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Celebrate Earth Day Saturday

April 22 is Earth Day - but really, shouldn't every day be Earth Day? Sustainability is one of our core values at Mt. Hood Meadows. We are proud of these initiatives we have taken to and are committed to to operate as sustainably as possible.

Saturday (April 21) we've invited the Quartz Creek Drummers and Dancers and Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Chief Delvis Heath to present a thank you to Mother Earth ceremony on our Sun Deck. With a forecast for sunshine and spring skiing both Saturday and Sunday, we truly have a lot to be thankful for!

The Ceremony will begin at 2:30 PM with a prayer of thanks from Chief Heath.
Quartz Creek Drummers and Dancers ceremony @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort

Midweek Operations End April 23 - 27 - Special $25 Lift Ticket

We're heading into our last week of daily operations, and offering up a terrific deal on midweek lift tickets. You can purchase your 9 AM - 4 PM lift ticket for only $25, Monday - Friday next week.

This week the weather has been brutal - as April showers have been keeping you away. As we look at next week, we may need to limit operations depending on the forecast, such as not operating Hood River Express or Shooting Star on days that the weather just doesn't warrant it. We'd prefer to save our resources to operate on days when you want to come out and enjoy the weather. We'll try to give as much advance notice as possible - by the afternoon or evening before - if we anticipate changes to our scheduled lift operations.

Weekends in May

We're keeping an eye on this warmer, wetter spring weather pattern. We're hoping the rainy days stay away in May, and that we get sunny skies for our weekend operations. However, check our conditions page as we approach each weekend. We may alter the schedule depending on the forecast. So we may announce that we won't operate on Saturday (if it's going to rain) but be open Sunday that weekend only.

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  1. Otis

    April 25, 2012

    Great idea. Wonderful celebration. Earth day should be commemorated everyday. Earth is the only place we have so let's protect and take care of it.

    Meadows: Great post!

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