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Major Storm Means Major Storm Recovery Gratefully!

We all have been waiting (patiently) for this storm to chill out and bring us some long awaited snow. Well it arrived with a vengeance this morning - as the rain turned to snow around 3 AM. Since then we've accumulated a foot of new snow at the top of Shooting Star (6600 foot level) with 4" in the base area (5500 foot level.) With the slurpy slope conditions last evening, we couldn't put groomers on the mountain until after the snow piled up - particularly on the lower mountain trails serviced by Hood River Express. And the storm is expected to pick up through the morning hours, so don't expect a lot of grooming today.

Additionally, the freezing level dropped quickly which is great for changing rain to snow, but that also left a coating of ice on every lift. Lift maintenance was called out early to start the deicing process. During that process we use our transport cats to take patrol up for AC work and trail marking. We expect to have lifts operating at 9 AM - focusing on Mt. Hood Express and over to Shooting Star. We'll get as many lifts operating as soon as we possible.

ODOT plowed our lots, but since this storm is forecast to drop a foot or more throughout the day be prepared to drive through deep snow as you leave. Experienced mountain enthusiasts will have a shovel in their vehicle and this is the kind of day that it comes in handy.

We've been waiting for it - and we are prepared. A lot needs to get done to ready the mountain after and during a substantial storm such as the one we're experiencing. But every crew member is smiling - and happy to make this extraordinary effort to prepare the mountain for some great skiing and riding.

See you on the mountain!


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  1. Deenik

    December 31, 2011

    Sunny day, fresh snow, new years eve, Hood River I want to go up to the mountain today...Well I did since my brother jonathan and niece mahealani are visiting from Hawaii and they love to ski...I drove up hwy 35 with all the masses in single file...going 35mph/hr really? It's ok Andrew chill and see the light at the end of the tunnel. We decide to go to HRM and park at the nordic center so my son Sage can finish practice and get his gear out of the Tundra and meet us on the hill. We grab the shuttle to go to the Lodge. This is where I realize your guys at Meadows are doing a great job. The driver was chill and smiley with his iced coffee in hand at 9:00 AM..a must have Jo moment. We drive up to the Lodge with every other PDXer... the upper lot is full so everyone is going into the Annex. Up into the lodge we head and join the masses. Mahealani wants to rent gear and do lessons. We go to the kids school and are greeted by a welcoming happy organized bunch of green coats. They were awesome and friendly and informed us how to get online and get registered. A nice long haired youngster signed us in with smiles and chill. Mahealani came out with skis and a smile. Off we went to the magic carpet ride and were greeted by a nice "lifty" with a hawaiin shirt on under his green coat. Our hawaiins loved it.
    Off to Buttercup where once again green coats were happy and helpful. Once we got Mahealani into the 1oclock lesson we were off to ski alone with brother and son. All the liftys were friendly and fast...when we got to Cascade for upper mountain Tamira and friends were tossing chocolate cookies out...needless to say you did a great job catering to a three parking lot full madness.
    It was fun to be with visitors and treated well my Mt. Hood Meadows.
    Thank you for good attitudes....
    Happy 2012!

    To Deenik, Jonathan, Sage and Mahealani: Mahalo nui loa! A hui hou kakou. We appreciate your kind words and are stoked that you had a great time at Meadows!

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