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It's All Good - Thanks to our Awesome Grooming and Four Inches of New Snow!

Finally! New snow! We’ve had two full weeks of dry weather, but now the ridge of high pressure is breaking down. We want to take advantage of the new snow to show you what it’s really like up here. Here’s the thing: We feel like we’ve scared you guys away over the last two weeks with our endless repetition of “it’s sunny” and “early season conditions exist”.

Our hands are tied with that second one; the lawyers make us say it until every last stick, stump, rock, obstacle and jib-worthy natural feature is buried, usually when we have 80”+ on the ground. The truth is, if you’re not coming up, you’re missing some fun riding in our parks and on the groomed runs. Coverage is great on the groom. It has to be, or we can’t groom it!

As for the parks, the park crew is doing a stellar job of keeping them in great shape. Sure, conditions off the groom aren’t anywhere near epic, and we’re not going to suggest you grab your brand new skis and head down HRM Face or Powder Keg right now. But just because you’re not flying through the powder doesn’t mean you can’t be up here having fun.

Take a look at the photos below for what’s good right now, and what's not, and come on up and ride. You’ve got a pass, right? You might as well be up here using it rather than sitting at home watching ski and snowboard vids on your flat screen TV!


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