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Kudos to Ski Patrol

Kudos to Ski Patrol at Mt. Hood MeadowsFor many a Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, my kids and I have enjoyed the relative quiet of the resort on a holiday morning.  What great family time together, and a great way to work up that appetite for the holiday meal.  This last Thanksgiving ended a bit different, however, as I took a bone shattering fall, and had my "Thanksgiving meal" in the hospital.  Now I don't suppose you want too many injury stories flooding your Blog, but this is not a story about injury, but one of praise for your Ski Patrol!

I was thankful to have received the expert on the slope care by Billy.  I work in healthcare, and supervise a large staff of professionals.  I was quick to recognize Billy's excellent skills, and critical thinking, and I knew I was in good hands and could relax.  While caring for me, he was ever alert to the environment, and ongoing dangers and took control to close the run, until I could safely be removed.  He calmly gave orders to others in my group, and generally organized a very safe rescue.
I have to say, I was a bit anxious about the sled ride out, with early season conditions, and rocks abounding.  My second KUDO goes to Gavin, who knows your mountain as well as home, and did an excellent job of providing me with a very comfortable transport to the clinic!

There were many opportunities for my rescue to be challenging, and I am so very grateful for the excellent, professional team you employ!  The majority of your guests will never need such services, but should be aware of the excellence that is there should the need arrive.  Thank you Gavin and Billy !!!!!!

-- Marcia

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