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Meadows Parks Opening Up for a Great Season of Freestyling!

We've opened up three of our Meadows Parks - Shipyard which opened on our opening day (a rail park located under the Buttercup lift); Forest Park a street style rail and jump park serviced by Hood River Express, and The Zoo our entry level beginner's park. Parks crew is working hard to add features to these parks, and open up others as we get more snow this early season. Here's a quick video review of the parks.

You can also check out the park layout and features in our interactive parks page.


  1. AJ

    November 29, 2011

    Pretty awesome! That skier shredding forest park is great-What model of skis is he using? I know it's probably more his skill than the skis but I can't help asking. :-) You guys really, really scored with forest park last year. It was not too intimidating like Rose City or Park Place but still big enough you can actually catch (fairly) good air. I did my first grab there last year and can't wait to shred it again!

    Meadows: Brandon from our ski school is featured in the video - he's on Icelantic nomads.. from a few yers ago, with salomon STH bindings. Forest Park is very popular for all the reasons you mention. We're looking forward to opening more parks as we get more snow.

  2. Girlpants

    November 30, 2011

    When will the pipe open?
    Its the only worth riding when the mountain is crowded or there is no new snow for S&R cliffs.

    Meadows: We still need more snow to get the pipe open. As soon as we get enough we'll be cutting. Meanwhile - take advantage of the early season lack of crowds. There's some great riding to be had.

  3. Coldwater_King

    December 8, 2011

    Next step, invest in snow making technology as by now you could have a full blown park and pipe up and running. Built it and then will come!!!

    Meadows: We do have snow making on a limited basis which we use to supplement some of the more sketchy or skied off areas, particularly early season. We continue to research snowmaking, and as systems become more efficient, determine whether it would would work effectively in our climate. Thanks for the post!

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