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When Are We Going To Open

It's on everyone's minds - we all are anxious about getting the season underway. We've received our initial early season "teases" of snow dustings, as early as October. Each one builds the anticipation and excitement about the opening of a whole new season - Meadows reborn! And while we're optimistic about a November, possibly even pre-Thanksgiving opening, we need to see what nature blesses us with. Our entire season will be built on this base of snow, so hopefully it will be abundant, substantial, something we can pack down and build a great season out of. But for now, like you, we are in waiting mode, as far as opening goes.
Mt. Hood Meadows awaits the storm that could open us up for the season.
Photo Tuesday Morning - November 15, awaiting the storm that could open us up!

But we are very busy preparing all aspects of our operation so when we have the snow we are ready to go! Stadium Express passed it's load test last week, so our brand new lift is ready for this season. Keep in mind there could be a scenario of a limited opening of the ski area, without that lift operating on opening day. But we're excited to get that lift going to see what a great improvement it will be to traffic flow around the mountain.

We completed our employee orientations over the weekend - no one wants the season to start more than our awesome staff. You'll recognize a lot of familiar faces returning to Meadows and we're also welcoming many new people to the Meadows team. It's going to be great season for everyone!

Here's some video shot last Saturday showing some of the pre-season preparation and anticipation. We'll have more to post on Thursday after the storm!

Meanwhile let's get together at some of these pre-season events!

Avalanche Dog Fundraiser November 14

Everybody's Brewing in White Salmon is hosting this fundraising event. Doors open at 5 PM - slideshow at 6 PM and lots and lots of items up for the raffle. Proceeds benefit the Avalanche Rescue Dog program at Mt. Hood Meadows.

Midweek Adult Bus Kick Off Party November 16

We're celebrating the season and letting everyone know about our Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday midweek adult bus program. The event will be held at KEEN in the Pearl District. Come out and meet the friendly folks who ride our midweek buses and find out what a great time enjoying the mountain midweek is. All our Group Organizers will be representing their neighborhood programs, we'll give away prizes, there's light snacks and desserts plus sampling from Widmer Brothers Brewing and Naked Winery.

The Big ChillThe Big Chill 11 Presented by Widmer Brother Brewing November 18

Kick off the winter snow season in style at the Big Chill, a celebration of the best of the Northwest presented by Widmer Brothers Brewing.  Join Widmer Brothers for an evening of local craft beer -- including Brrr, the brewery’s winter seasonal -- music, art and fashion at Grand Central Restaurant and Bowling Lounge, beginning at 9 PM. A silent auction will raise money for Mountain Wave Search and Rescue!

The MovementThe Movement November 20

Meadows is proud to present this feature film which tells the story of five individuals from all walks of life who faced incredible obstacles, found the inspiration to overcome them and became real everyday heroes. Seating is limited and proceeds benefit the Make A Hero Foundation which supports those organization which reunite people with their passions through the use of adaptive equipment and coaching. Local skiing legend Fred Noble who has ALS will be honored at this event.

Wow! All these great events and we're not even open yet!


  1. Jack

    November 14, 2011

    Are you making snow?

    Meadows: We have limited snowmaking capabilities - more for supplement the high traffic areas that get scratched out without much natural snow coverage. We receive our snow primarily through General Overnight Delivery.

  2. Tyler Dent

    November 15, 2011

    SO PSYCHED TO GET BACK OUT THERE! Been doin my snow dance!

    Meadows: It's working. Now do it a little closer to the freezer =0}

  3. Joel

    November 15, 2011

    Just bought season passes for the first time for my kids. They are so stoked for the season to begin. They are checking the forecast every day.

    Meadows: That's great! We added a weather section to our blog - just check the blog page and then click Weather Blog in the right column. There's some great Pacific Northwest Weather information they may be interested in.

  4. Randy B

    November 16, 2011

    Another birthday opening day at Meadows?
    11/20, come on Snow!

  5. Jasper

    November 16, 2011

    Is your iPhone app still available? If so where can I find it? The mobile version of is limited at best. I would like to help you guys develop a mobile version of your site if you're interested.

    Meadows: Powder Nation developed our current mobile application. They initially weren't supporting ski area apps but recently decided to continue. We are investigating which way we want to go at this point.

  6. Spencer s.

    November 16, 2011

    So stocked for the season! My cousins are going skiing for the first time next week if Meadows opens by then.

    Meadows: We're planning on opening at least two lifts Saturday, and continuing operations daily. Hopefully we'll be open for your cousins next week!

  7. Grant

    November 16, 2011

    Around how much snow do you need to have up there until it opens? Is there a certain height?

    Meadows: It has more to do with how the snow fell, as opposed to how deep it is. Right now at 21" it's fairly thin - high winds aren't helping as it gets blown off the already thin areas. Hence the early season conditions, watch for unmarked obstacles disclaimer. We're counting on more snow that the forecast is promising to improve conditions for Saturday and possibly open more lifts.

  8. Dakota

    November 16, 2011

    hi i was just wondering when you think the season will start? i already got my season pass and am super exited!! been doin my snow dance!!!!!

    Meadows: Limited opening Saturday!

  9. Eugen

    November 19, 2011

    When meadows after dark starts ?

    Meadows: Hopefully soon. We want to make sure we have good coverage so we'll see what the weather brings this week.

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