadows: From the top of Stadium Express you'll be able to reach the top of Hood River Express and the gated access terrain. No plans at this time for the rope tow on the run out, but I'm adding it to the wish list.

    45. windmandc

      October 22, 2011

      Is there a new cat track that meets at the top of HRM, or are you still using the existing cat tracks that head south from the top of Heather chair.
      Thank you for the adding my wish to the list. Jackson Hole had one in the same kind of area and it saved so much time and energy out of my day.

      Meadows: No new cat track at the top of HRM, but you'll be able to use the existing Trillium to reach HRM. It will be a great addition!

    46. JB

      October 27, 2011

      Put some lights on Cascade and Vista and you've got a real game-changer. What I'd really like to see is all your quads lit up.

      I can dream.

      Meadows: Don't under rate dreams - how do you think we got to this point? Our electrician was very excited yesterday - he flipped the switches on the relocated light control box (formerly located at the bottom of the old Yellow chair). North Canyon and Stadium lights working! There are a few new light poles with the new lift as well.

    47. badidea

      October 28, 2011

      Of all the places you could choose to spend some of the insane amount of money Meadows makes, you choose to do this? That's the last thing I would have done, but to each his own. Meadows has to be the only ski area in the nation to have built two new high speed quads in the past 6 years that didn't open up any new terrain and also to have placed them in the most worthless portions of the service area. I realize the forest service has you by the balls, but there has to be something else you could have done with the money.

      Meadows: While the terrain serviced by Vista wasn't new, it was underutilized. Vista has become the favorite lift of many of our guests and it improved the overall experience at Meadows by relieving pressure off of other lifts and by making that sweet Vista terrain so easy to get to. Stadium Express will also significantly improve traffic flow and access for our guests. Currently we're pinned in as far as our permit boundary goes, but that shouldn't (and doesn't) stop us from improving the experience within the current permit area.

    48. Jacob

      November 5, 2011

      Stoked for a new lift! And i think people need to calm down about the ticket scanning. You guys do a good job. Meadows always has great lifties with personality. Part of what makes meadows home!....that and cookies

      Meadows; Thanks. Our lift attendants are also stoked - going into orientation this weekend led by manager Pete Happy! With a name like that you know our lifties are going to be friendly!

    49. Conner

      November 5, 2011

      What is the song title and artist to this video?

      Think snow think snow!!!!

      Meadows: "Fly Like an Eagle", written by Oregon's own Steve Miller and performed by Sugar Black.

    50. DBL

      November 10, 2011

      Unlike all the negative input that I have read (badiaea) I would like to commend Meadows for continuing to improve their base of operations. I think the new lift is just one of those continuing improvements. Although the new Stadium quad doesn't open "new terrain", it definitely was not placed in the "most worthless portions of the service area". I doubt if any true skier/boarder will have any problems getting to the north side quicker. I also doubt very seriously if this new chair will have any serious negative effect on the prime PR or Heather area either. Most beginners and intermediates are intimidated by those area's, and the ones that do happen to side slip it once will quickly realize that they were in over their heads and head back over to the area's that they feel comfortable in. If the so
      called "pro's" have a problem with skier's trying to improve their skiing abilities by pursuing new area's to conquer, let them head up to Mt Adams, skin up, and work for their turns like we use to have to do when we couldn't afford lift tickets. I really don't remember seeing a lot of beginners up there....
      Thanks Meadows for ignoring the ignorant and developing your given terrain to maximize our skiing experiences.

      Meadows: Thanks for the post!

    51. Jake

      November 12, 2011

      Do you guys have a video of the cable being strung and the chairs being put on the new lift? I'd love to see how that works!

      Meadows: Unfortunately no - we weren't videoing the day the stringing occurred. Basically a smaller "guide" cable is strung - that was up right after the towers were placed. Then the new cable is fed and spliced. Placing the chairs is similar to what we do at Vista or Cascade - these lifts have storage to take chairs off the liftline during bad weather.

    52. Jesse Nicola

      November 21, 2011

      I wish meadows cared more about freestyle/park riding. You install an expensive lift for faster access to ski racing terrain and back country and don't charge extra, yet you install a cheap rope tow accessing some mild to beginner freestyle features... and you charge extra? "Make em walk" should be your new park motto.

      Meadows: The Freestyle Coaching park was an experiment last season to provide coaching sessions to new freestylers. Meadows makes a substantial investment in constructing and maintaining the six terrain parks plus the superpipe. The Stadium Express provides base area access to Forest Park and Park Place, so it is a convenience for freestylers seeking the north side terrain. You can run laps on those parks on Hood River Express. Easy Rider serves Rose City, the Superpipe, the Zoo and the Banked Slalom. Buttercup serves Shipyard. There is no need to walk a park at Meadows, unless you prefer to.

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