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Incredible Customer Service

Incredible customer service. Resort was very accessible and we had to park in the over-flow lot; which, was NOT an inconvenience. Shuttles to the lodge were rapid, wait time was very minimal.

I have more than 20 years in customer service with fortune 500 companies and the entire staff was the best I have ever seen anywhere. Normally statements like that are to be doubted, but if ever there was a ...staff that defined how I see customer service in a perfect situation, they were that.

My father in law is in a wheelchair and they immediately met him at the door of the lodge and eagerly assisted with quite literally everything. Information, access, advice, all of it was offered and delivered in a very sincere and non-fakey manner.

The staff coverage was incredible. I have never ever experienced service like I saw here, _anywhere_ I've ever been and that includes hotels, restaurants, and vacation lodges all over North America.

The staff at Mt. Hood Meadows redefined what I consider to be the very best about good customer service anywhere. Lodge staff, rental staff, lift staff, instructional staff, grooming, accessibility, it was so far beyond the pale I simply cannot say enough of my experience here.

-- Seann

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