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Vista Halfpipe - Northwest's Only Halfpipe - Opens!

The Vista Halfpipe opened today (Thursday). It's 200 feet long and has 18 foot walls. We cut it with the Zaugg. An extraordinary effort was made to farm the snow and then patiently cut the walls - kudos to Freestyle Grooming Manager Jason Stankevich. The Vista pipe is the only halfpipe in the Northwest. It's accessed by the Vista Express high speed quad. It's located higher up on the mountain which has more snow than the 4 feet we have in the base area. It's in a natural gulch which helps collect the snow and shape the walls, and is often the earliest opening halfpipe in the Northwest. Enjoy!


  1. benny booms

    January 12, 2012

    look for ya boy poppin mad sick ill nose slappys and whirly birdies

    Meadows: Right!

  2. Jake

    January 14, 2012

    Dissapointed once again. Park crew told me they were really stepping it up this year. Put some creative features in. Use all of your rails. Get rid of shipyard and just put tons of rails on easy rider. Build jumps. Dont tell me there isnt enough snow because you just built a halfpipe. You guys have so much potential to have a great park.

    If you make great parks. People will talk. And when people hear about the great parks you have (if you ever will) you will attract tons of more people. Mostly people who are just visiting and people who will be buying day passes.

    You guys would also be the best all around resort on Mt. Hood and everyone would ditch Timberline and go to meadows. You guys have great terrain and such a potential for great parks but it never happens anymore. Have your park crew go to the diggers event at timberline in June.

    Please reply. Thanks Jake.

    Meadows: Thanks Jake. Our crew has stepped it up - and now that we have more snow than at any point of the season, we'll be able to begin the builds on Rose City and eventually Park Place. We were able to open the Vista halfpipe for three reasons - it's a natural gulch which collects the snow, there was more snow available in the area to build it with and because of the commitment of our park groomers and crew.

    Shipyard is a main stay - it provides a great venue for competitions as well as training in the evening, when other parks may be closed due to conditions. We're stoked about the snow and will be moving forward with our plans to build fun parks.

  3. jimmy

    January 17, 2012

    hey so you guys have done better this year but now that you have all of this new snow how about get park place built and rose city. you now have no excuse to not build it and i would be very disappointed if its not up within the next two weeks and try to make the jumps legit and larger than before so the more experienced park riders can also have some fun.

    and no matter the conditions hood river is always rocky/dirty at the bottom so why don't you put one of your snow machines(that you don't even use) down their to cover it up, if you don't put these down their than why don't you guys use those to make the park jumps?

    and last i understand your trying to make family friendly parks and i understand that but when it comes to park place and rose city which are 'supposed' to be large why not make those progressive and made for the more advanced riders if you do so you would get so much new business because people would leave timberline... all in all if you were to build your parks like timberline that would be the best for your customers and your business

    please respond, Jimmy

    Meadows: Hey Jimmy. You'll see more parks come to life now that we have the snow, including Rose City and Park Place where the jumps live. We've been able to keep HRM open (largely because of our commitment to park riders who love Forest Park) through innovative snow farming techniques and a very talented and dedicated grooming staff. Hopefully with this new snow we won't need to worry about that anymore. We'll continue to build our parks consistent with our goal to create fun and progression.

  4. Nick

    January 17, 2012

    I've been a faithful meadows season pass holder for six years now, and the past two or three years have been the saddest park wise for meadows. Creativity and advanced features have realy taken a back seat at meadows the past few seasons. Are we ever going to see a park on voyager again or a super park on cascade in the spring with 60'/70' jumps? I hate saying this, but meadows can learn a lot from timberline and other top resorts in the US park wise. I am thankful to have some sort of park at all. But I hate to see such a great resort with so much potential not doing anything about it.

    Meadows: Thanks Nick. We are committed to providing fun parks which provide progression for our guests. We don't have plans for a Voyageur park, and our plans for spring parks have been stifled the past three years by very wintry March and April weather. We are drawing a distinction between creativity and advanced - we believe we can create fun, create features which lead toward progression of all ability levels. That doesn't necessarily mean or require a 60 or 70 foot jump.

  5. Chuck Norris

    January 19, 2012

    The jump you guys put up on Forrest Park was a great start! Good lip, good knuckle, and nice steep landing. Hopefully this new trend of great jumps will continue in the other parks.

    I think that the two logs in Forrest Park can disappear and leave no one unhappy. Especially if you put them where they the The Zoo. Have only one bonk, and use the other spaces to add unique features.

    On the other hand, a few key features to add in my opinion, are:
    -Down box
    -Pole jam
    -Down flat down
    -Butter box to long flat box
    -Up box with a nice long landing

    When Park Place opens, really hoping for a set of nice big jumps, with poppy lips, defined knuckles, and nice steep landings. (having each jump have two or three different lips, with different lengths of gaps would be killer!) Also hoping for a huge step-up, and a fat hip!

    Please respond
    -Chuck Norris

    Meadows: Thanks for the feedback and suggestions - it's being shared with our parks crew. Right now all of our parks are buried, but we have plenty of snow for building out parks now.

  6. Bingo

    January 22, 2012

    Does parks crew have an idea when rose city and park place will open?

    Meadows: As of Sunday evening it was still snowing an inch an hour - crew has been able to get some features set but can get parks set up once the snow stops piling up.

  7. Jamooligan

    January 26, 2012

    Hey tomorrow and Saturday are going to be bluebird days, lets get some jumps built!!
    There is so much snow, the jumps have to be coming soon right? Especially now that the snow is gonna settle down for the next two days.

    Meadows: Agreed! The crew is working hard to build our parks. They added the Banked Slalom course and are working on the parks.

  8. hoodlady

    January 28, 2012

    Once again meadows is blowing it on the park features. "were in storm recovery", well wasnt timberline in the same storm?! They dont seem to have that problem. The truth is year after year for the past 6-7 years your parks have gone down hill, worse every year. Do you plan on building any jumps, anything but rails?? I know that its not all on the park crew either, meadows management is holding a lot of responsibility on this one. Give your park crew the green light to be creative. Years ago you did and you had the top park in the PNW!! Just check the videos, your in them back in the day...remember...I wish you would cater to ALL aspects of skiing and snowboarding... Really disapointed...

    Meadows: As we've mentioned many times, we're committed to progression and fun parks. Part of the progression is having different parks for different ability levels. So the storm recovery involved rebuilding the three parks we have been offering pretty much since we opened in November. The Zoo, Shipyard, Forest Park and now the Banked Slalom have all been built and are open. We know you want jumps - there's two of them in Forest Park - and we're building Rose City now. Then we'll build Park Place. Our grooming team and park crews have been very busy rebuilding and maintaining the four parks we currently offer, and building the new ones. Thank you for your patience - we will have Rose City and Park Place soon.

  9. Papi

    January 30, 2012

    Hey guys I really hope you can get rose city and the pipe up soon. There are competitions coming up and we need to practice, and there definitely enough snow to make it happen. So I hope you guys can make it happen, cause its about February.

    Meadows: We're building Rose City and Park Place first, then we'll build the Superpipe. We need to get the other parks build first because the Superpipe build requires the majority of our grooming equipment during the construction process.

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