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Shipyard Rail Park

Freestylers can get some early season rail riding in in Shipyard. There's four lines in the park and it continues to grow. Pierce from mCom captured some of the riding in Shipyard this weekend.

You can get updated park conditions, including the features in each park on our conditions page.
Or check out the Interactive Parks Page for videos and photos of the different features in each park.




  1. Steep & Deept

    November 22, 2011

    Let me start out by saying what an AWESOME opening weekend it was; 1st chair both days! Now on to the important stuff. The more of the mountain that you can get groomed by the end of tomorrow the better the surface will be for Thanksgiving Day and on since it will most likely freeze up on Wednesday night. This may be the last time that I ask for the entire ridge run be groomed since I really like it when you leave at least the outer (20 - 30 feet) on each side ungroomed for fresh tracks. I'm sure your crew is already all over this one but I just wanted to throw out my 2 cents. Thank you all for getting the mountain up and running.

    Meadows: We're on it! Thanks Steep - it was a pleasure meeting you at the Stadium Express ceremonies Saturday!

  2. Jake

    November 24, 2011

    sounds like meadows park crew is really stepping it up this year. Make the zoo really sick until forest park or park place can open! Lots of features on the zoo! Any details you can give us about this years parks?

    Meadows: Glad you mentioned the Zoo - it's a great park for entry level freestyling, coaching sessions and tuning up. Our parks crew is stoked and a committed to consistency. We're looking forward to getting more snow to get Forest Park and Park Place open.

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