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Praises All Around

Here is what I would like to report with respect to my Meadows "experience" thus far.

The High Performance Center did an excellent job for me!  My first contact was with Nate who took my call of inquiry about equipment available at the shop.  He was friendly and informative.  I knew after the call that I wanted to see for myself what the shop could do for me; the 10% discount for my season pass was a plus, but not a deal maker.  I had demoed some skis at other resorts the year before, had tried some new boots on, had done on-line research, and was ready to upgrade my equipment.  I began by working with Matt in search of boots.  In short order, Matt found the right boots.  After the initial fitting, I came back a couple of weeks later for the custom insoles.  Matt did a Great Job!!  Really, the boots are right on, and I have been skiing them hard since!!

After the initial boot fitting, I came up for Demo Day and tried six different pairs of skis.  Not finding the ones I thought best for me, I returned a week later to demo more at the pro shop.  I bought the second pair I tried.  I doubt I would have tried them (S7s) had one of the technicians not recommended them to me; I couldn't get around the fact that they look a bit like waterskis.  These skis are nothing short of FABULOUS!!!  The pro shop also set me up with great bindings and installed them quickly!  Heather Canyon, here I come!!

With respect to MHM in general:  The area seems quite well run!  This is especially noticeable when weather conditions or crowds require adjustments in operations; things just seem to go off smoothly without much fanfare.   I particularly appreciate the accuracy of the mountain conditions report on the MHM webpage because it is honest and straight forward.

On the few days I have skied when crowds were large, I have particularly appreciated the manner in which parking is handled, and the courtesy shuttle form the parking lot to the lodge is a nice touch.  The time or two I have seen someone who seems to have had a significant accident, the ski patrol is on the spot!

I have yet to run into a grouchy employee.  It seems staff has been encouraged to go out of its way to make people feel welcome!  It is clear that management has made an effort to instill a culture of helpfulness and friendliness.  Frankly, I don't know how the guys at the chairlift operations stay so positive, particularly when the crowds are large and they have to direct traffic while trying to keep from being skied over or stuck with someone's pole.  But, they do :)


-- Robert

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