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Meadows After Dark Rail Jam Big Hit

Rail Jam SeriesThe first jam of the Meadows After Dark Rail Series was a huge hit Saturday evening. Close to 70 freestylers - snowboarders and skiers, registered for the jam. One hour sessions were held, broken down for women, for intermediate men and for advanced men. Calm winds and clear skies presented the perfect weather - parks crew maintained the features perfectly and a constant vibe from DJ Adam set the tone for a fun night of riding.

The big draw besides free registration and hot chocolate from Swiss Miss was the prize packages from Trew, Grenade, Never Summer and Icelantic. First place men in the advanced and women received Never Summer snowboards or Icelantic skis, respectively.


Girls Snowboard
1 Lauren Corosvse
2 Tasha Maier
3 Amelia Servin

Girls Ski
1 Kristie Beanery
2 Carrie Sidewell

Intermediate Boys Snowboarding
1 Jeremy Nylund
2 Connor Goodwille
3 Evan Andrews

Intermediate Boys Ski
1 Will Geller
2 Trey Roeseler
3 Veta Boersma

Advanced Men Snowboarding
1 Robbie Welsh
2 Jason Mayo
3 Jeff Hopkins

Advanced Men Ski
1 Joey Van da mer
2 Sean Lund
3 Kevin Lund

Here's a link to a slide show - we'll be posting more including a video from mComm's Pierce. More photos will be available at

The next event in the Meadows After Dark Rail Jam series is January 28.

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