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Season Coming to an End

As we draw to the end of our daily operations, we want to thank all of our guests who visited our resort this season. We appreciate your support and loyalty – particularly those who have been coming up in April. We wish there were more of you. Based on the turn out the past few weeks we know that a lot of you have moved on to the recreation and activities of summer.

And so we announce that this weekend – Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th, will be our last days of operation for this season. We would like to end on a strong note, so we’re providing this advance notice so you can plan on getting your season-ending turns in.

Lifts scheduled each day from 9 AM – 3 PM are Mt. Hood Express, Cascade Express, Buttercup and the Ballroom Carpet. Lift tickets will be $49 – and all season passes (including night and midweek) will be honored these days. The forecast is looking good now, but keep in mind that weather can affect operations.

We’ll operate ski and snowboard school for lessons, rentals, our retail shops, and Day Care. The Paradise Sun Deck and the Schuss will be open, as well as the Alpenstube. Rose City and the Zoo will offer freestyling, and the SuperPipe will also be cut for the weekend.

We hope you can make it up Saturday or Sunday, or better yet both days! And remember, a good-bye is never painful unless you’re never going to say hello again. We’re already planning on a great season for 2012-13!

See you on the mountain,

Meadows Team


  1. Trayson

    April 30, 2012

    Oh man! I'm bummed. I was really hoping you would have held on until the weekend of the 12th. I won't have my son again until then and was really hoping that he'd have one more time to ski before things came to a close. *sigh*

    Meadows: Thanks for the post.

  2. Brian

    April 30, 2012

    It is unfortunate that you previously announced operations until May 20th, and then made this revised announcement. Previous years have been open later and with the entire resort open (Heather, Star, etc). This move shows that you care less about your customers and more about your bottom line.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. In actuality, we care about both our customers and our bottom line as all responsible companies committed to sustaining high value and quality guest experiences should. We don't see that one is in conflict with the other, but we do see that we offered much of our April operations - at a subsidy in order to satisfy the expectations of our guests. It's a trend that we just can't afford to continue into the May time frame. Unfortunately, the interest in spring skiing is not as great this season as in past seasons, and this has been a difficult season financially already. We remain committed to providing a an ideal mountain resort experience while respecting Mt. Hood. With the turn out we have been receiving this spring, that just isn't feasible. So we will be directing our resources for improving the experience in the future.

  3. k2skier

    April 30, 2012

    Are you going to be offering any "early bird" specials on seasons passes this spring/summer? Or just the usual deal in the fall?

    Meadows: We will be installing RFID gates this summer - which will enable us to offer some innovative products. However, the season passes at an early discount (expected to go on sale September 1) will still provide the best value for those enjoying Meadows the most. We plan several posts over the summer introducing this new technology, and what it means for our guests.

  4. Paul

    April 30, 2012

    This is disappointing. Just a week or two ago this site said May 20th would be the last day. Perhaps putting up the yearly May weekend challenge would have been useful.

    Meadows: Thanks Paul. We posted the May 20th date here on this blog April 2, following the major snowstorms which produced record March accumulation. Up until then we didn't know whether we'd have enough snow to finish the season. With the increased snow pack, and a favorable weather pattern we felt comfortable that we would have the snow. But we also mentioned that we needed a turnout to justify continuing the operations. April - particularly the last two weeks - have been brutal, with skier visit counts (both weekend and midweek) falling well below average. Even with sunny weekends and some new snow, the numbers just haven't been there. And while we'd like to continue operations, this just isn't the year to do it - the interest just isn't there. In retrospect (and something we have noted for the future) we will be better served by reserving any season extension announcement until we can better gauge all the variables - conditions, weather and turn out.

  5. vickie

    April 30, 2012

    what improvements are planned for the upcoming summer?

    Meadows: Our primary focus will be on RFID gates, which will allow a more seamless, less hassle experience for our guests with every lift ride. This is a major project which affects every lift. We will be providing updates throughout the summer in its progress, as well as other improvements through this blog. Thanks for the question!

  6. Robert H

    April 30, 2012

    I'm sorry, but this is lame. I make a decision to buy a season pass at Meadows based on the knowledge that if there is decent snow, I will be able to get at least 4, possibly 6 weekend days in May. I understand you have to make a profit, but frankly, you owe people like me (and I'm sure there are many of us) who come all year, buy your slightly over-priced food, a little bit. Shame on you for closing when there is still so much snow, and your loyal customers are still coming.

    Meadows: We understand the frustration. But we have made it clear the past several years that the decision to extend the season includes conditions, weather and turn out. We will operate 165 days this season - that includes an early opening on November 19 and sustained daily operations in a season when other resorts either truncated or reduced their operating schedules. We have provided tremendous value for our pass holders in the operations we have presented. And while we do not like disappointing you at this time of the season, we certainly are not ashamed of the value we have provided to our loyal pass holders.


    April 30, 2012

    On 4/2/2012 you announce your going to stay open 3 weekends in May. Today I look and this weekend is the last weekend. Make up your mind. Scroll down half the page and see you already said:
    "With lifts already scheduled to operate daily through April 29, the resort has announced it will extend the season on weekends into May, setting May 20 as the current end date for the season."
    "The Unlimited Spring Pass (on sale for $149) will be honored the rest of the season, included the extended days in May."

    I was on the fence about where I was going to my pass next year.(4 year meadows pass holder) But it's clear this is my last season at Meadows. Some people enjoy riding spring you have snow but it's clear you've made your money this year and that's what important to your operation. Selling spring pass and promising 3 weekends in May. Shame on you Meadows! Dirty pool!!!



    PS I don't care if numbers fall off so offer up another excuse for extending my season then cutting it short!

    Meadows: You post selectively omitted this reference to our statement about May operations, "May operations are dependent on good conditions and turnout"
    We understand that this decision is upsetting to many of our pass holders. But as you consider any future pass purchase, please consider the 165 days that we did operate, verses these 4 days that we don't.

  8. Robert H

    April 30, 2012

    Lame. One of the reasons I buy a season pass at Meadows is the good spring skiing in May. Even though you have always closed weekdays by the beginning of May, I can still get six to eight more days in. Now you come and tell me I get two more?

    Frankly, I don't care if you lose money over those weekends in May. Loyal customers like me give you plenty of money for your somewhat over-priced beer and food throughout the winter. Until now, that has never bothered me. I always felt you gave good value in other ways, including spring skiing.

    But now, since you are closing after just one weekend in May, I feel betrayed. Yes, I'll still buy a season ticket next year (if it doesn't go above $500), but I probably won't be buying any concessions or gear in your shops. You have lost my good will. I hope you earn it back next year.

    Meadows: Thank you considering giving us the opportunity to earn back your loyalty next season.

  9. Jack W

    April 30, 2012

    Thought you said it would be open until the 20th!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. The April 2 announcement was conditional on conditions, weather and turn out. Unfortunately, we just aren't seeing the turn out needed to continue operations beyond this weekend.

  10. Gus

    April 30, 2012

    Meadows would do better to just set a closing day or plan to operate based on conditions. There is clearly enough snow to go through May, so if this is not the season to do it, I'm not sure when would be. Not sure how the decision to go only one extra weekend is made, but I can't imagine it is because of conditions. And there are never many skiers at this point in the season, so that shouldn't be a surprise either. Mysterious...

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. There is much to be said about announcing a schedule and sticking to it. There are many resorts that do not consider altering from their announced schedule, either opening early or extending later. We are inclined to alter the schedule when we feel there is a demand for it - that's why we opened early this season. That's why we started night operations early this season, and extended them later. That's why we've attempted extending the season in previous seasons. But unfortunately, we have seen a drop off in interest in the season this spring, which is why we have decided to bring the season to a close after this weekend.

  11. jm

    April 30, 2012

    probably not gonna come back next year because of the announcement of a short spring... what about cascade park? did you not make enough money in the restaurant during pond skim due to slow snow.. did you not make enough money this year? and now that you are getting more spring snow you are closing... bad business if you ask me! thanks for crowding forest park with children and their irresponsible parents with the new chair and progressing backward as usual for the last few years... you lost more customers and season passes than you know! keep it up you are flooding tlne with the lost business... they have more freedom to become progressive and flat out better staffed on snow than you will ever be again apparently... you are becoming the worst mtn on hood, with the most potential... "keep that bottom line up! screw the customer" should be your new business motto:

    Meadows: Thank you for seeing the potential of Mt. Hood Meadows. We will strive to improve in the future. We'll give your suggestion for our new business motto all due consideration.

  12. Angry pass holder

    April 30, 2012

    That is awful! Just another blow to passholders. MHM management shows once more that it doesn't actually give a damn about the passholders, just the bottom line. A new lodge and new conveyer belts are not necessary. Stop sticking it to us. You should stay open until the snow stops!

    Meadows: There would be many who would disagree with your stance that new conveyer belts or lodge isn't necessary. And while we appreciate those who have continued to visit Meadows this spring, far too many have decided not to stick it out and have moved on to other activities. It wasn't an easy (or popular) decision, but rather than announcing an end to the season after a weekend, we felt it better to announce it before so you could make plans. We sincerely hope you can come up this final weekend.

  13. Jeff

    April 30, 2012

    MAY 20??????

    Lifts Operate Daily through April 29 - then Weekends in May
    With lifts already scheduled to operate daily through April 29, the resort has announced it will extend the season on weekends into May, setting May 20 as the current end date for the season. May operations are dependent on good conditions and turnout, but the amount of snow and coverage should not be an issue.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. The amount of snow and coverage shouldn't be an issue, but unfortunately the turn out is.

  14. Sw

    April 30, 2012

    Understandable if was hot and sunny but come on. It's snowing! Very bad decision. We've spent the last two mothers days up there (This is my 2nd season) and I was looking forward to it this year.

    Meadows: Thank you for spending Mother's Day with us in the past. That tends to be a very slow day (understandably so) and we appreciate those that have turned out. Unfortunately, for the reasons stated above, May 5 and 6 will be our last weekend.

  15. Eric P

    May 1, 2012

    Would it be possible to have vista open so that rose city is lapable?

    Meadows: Unfortunately, no. Cascade provides access to more terrain, including Rose City (which is also accessible from Mt. Hood if you cut high enough.) Thanks for the question!

  16. Endless Winter

    May 1, 2012

    What happened to running on weekends through May 20th? There's plenty of snow and the forecast calls for even more, don't let the season end while the weather is still so miserably gray and dreary in PDX!

    Maybe limited lift ops only? Anything is better than nothing, say it ain't so!

    Meadows: Unfortunately, we haven't see the turn out this spring - even on weekends in April, with dreary Portland weather or with sunshine. We hope you can join us this weekend for the finale.

  17. Pnwskier

    May 1, 2012

    What happened to staying open for 3 weekends in May?

    Meadows: Thanks for the question. The other responses have addressed our decision to bring the season to an end after this weekend.

  18. Paul J

    May 1, 2012

    Due to some circumstances, my wife had only used 5 of her 10x pass and was planning on skiing 3 or 4 days (she is away on business this coming weekend) on those additional weekends. Is there any policy of carry over days if my wife buys another 10x pass for the next season?

    Meadows: Thanks for the question. There is no provision for carrying forward or refunding unused days on the 10 Time Pass.

  19. mdm

    May 1, 2012

    What are the benifits to the customer for RFID gates?? I hate those gates at Bachelor (if similar). Please don't raise prices again for a benifit (or hassle) such as this. As you see your decisions are pushing people over the edge here on future pass decisions! Maybe me too.

    Suggestion: partner with the other hood resort so locals can ski them all with a mt hood pass or multi pass purchase. Got thing called an EPIC pass out there.... great deal for locals in the Rocky Mts that favor locals to ski several resorts at one great price. Actually may cost less than your season pass... that's a value product.

    Meadows: Thanks for the suggestion. Our RFID gates will be the "Freedom" gate by SKIDATA (commonly used in Europe.) It has a drop down bar as opposed to a turn style which earlier versions use. There is an additional cost for media (the card with the RF chip in it.) The benefits are a more seamless experience, the RFID signals the gate to drop, allowing for smoother access through the line and to the lift (as opposed to having to show your pass for scanning every ride.) There are also new products such as true direct to lift passes (backed by a credit card) which allows a pay as you go experience. We'll be posting progress on the installation as well as announcing the new products the technology will provide here over the summer.

  20. Randy

    May 1, 2012

    Lame. When you announced the May 20th date, you said it was so people could plan on that being the last weekend -- which is exactly what I had been doing. I can't make it up this weekend, but had been planning for 2 more still. And then you drop an earlier closure on us at the last minute.

    Why even make the big May 20th announcement in the first place and then pull then rug out?

    Meadows: The announcement was made at the time our snow depth reached a depth that would allow an extended season. But it was qualified that we also needed turn out. Unfortunately, participation has dropped off. Delicately stated, with the turn out we received the last two weeks of April it would have made more financial sense to not operate those weeks. This information has directly affected our decision to extend the season one weekend, only through May 6, as opposed to May 20.

  21. mdm

    May 1, 2012

    Got emails on announcements all year. Why not this one?? I too was keeping options open till 5/20, and could have easily missed this if not for poking around on the web here.

    Meadows: We'll be sending out the announcement in this week's eNews. We posted this blog and also announced it on our Facebook page and sent a tweet with the announcement.

  22. Dave

    May 1, 2012

    Now I can get up there and ski Super Bowl without the crowds. Can't wait! Theres nothing better than skiing where Meadows won't let me all season but still counts in their acreage. Really it's false advertising counting all that acreage above Heather canyon on your mountain statistics. Its never open. Sorry, enough ranting. I'll see you up there in two weeks for some killer turns without the crowds. You'll probably see my smile from Portland.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. If you're still stoked on riding and want to hike, we want to let you know that uphill travel restrictions still apply within the resort even though we're closed midweek. We'll have grooming and maintenance equipment out on the slopes. If you’re hiking, please use the designated uphill routes and do not re-enter the ski area from above. Limited avalanche reduction efforts will be conducted. Please consult our avalanche reduction page for more information. Thanks!

  23. ZACH

    May 1, 2012

    I am a little bummed you guys are pulling the plug on the season. Not as much as some people, but a little bummed none the less.
    I have a thought... You sold a record number of passes in the fall, you filled your parking lot to capacity more times than you will admit, and now you are shutting down because demand is down. I get that. What I dont get is why MHM will blow their whole marketing wad in the fall and around xmas... the fish are already biting, the parking lots will be filled no matter what, there is no alternative if you want to ski steeper inbounds on hood.... There could literally be nothing to remind people mt hood is still standing and yet the lots will be full. How about you save some of that marketing budget, utilize a little bit of creativity and try to draw the crowds when people arent thinking about skiing. So instead of saying we are shutting down early, you can now say "we have heaps of activities/events and a bad a@@ park that will keep you wanting more.
    Demand is down because you people have given up.

    Fire your marketing team, pay me a third of their total salaries and I will get people up in April, May, and conditions willing into june. How can it be hard to sell snow, sun, riding, parks, and fun? Give us a little effort here people.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post and the suggestions. A couple of corrections - we didn't sell a record number of season passes in the fall, and we filled our lots six times this season. Regarding turnout - we think it is more a factor of this season. Interest has been down all season long (possibly because of a dry December.) The March snow helped revive, but generally there hasn't been as much interest this year as in past seasons. The past few years April has been strong, but this year the interest plummeted. But we're always interested in way to celebrate spring and share it with those who may not know what they're missing.

  24. Dustin

    May 1, 2012

    Sucks that you're closing early, but I do understand. What are the restrictions for hiking once the resort is closed for good though? Are you allowed to hike up through the normal ski area trails?

    Meadows: We'll make an announcement on our conditions page regarding general uphill hiking. We will have cats and crew on the hill for a while after closing, but generally we allow uphill hiking within the permit area once equipment is off the hill.

  25. R H

    May 1, 2012

    I'm guessing the reason you say it doesn't make financial sense to stay open is that not many people are showing up buying day passes, rentals, food, etc. at this point. However, those of us that did buy spring passes already paid for Meadows to remain open through the EXPECTED last day. You already know what people expected for the last day based on your previous announcements. Meadows would have better public relations if it would learn to hold to its word. It is not really fair to claim one thing as a marketing campaign, then not hold to it for your existing (paid) customers just because not enough new people took the bait.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. We understand the disappointment - but at the time we made the announcement on this blog and in the media release we qualified it that turn out was a condition of extending our season. In hind sight (and for future reference) we won't make announcements naming dates - even qualified - until we get closer to the time frame.

  26. mb

    May 1, 2012

    LAME! We made plans with our whole family to come camp and ski in May as YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO CONTINUE OPERATIONS until May 20th. I too bought a pass based on the based on the ability to use it later in the season. This is absolute bull, and based upon the reactions above, I am clearly not alone.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. Our records show that you purchased a 10 Time Pass on November 7. At that time we announced our season would run daily through April 29, and we made no commitment to any days in May. 10 Time Psases will be honored this weekend, if you have any remaining days to use. We hope you can camp and enjoy our final weekend.

  27. Tom

    May 1, 2012

    Wow! You guys make perfectly good business decisions and then communicate them like amateurs. Remember the Spring Pass sale date fiasco last year? Now you announce weekends in May but bury the conditions in part of a sentence. Is this a secret plan to fix the peak day parking problem - by chasing away customers? Why not just set it up like the Challenges from years past? That was very straight forward and no one could claim they were surprised if dates changed.

    I am glad I checked the website. I had promised my kids another ski day, but wasn't planning for this weekend. Maybe I can move things around and still make it up there on Sunday.

    Word of advice - don't screw up this RFID rollout. Make sure it works properly and enhances the guest experience from day 1. The Bachelor system is, without a doubt, horrific. Not just in how the machine actually works (or doesn't) but in how it complicates and bottlenecks the lift mazes.

    Meadows: Thank you for the observations and suggestions. One of the reasons we decided to announce our closing plans when we did was so people could make their plans. If we followed the May Challenge we potentially would end the season after a weekend that didn't qualify with the turn out. We hear you about the RFID gates - we've been studying it for a long time and believe the technology has improved and can be deployed to operate flawlessly at Meadows.

  28. Ryan H

    May 1, 2012

    Uh Hello, What are you guys doing? I have family coming into town to come and ski Meadows, and now you say you're closed. That's bad business and just heartless. Most weekends this year there is too much traffic, and your parking lots are full for much of the day. Many of us can't handle the hassle and wait until the spring, to get up for the weekend. This year I've waited hours in line for rental and repairs, with many other paying customers, and given you plenty of money. Also, you just began 'weekend only' operations, and haven't even waited to see what a 'weekend only' turnout would be like.

    This is also not very friendly to your employees. Many of them have made accomidations for May and now must pay for them with one weekends work.

    Women come out and ski in the spring, like my girlfriend, with her brand new skis. I guess she'll have to break them in at Timberflats, with the rest of the girls in bikins.

    Your poor spring turnout is YOUR fault, not ours. You are practicing poor business, so poor that you are losing customers and money. Your tuning shop is horrible, the employees do very poor work. The entertainment that you have is too rare and often it's hard to find. Live music is amazing, especially outside. Make live music a constant. It's good when you have it, but there aren't any signs or anything to tell customers that you have live music. Many customers don't know.

    If you don't have enough customers, then maybe you should do something different, i.e. Have a spring special for beginners, have a discount 'parks' course class, bikini contest, outdoor bbq... Teaching new skills of any kind will only create return business, THAT'S YOUR JOB. Crystal Mountain was able to keep people skiing until June last year. Maybe take a look at their business plan, then you can figure out how to make money with all the product that you have on your hill.

    Why not stay open later in just a very minimal capacity?
    Why not say we'll stay open but all pass holders pay $10 a day, for the rest of the month?
    Why can't you figure out how to stay open?

    Please challenge yourself to find a way to stay open, and keep customers at Meadows this month and in the future. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

    Meadows: Thank you for the suggestions - there are some good ones here. By the way - we've had live music on the deck every weekend in April. And I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of the HPC - they offer exceptional service and are extremely knowledgeable.

  29. Casey

    May 1, 2012

    Based on your April announcement about staying open until May 20th we delayed using our pre-paid lift pass until at least May 12. Will you honor the unused pre-paid lift ticket that were purchased in good faith based upon your posted commitments?

    I will be quite upset to lose the cost of this ticket, so please tell me I can get a refund or they will be honored next year.

    With the new snow this week, if it picks up this weekend, will you reconsider the decision to close early?

    Meadows: All lift tickets purchased for this season expire with the season, so there is no refund or carry over on these products. The initial announcement was qualified that May operations were conditional. This will be our last weekend - we hope you can join us.

  30. Colin's Dad

    May 1, 2012

    Well, at least it's not Mt. Bachelor...they closed everything but Cliffhanger, Pine Martin, and the Summit after the first weekend in April...and still charged $53 per day afterwards! Guess it really is a business decision, but it doesn't mean we have to like it...

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. It has been a very challenging season for all ski operators.

  31. Roger

    May 1, 2012

    And Meadows lets us down once again! Nothing new here!

    Meadows: Ending the season is always a disappointment. Sorry to let you down.

  32. J. G.

    May 1, 2012

    Thanks for another great season!

    Funny how so many readers don't seem to understand that MHM is a business. I wonder what the critics decision would be if they were the business owners. it would seem that many have never been responsible for the bottom line.... First rule of business is: You can't stay in business if there is not enough demand for the product.

    Meadows: Thank you for your post.

  33. Isaac S

    May 1, 2012

    Roughly how much more expensive will season passes be next year due to the RFID gates? I have skied at Meadows almost exclusively for all of my sixteen years but the recent price increases (with virtually no additionally benefits) are close to driving me away. Turning the old yellow lift into a quad was a big mistake, as it has caused the more desirable side of the mountain (Star, Hrm, and Heather) to become much more crowded. Also, no one skis the stadium face aside from racers. Please don't make any future "improvements" that do little to improve the experience of guests and jack up the prices. A better update would be to have a flatbed truck shuttle from the back of the Hrm parking lot to the Hrm lodge. This would allow skiers from Heather and Private Reserve to spend less of their time walking in the parking lot. Also, this convenience would reduce waiting time for Heather on crowded weekends, which on powder days (the few that Heather is actually open) can be up to thirty minutes long. Crystal Mountain in Washington uses this truck system in their parking lot and it works for well. It is a great convenience to guests for very little additional cost to the resort. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment, and I hope that you take my thoughts into consideration in the upcoming seasons.

    Meadows: We'll discuss the idea about shuttling up from the Heather run out - great idea. We'll be announcing pass pricing in the fall.

  34. Jerry

    May 2, 2012

    I eho many of the complaints registered by other pass holders. Your decision, despite your earlier qualification, makes me feel like the victim of the ol' bait-and-switch.

    Why don't you open up at least one weekend day until the 20th? That way you would concentrate remaining traffic, profit and expenses into one day.

    Meadows: With the considerable amount of preparation work makes a one day a week operation less viable than operating both days. No bait 'n switch intended, although we understand why our guests feel this way. The original announcement was qualified with "turn out." In the future we'll be less specific about dates and more specific on the conditions required in order to extend or add additional days.

  35. k2skier

    May 2, 2012

    For the last 8 years we've had MHM passes, this year financial reasons forced us into Skibowl passes. They announced at 6:00PM on Thursday the 26th that the 29th was their last day and they still have enough snow to go for at least another week. How's that for a slap in the face, a 3 day notice! So getting over a full week notice from MHM is more than acceptable IMO. But no one seems to read the "if turn out is good" part.

    I can't wait to be back at MHM next season and I'm excited for the RFID gates, so so much quicker to get on the lifts at Bachelor than any other ski area I've been to (32).

    The weather has been the dagger the last 3 years for spring skiing, lacking snowfall in the middle of winter, then we get dumped on in spring. The spring skiing all over the PNW has been lacking the roasted corn we all love.

    Meadows: Thanks! Great to have you back. We know we're repeating here, but it has been a pretty rough season for all ski resort operators. The last two weeks of April were brutal. But one thing we all share is passion and optimism. We're looking forward to having a great season finale, and then looking forward to next year!

  36. Donna

    May 2, 2012

    Thanks for a great season!

    I just wanted to say that in order to get adequate numbers on who is skiing/snowboarding, your lift line staff needs to "SCAN!" We were up there a few weeks ago (two weekends in a row) and the staff only scanned our passes a couple of times. In fact on a few lifts they never scanned them at all!

    Overall it was a great season and I do enjoy going to MHM!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. The intercept surveys (and parking lot number comparisons) indicate we have a very high scan rate (scanning every guest at least once each visit;) however, our RFID gates at every lift will assure recording each lift ride at every lift. That will allow us to offer accurate vertical tracking for pass holders and club members, as well as provide very accurate skier visit counts.

  37. Buster

    May 2, 2012

    Dave, I knew the customer backlash was coming behind your announcement that this weekend would be it. Count me as one of your satisfied pass holders. My Meadows days were down considerably from the 2010-11 season, but my fun factor remained high. Your employees did a great job this season. Your HPC guys are good. I had them tune both my snowboard and skis and was very happy with the outcome. Pond skim day last Saturday was awesome and I brought up 2 non-skier friends just for the party and they said they would be back next year riding chairs and learning to ski/board.

    I understand this is a disappointment to many pass holders. I am one of those pass holders that decided to move on to my summer sports gig and that pond skim day was going to be my last. I'm not sure why, but your April turn out this year was not good despite the conditions. See you next year. I'll be on first chair on MEX on opening day (I hope). Have a great summer

    Meadows: Thanks for the post and the compliments. It means a lot to our staff (who are reading these posts) which deserves the credit for a great season. Pond Skim was so much fun this year - glad to hear your guests enjoyed it and will be back next season!

  38. Brian

    May 2, 2012

    Mt Bachelor plans for spring operations per their website: Open Thurs - Sunday on a limited basis until May 27. I'm just sayin...

    Meadows: "Mt. Bachelor Responds to Community Buy-Out of Mt Bachelor a group already 1,500-plus strong with members saying they are fed up with what they see as shortcomings on Bachelor's part."
    We're not beating up on Bachelor, or Ski Bowl, or any other resort. It's been a rough season for all ski resorts. We're just saying...

  39. Erik

    May 2, 2012

    Wow - this is really disappointing. This is very short term thinking on Meadows' part. You think that it's not financially advantageous to be open these weekends, but you fail to consider all the season passes and late season passes sold to people who expected to get some spring skiing in. I bought that pass to do late season skiing, but will not buy again next year since I will have to assume that you will not be open even if there is snow. So you will not find out until next year's spring pass sale if this was a smart financial decision or not.

    Perhaps you base the decision on how many daypasses you sold the past few weekends, and figure that the money is in the bank for pass holders so no matter how many of them show up, there is not much money to be made from them. This is unfair - as you can tell on the comments, we feel like we paid for it already - in essence tried to help you finance those late slow weekends. You gladly took the money and when there was no more to take, you're shutting down.

    Me and many others enjoy nothing more than a 65 degree day on the snow with a long beerbreak to top off a glorious day. My whole spring pass price is worth that to me. Now I have to pay AGAIN and go to T-line(open until May 28 it looks like) to have that experience I've been looking forward to all year. Most people learn from their mistakes, and I know where I need to get my ski pass next year to do spring skiing.

    I have gotten enough trips in to 'pay' for my pass, but have skipped some weekends lately when I could have gone because I planned to go in May. I agree with many of the other comments regarding lack of marketing etc. - You should have been able to find a profitable way to be open. Next year - think out of the box. You will need to if you want to win us back for the 2014 season.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. Our records show that you've only used your spring pass twice this season, even though it was purchased in March. There were 49 days that it could have been used since it became valid March 12. In essence, you've had free skiing for over a month and-a-half. Unfortunately, this season, you aren't the exception. Again, we're making this decision based on turn out, and this is a perfect example of why we believe the interest isn't there to continue operations this season.

  40. Wondering

    May 2, 2012

    I'm bummed your closing early as I'm sure everyone else is too, but I understand it's a business decision. How many people need to turn out before operations make sense to continue? Do you need to fill the main lot only or what? Just wondering what kind of turnout is necessary to keep Meadows rocking later into the season, I thought the main lot packed out last weekend and the Pond Skim was really busy and fun as usual so it seemed like all would be well late into May.

    I know it's been pretty nice weather in Hood River where most Meadows employees live but the weather is still abysmal in the Portland area. I think a little marketing campaign targeted at Portlanders would be pretty successful in bringing people up there to enjoy the sun and slopes, it's always sunnier up on Mt Hood than it is down here, and frankly any day at Hood is better than a boring rainy day inside the city or the 'burbs.

    Maybe run a couple radio spots and a cheap cable ad or two could revive some late season interest? Maybe offer free or deeply discounted rentals with the purchase of a lift ticket? Maybe kids under 13 ski free with the purchase of an adult pass or rental? Throw out a 2 for 1 GroupOn deal or something similar? The season pass holders will still show up anyway as you know, but it's the day passes you need to sell to operate later in the season, and I think that is the problem here. There is a misconception in the public that because November/December/January were lacking snow that somehow the conditions don't exist now, when in fact there's tons of snow but the season just developed later than usual. This is basically an awareness and turnout problem that marketing and sales could solve with some creativity, it's certainly not a snow or conditions problem! Maybe Meadows could put together an all volunteer "All Ideas Welcome" marketing day where college students and anyone else who is interested could share ideas and participate in a massive marketing push aimed at directing a surge of traffic and business into a single May weekend, it would give students some experience with business (desperately needed in todays job markets) and it could hopefully create a nice boost for Meadows. Send that out to all college business departments and high schools, post it on your website and Facebook, and let the free ideas and volunteer efforts pour in!

    Basically I want Meadows to stay open as late into the season as possible, there has to be a way to get this to work for you as a business.

    Meadows: Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. The slow start to this season has definitely affected the interest here this late season. We like the idea about a community marketing push. But keep in mind, most of these require additional costs (for promotion or advertising) or a discount scheme, which reduces revenue. And this still doesn't answer the question of so many people out there who have already purchased their passes (entitling them to FREE skiing,) aren't using them?

  41. Fast Eddy

    May 2, 2012

    I am also disappointed. I was ready to travel 200 miles to ski the Meadows. But I understand the economics of the situation. And if there is no money to be made then there is no reason to stay open and the Meadows must make some money so it can open next season, which is what we all want.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post, and for understanding.

  42. Gabe

    May 2, 2012

    I've been coming up with my friends almost every weekend since the season started and have been a season pass holder at MHM for years. Sometimes I can't due to school (OSU)/work, but I make my best effort. While I agree that buying a season pass is a great value, it all depends on if you actually use it.

    I was bummed out by the slow snow the past two weeks, and was considering just calling it a season. This was until I was reminded that it takes "corn snow" for spring to be enjoyable. I hope this upcoming weekend is nice, as it's the last one for the year…
    In regards the plan to shut down early: I DO think it's unfair to people who were planning or going up in May. Although you specify a certain number of days, some people really only have the weekends. A few years ago, MHM kept lift operations well through May. Maybe even into June, though I can't remember. If turn-out reached a certain number, MHM would stay open the next week. It was incentive to "keep the mountain alive", so to speak. Even though numbers were well below goals, MHM stayed open in what I interpreted as customer appreciation and a good year in terms of bottom line. I will agree that this season has been hard on a majority of resorts, but I never thought you guys would cut the season before your May 20th "Projected close".

    I know it must have been a hard decision to make, but part of me also thinks differently. The general feeling that I get from a lot of businesses over the years is that they have been tightening their belt to stay afloat. Unfortunately, this gets interpreted negatively by the customer. Let’s be honest, perception is reality. While it might be a good business move in terms of numbers, it really leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. The smugness that I read in the responses to less tactful posts doesn’t help things either. In general, I’ve been less and less satisfied over the years, though I’m not entirely sure why. I guess it’s just the overall experience. I don’t want to be one of those guys who yell, “IM GETTING A PASS TO TLINE NEXT YEAR >:(” or “I MISS THE GOOD OLD DAYS”, but honestly, what do I have to lose? Even though I've been so invested in MHM, I might end up liking it.

    I don’t usually take interest in posting to message boards, but this was a little upsetting to me. I tried to portray my thought in a way that wasn't spiteful, but might offer insight on how people feel.

    Meadows: Thanks for the insight and the observations. You expressed those feelings very well and objectively. We don't mean to come off smug or insensitive in our responses.

  43. NoCustomerService

    May 2, 2012

    I don’t understand…the schedule before was it would be open on weekends through May (or at least first 3 wkds)? Why are you guys closing early now??? I see from a couple responses that you're blaming it on low turnout. Are you kidding...I came up last weekend and the main lot was already full (i.e. closed) before 11 a.m. I've never seen the lot closed/full that late in the season (last wkd. in April). I bought the spring pass based on expectation of May (spring) skiing and there is plenty of snow left. With the highest prices on the mtn, I expect more...

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. Last weekend was great - the Pond Skim was a fun event. But event with the event, HRM and Heather operating, visits were off by almost 40% compared to last season. There is a pronounced and noticeable drop off in visitation this spring compared to past seasons. That all led to our decision to operate just one more weekend, and announce it early enough for everyone to make their plans. We hope our guests understand - we wouldn't do this unless we felt it was necessary.

  44. Shred with Ed

    May 2, 2012

    Disappointing about the change in plans to now close the 6th instead of the 20th. Like others, I was planning on a few more trips.

    I really feel for those who bought a spring pass based on the past precendence MHM has set in operating into mid-May (including Shooting Star) when we have good snowpack years like this year.

    However, I completely understand from an operating cost standpoint. It costs alot just of $$$ to run the gromming equipment for the next day, maintencance the equipment, then open the lodge and run a few lifts.

    Conditions in the Cascades change day to day during the season so we take what we can get skiing and snowboarding at MHM.

    Looking forward to a great season next year and hope warm weather patterns stay well away from the Northwest region.

    Thanks for posting the schedule change back on the 30th, and thanks for the great season.

    We will all get over the disappointment pretty fast.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post.

  45. MKL

    May 2, 2012

    As a 10 time pass holder with 2 punches remaining, I also feel suckered by Meadows closing earlier than we were led to believe, and also earlier than seasons past. The bonus weekend last year of May 21st and 22nd is a good example. That weekend was free as a "thank you" from Meadows to its pass holders. This year? Not exactly a "thank you" if you get my drift. With all the snow this spring I thought Meadows would offer up skiing in May like before, and saved a couple trips just for that. It's a shame that Meadows isn't profitable unless the lots are full and the lift lines long. The lame ending to the season aside, I want to compliment Meadows on extending night skiing and the awesome staff who work very hard, rain or shine to keep things moving. The shuttles in the parking lots to grab folks from the bottom rows of the lot were a huge plus too. Thanks for a (mostly) fantastic season!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post and expressing your feelings, both good and not so good. We hope you're able to use your punches this weekend. For clarification - last season we offered two weekends, closing May 14 - 15 (one weekend longer than this season.)

  46. Adam

    May 2, 2012

    Thanks for a great season, opening early was nice. I got up the most ever this season. Who cares you are closing early, people have had enough time to get their season in. can't wait you'll next year!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post, we're glad you had a great season.


    May 2, 2012

    It is amazing that other resort in the PNW that have snow are able to stay open through May and probably make money. Take a note and see what they are doing to stay open:

    Mt Bachelor: Late season contest and event
    Stevens Pass: Charged Season pass holders extra to extend the season through May
    Crystal: open weekends through June and possibly July if the snow holds.
    Timberline: $110 Spring pass open 7 DAYS A WEEK! through 5/28 (THEY ACTUALLY MEAN MAY 28th! Not oops no one showed up were shutting down early despite what we said when we needed to sell spring passes...)

    April conditions were not the best, but now it's snowing and YOUR CUSTOMERS will be going else where.

    Also posting peoples numbers/records on how many days they've ridden seems petty. I don't post every time, date, and offence I'm wronged at meadows. Seems like you should be figuring out how to get people up, not point out when YOUR CUSTOMERS didn't ride.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. There is something common in each of the resorts you mention - they all have summer operations. In their situations, it makes sense to keep staffing and operations in place, even on a limited basis, to connect their winter season to their summer season. It's far more difficult to extend our season even a week or two, when ultimately we know we are going to close for several months before opening up for the next season. Not trying to make excuses, but that is the reality.
    You mentioned Steven's Pass above - and how they charged season pass holders additional (albeit discounted) ticket or pass extension for the extended weekends. Is that something we should consider for our pass holders? We'd like to know whether our pass holders would consider paying an additional fee for an extended season, and what the appropriate price would be?

    Regarding posting numbers, we felt it appropriate since those posting remain anonymous (aren't specifically identified) and their usage helped explain and define the current situation - people just aren't visiting the mountain as much this spring as in past seasons.

    You bring up very good points worthy of further discussion. Thanks!

  48. Carrie

    May 2, 2012

    Meadows staff and crew- you guys rule! Thanks for a wonderful season.

    See you this weekend to say farewell in style!

    Meadows: See you this weekend!

  49. Scott

    May 2, 2012

    I understand your decision to shut down operations for the season after this coming weekend. We plan on being there, weather permitting.

    Your announcement extending the season was clear to me that it was conditional, based upon conditions and turnout. I was up there several times in April and was frankly surprised about the spare number of cars in the lot, given the snow conditions, so the decision to curtail operations is not surprising.

    Having been around ski areas for over 50 years, I have learned that after about April 15, operations are dicey, often because of lack of turnout, not lack of snow. A quick look around the Northwest will show many areas already closed that have snow. We're spoiled here because Bachelor and Hood tend to have late snow.

    We happened to be at Bachelor the next to last weekend in April, which was sunny and warm; not many people skiing. The May Day races probably contributed to a good part of their sales. There were few lifts open, and run maintenance was not nearly the quality I've seen at Meadows under similar conditions.

    Thanks for staying open as long as you do. Buying a season pass is always a gamble. In my time, I've had season passes that paid off and some times they didn't. Weather is unpredictable and one never know when or if the snow will come. The only constant I've seen is that if the snow comes late and the season starts late, people will wear out and quit skiing in the spring.

    I'm pleased to see the RFID system coming to Meadows. I do hope it works well, as it does at most places I've been where it is. We're already looking forward to next season.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Meadows: Thanks for your post - we are also looking forward to a great finale this weekend, and on to 2012-13!

  50. WhyCan'tIPost

    May 2, 2012

    I don’t understand…the schedule before was it would be open on weekends through May (or at least first 3 wkds)? Why are you guys closing early now??? I see from a lot of responses that you're blaming it on low turnout. Are you kidding...I came up last weekend and the main lot was already full (i.e. closed) before 11 a.m. I've never seen the lot closed/full that late in the season (last wkd. in April). I bought the spring pass based on expectation of May (spring) skiing and there is plenty of snow left. With the highest prices on the mtn, I expect more...
    Oh, and the disrespect you are showing to some people is obnoxious. Most of live in the PDX area and for me it takes ~2 hrs to get to Meadows. Most of us can't make it every wkd (i.e. we have full time jobs and other commitments) but we come when we can. Ex. I can come 2nd and 3rd wkd in May but not 1st. So now I won't get nearly the value I expected when I bought the spring pass. Those 2 last trips I would have got made it worth it. Meadows needs to stop being so greedy and pay more attention to its customers.

    Meadows: Thank you for the post. Our apologies if we appear to be disrespectful. We are trying to share the reasons why we made this decision, and in some cases, correct misinformation. It's not our intent to be disrespectful to our guests.

  51. JB

    May 2, 2012


    What a waste of money! I've had a 10x pass the last three years and had only used it 3x this year because of the late start to the season and uneven conditions for much of the year. I had hoped I would at least get another day or two in before the end of May, and then MHM reneges on their promise to stay open weekends through the end of the month... So.. I guess Ive paid more than $100 per day to ski.. not a great deal. It looks like Timberline for me next year (at least they will have a longer season!)

    You guys need a lesson in customer relations, especially when I am sure there are a lot of passholders like me who were pretty unhappy in November, December and January. At least I didnt buy a season pass.. or a Spring pass (those people should be REALLY unhappy!)

    Meadows: Thank you for sharing your frustration. We understand you're not happy with the situation. It is unfortunate that you weren't able to get more days in on your 10 Time Pass, because there were many that were very good.

  52. park rider

    May 2, 2012

    Will Rose City be jammed pack full of park features? Since MHM is only open one weekend, this weekend better make up for the 2 weekends cut..

    Meadows: We are adding more features to Rose City this final weekend. Thanks for the question!

  53. vickie

    May 2, 2012

    as a passholder, i would not be willing to pay additional $$ for an extended season. years ago meadows had a solar season pass for the extended season. this really pissed off my husband and I who were season pass holders. we did not ski meadows for several years after the solar season.

    we have heard rumors about a new ski lift and lodge - could you tell us more?

    Meadows: The Stadium Express was installed this season - and we're looking at upgrading the Buttercup chair after next season - making it an easier ride for beginners and young guests. It's premature at this time to discuss any new lodging plans pending more discussion with our partners at the USFS. Thanks!

  54. Tom

    May 2, 2012

    What's the price for a Junior lift ticket this weekend?

    Meadows: The Junior (age 7 - 14) year old ticket price will be $29 this Saturday and Sunday. Thanks for the question!

  55. Bill

    May 2, 2012

    Very disappointed. During the middle of the season, its all about powder and end of april into may, I love the parks. But this year closing so early just sucks. It seems Meadows closes earlier every year. I am a pass holder for ten years. What I used to brag to my colorado friends is how much snow we have in may when all of theirs is melted. Now they laugh about Meadows and closing with all of this snow. Another reason I am disappointed is getting to the resort at 9ish and getting turned away because lots are full. There was a time that pass holders were never turned away. Now when there is room to park, the resort closes. Oh well, guess I'll be going to Timberline in May.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. Too bad there isn't a way to take the mid-January / February interest and move it later into the season. We understand the disappointment but unfortunately, there isn't as much interest in spring skiing and riding this season as their has been in the past.

  56. Jeremy

    May 2, 2012

    I'm sure I could find a reason to complain buuuut I'm gonna with my insticts on this one, saddle up and say that those measly 14 days were some of the most EPIC days I can remember!

    On a different note! I vote for summer ops! Maybe beat Timberline to the punch with a world class Mountain bike park :D I know there are so many barriers to such a thing on Mt. Hood so I won't hold my breath.

    See you all later on this year!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. You strike me as a half-glass full kind of guy :)

  57. MKL

    May 2, 2012

    FYI you might sell more $49 lift tickets for this weekend if you fixed the link on the Meadows home page. Clicking on the $49 special sends you to this blog instead of to the ticket sales.

    Meadows: Thanks for the suggestion! We can make that more clear.

  58. Harrison

    May 2, 2012

    Dear Mount Hood Meadows,

    I was counting on skiing until May 20th, 2012. Sunday, I found out that you are going to close on May 6, 2012. I'm so disappointed. Have you considered staying open until May 20, 2012 with only three lifts running? Ballroom Carpet for the beginners, Buttercup for the beginners, and Mount Hood Express for everyone else. Hope you're doing well.

    Your loyal season ticket holder Harrison

    Meadows: Thanks Harrison. The conditions on Cascade usually last longer into the day at the higher elevation, so limiting the lifts to Mt. Hood Express would also potentially limit the day. But we are considering all kinds of alternatives for spring operations in the future.

  59. YOUR CUSTOMER(response)

    May 2, 2012

    Meadows: We'd like to know whether our pass holders would consider paying an additional fee for an extended season, and what the appropriate price would be?

    I'm going to extend my season by paying $110 at Timberline, and hopefully get down to Bachelor. Not including gas that's pretty expensive. If you said I could ride Meadows 7 days THROUGH May I'd probably bite. I'd really like to think of my UNLIMITED Pass as unlimited though. Maybe consider a season pass Nov/open to 3/31 and the unlimited slightly more. My friends with Stevens season pass weren't happy, but they did pay to keep riding...

    Meadows: Thank you for the feedback - it is very helpful.

  60. Dave

    May 2, 2012

    I do not appreciate being nickled and dimed. Until Meadows runs true summertime operations, a Season Pass should mean 1st chair till last chair, all day, every day, no blackouts. I get very very irritated when I am presented with multiple gotchas that I have to pay for, and there are an infinite number of pass / price permutations available for Meadows to use to extend the season while maintaining profit. Asking that question is about the same as asking me how much exactly can be squeezed out of me.

    For what it is worth, my family and I usually take 2 or 3 trips to Bachelor and/or Hoodoo every winter IN ADDITION TO having a Meadows season pass. If I start feeling like I am being taken advantage or at MHM, I will focus much more on taking more ski trips to places like Crystal and Stevens and SnoQualmie. I don't need to pay out the nose to ski 35x per season if I can have 15 to 20 EPIC days at different mountains. When my drive is already 2+ hours, MHM is NOT the only option.

    BTW, I emailed you this afternoon. I am curious about your thoughts and would love to share more ideas.

    Meadows: Thanks Dave. I replied to your email which provided a well balanced critique of our operations. Thanks for the post!

  61. Deb

    May 2, 2012

    My family and I bought Fusion passes for a couple of years and now have been at Meadows for a few years. Overall, we enjoy Meadows. I could gripe about a few things but, hey, this is earth life, right?

    I really get that MHM is a business and that business decisions have to consider a lot of factors. Every year I wait for prices to be posted to figure out whether passes for me and my kids will fit in the budget and weigh it out against the long range forecast, how much skiing school and work schedules will allow for and all that. Not as complicated as your decisions (but I've been a business owner, too.)

    I have a couple of questions though... After the big push in the fall for season's passes and in the spring for spring passes, you pretty much know how much revenue you've gotten for the year from passes, right? Wasn't that considered when you talked about going to May 20th? Is it really the sale (or lack of sales - as the case may be) of daily lift tickets that makes or breaks a given day? I get what pass holders are upset about - folks feel like they paid up front and then are being told because they didn't show up on certain days, they're SOL. Or I guess it's more like because other people didn't show up on certain days (i.e. the daily ticket buyers). But MHM has the pass holder's money, whether they used the pass 2 days or 200. You did say "turn out dependent" in the announcement - I did catch that - but even then didn't understand why that was part of the equation.

    My other question... Surely this goes round and round already in the board room - but if you are really struggling to get the turn outs you need to run, maybe, in addition to looking at marketing, it's time to lower the margins a bit and go for market share? For example, we try and try to get friends to get into snow sports with us - but the "entry cost" is a such a hurdle. And believe me, we know al the tricks - Next Adventure, ski swaps, hand me downs... We almost had a couple of families on the hook for this year after such a nice season last year - but then the 3 time learn to ski bundle increased in price by 50% and killed it for all but one person. There are others perhaps who would say, no - keep the prices up, don't crowd the mountain, but if it means we loose the whole resort - what's the point in that? You need new devotees to make up for attrition.

    None of this may be expressed well enough to be clear, but hopefully you get what I'm driving at.

    We're sad because we also were looking forward to at least one more day and we can't come this particular weekend :-( but mostly I am just trying to understand it from a business perspective. It is worrisome to come up on a great day and look around and wonder where everyone is. It's worrisome to see posts by folks so ticked off, they are threatening to not come back. We want Meadows to be there for many years to come!

    PS An all mountain pass gets my support!

    PPS A word to those who diss families with their small children: You were once a beginner, too. New folks coming into a sport is what keeps it alive. Show them some respect now, or they will be running you down when they are the hot shots and you are old and slow and in *their* way.

    Meadows: Thank you for the post - it is both comprehensive and relevant. You asked a question about pass holder sales and turn out. We value our season pass holders, but price it according to our regular season. So when we consider an extension into May, we are dependent on both pass holders turning out (and potentially making non-lift ticket purchases) and ticket sales. Unfortunately, we saw a large drop off in both pass holder and day ticket visits the last two weeks of April.
    We'll take a look at the pricing of our beginner packages. Perhaps we can come up with a spectacular late season deal that will attract more people to the sport (and our mountain) in the spring. That could improve the late season visitation and provide momentum for expanding the season in the future.

  62. vickie

    May 3, 2012

    will there be big sales this weekend in Outer limits and HPC?

    Meadows: This just in from Allison and Nate.
    Outer Limits End of Season Sale:
    40-50% Goggles
    50-60% Helmets, Gloves, Mitts, Socks, Beanies
    60-70% Outerwear and Baselayer
    30-40% Audio
    Get ready for the annual SPRING BLOWOUT SALE in the High Performance Center at Meadows May 5th and 6th, 2012!
    Select 2012 DEMO SKIS, BOOTS and BOARDS 60% OFF!
    Select 2012 SKIS and BOARDS 50% OFF!
    40%-50% OFF remaining BOOTS, BINDINGS and ACCESSORIES!
    The HPC has POWDER SKIS, CARVING SKIS, TOURING BINDINGS, BRAND NEW SNOWBOARDS and BOOTS IN STOCK! Quantities are limited, this is your last chance to take advantage of great end-of-season pricing! Please call 503.337.2222 ext. 1367 with questions regarding availability and pricing. See you this weekend!

  63. Shayna

    May 3, 2012

    Hi Meadows-

    Thank you for a wonderful 11-12 season. Originally being from the East Coast, this was the best experience I’ve ever had on the slopes. I hold a great appreciation for your hi-speed chairlifts and ticket scanners- they are much more efficient than anything in New York.

    To answer your question about paying an additional fee to extend the season, my answer is yes. I’m willing to pay more to have the possibility of riding more weekends in May; although, I can’t suggest a price point. Please note that you have a ton of support from your patrons.

    All the Best!

    Meadows: Thank you for the post. All the best to you as well!

  64. half mast

    May 3, 2012

    I guess we take all this snow for granted in the PNW. So much of the country would love to be able to make turns this time of year.

    Meadows: The National Ski Areas Association has its annual conference next week, at which the season is thoroughly analyzed and reviewed. It will be an interesting presentation for sure.

  65. vwbrian

    May 3, 2012

    How about a discount on Beer to drain the rest of your kegs 2 for 1 or even $2 beers? Happy hour pricing for the entire day? This should generate alot of revenue and some happier customers.
    $110 to ride the rest of May at T-line seems like a good way to finish out the season for those that really want to ride.
    I had a great season this year coming up on Mondays, Great snow and was one of the best seasons in years for me. See ya on Sunday.

    Meadows: Thank you for the post and the support. See you Sunday!

  66. Junkshot

    May 3, 2012

    I for one applaud MHM in dealing with the fickle PDX crowd, the kind that barely uses their pass over a period of 6 months, complains when they decide that they are going to come up on the historically busy weekends, and then screams bloody murder when you announce that you are closing one week early.

    Count me as one of the customers who understands that while it takes pass holders to open the season, you need daypassers, and other sales to keep it going.

    We pay a pittance for the long season we enjoy, and should be grateful.

    I had another great season at MHM and can't wait to be back next year with some surgical improvements.

    Keep training for AK.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post and travel well!

  67. MKL

    May 3, 2012

    I have 2 trips on my 10 time pass left and I plan to come up Saturday. A friend of mine has used up all his trips but would like to come up too. I think you can see where this is going. Is there any way to use my last 2 trips for myself and also for my friend? I know it's likely that this is typically not allowed, but it's the last weekend of the season and it will get another rider on the mountain (who also likes a beer with his lunch at the Mazot) and will take the sting out of not using all the trips I paid for.

    Thanks in advance!

    Meadows: A good thought, but the 10 Time Pass is not transferable (even on the last weekend.)

  68. nvsparks

    May 3, 2012

    I had a feeling this season was going to end sometime. Open before Thanksgiving and a weekend in May, I'm not disappointed.

    See you guys Sat and Sunday!

    Meadows: Thanks - and we'll see you this weekend!

  69. Josh

    May 3, 2012

    I have a different concern than most of the people here...The parks were a bummer this year. First off, the interactive parks page seems to not be kept up very well. Its a good idea, but most of the time there is erroneous information on there (for example, right now it says Rose City is closed, which I don't think it will be this weekend on the basis that you yourselves have said that it won't be). In my opinion, you should also not put up Cascade Park/Vista Heights if you aren't going to build them, it comes across as unprofessional. You don't see the Seattle Mariners advertising playoff tickets with one weekend left in the season and no hope of making the playoffs. Another complaint I have is the competitions you had this year. I recall the Vista Superpipe that was open to the public for what, a day? Kind of felt like a slap in the face when you open something for a comp on saturday, claim first HP in the northwest, and then shut it down as soon as the weekend ended. It took an awful long time to build legitimate parks at the start of the season compared to timberline, and an awful long time to rebuild after storms compared to timberline as well. And at one point in March, Skibowl had more jumps built than Meadows, which is a little strange.
    Anyways, here are my reviews for the parks as I saw them this year (and I have heard people echo these views on the chair both good and bad):

    The Zoo: Fun small park, good for learning new tricks or just learning how to hit boxes/jumps for the first time. I don't really expect too much out of this park and I don't think you guys switched it up once this year, it wasn't that big of a deal just maybe something to think about. The hill at the start was kind of tough to get up and over on the stickier days (not to mention the jumps) but again, not that big of a deal and still fun for warm ups or learning stuff. There are a lot of newbies there who have no clue what park etiquette is. I'm not really sure how to fix that though, that is usually a problem at everyone's small parks.

    Rose City: Super fun when you finally got it up, that was a strong point for you this year in my opinion. Not a lot of features but if you lap easy rider you can get a good amount of hits in. A little disappointed towards the end of the year when you made the jumps bigger as the snow was getting slower. I saw loads of skier families (and snowboarders too) taking their little children through there to just roll over the lips and sit in the landings, not safe. I also never once saw a Meadows employee say anything to these people (I did however see a race official scream at a kid who was about 100 feet away from the banked slalom to "get off the race course" but that is a different story). It gets to the point where it was either take time out of my day and stand at the lip of the first jump explaining to people why they were being unsafe or just spray the crap out of people and yell at them and hope they got the message because no one from Meadows was taking any notice.

    Halfpipe: Looked fun, I only hit it twice this year but it didn't seem to be groomed very often. I would consider myself a halfpipe novice but I enjoyed it when it was slushy.

    Forest Park: So much potential here, not much of it was realized this year though. All in all, it was fun, but it could have been so much better. The layout of the park is the main issue, even on good snow days you would have to skip past a few rails/boxes if you wanted to clear the jump line (especially the second one). Didn't really change it up that much this year either, I think it was about 3 or 4 times total? I would like to see it switched up a little more often. Also, what happened to those wooden bonk things all year? Those were super fun at the beginning of the year and then they were relegated to sit on the side of the entry to the park. Why? I also felt like a lot of features would be X'd out for no reason when 5-10 minutes of raking would make them hittable again, that got frustrating. I really liked the creeper box/snow wallride, that was fun and creative and had a lot of different options to hit it.

    Park Place: Way better than I expected. Jumps were well shaped, a little poppier than timberline's in Conway's but not as big. Not worse, just different, I liked it. The rainbow rail and woo rail were fun as well. Also a small problem(not nearly as much as at Rose City) with skier families hanging out on the landings and screwing up the lips though. Maybe it has something to do with the kids seeing them off the lift, I don't know. I can't speak as to the wallride and last two jumps, when I rode it they weren't up and then last time I was up there it wasn't groomed (it was pretty sticky and slow that day anyways though)

    Cascade: didn't exist

    Vista Heights: didn't exist

    Boardercross Course: Not really my thing, the one that was open to the public wasn't very good though. 5 turns down a run that isn't very steep was kind of fun for about 1 run and then it got old. The courses for the actual races were better, but I didn't enter them so I never got to ride it.

    Shipyard: Rode this twice, hiking's not really my thing but it seemed to get switched up regularly and had fun things in it when I was there.

    When you're having comps in rose city, why close it to the public? There are already people there regulating things, seems like it wouldn't hurt anything to let people drop after a high schooler does their run, there are big enough gaps between his run ending and officials getting ready for the next one that someone could roll through.

    Have ski patrol educate people on how parks can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. I'm trying not to sound ignorant here, but I have never seen ski patrol (or park crew for that matter) informing anyone that it's not safe to stand in the landing or roll over the lips of the bigger jumps. I have seen them getting agitated over people going fast in the slow zones, how is the former any different?

    Put those bonk things everywhere! The run to forest park from top of HRE had a few areas on the side of the run where you could have put them and not had them be in the way of normal traffic. There were also a few places on the way to the zoo you could have used them.

    All in all, a decent year for your parks but compared to Timberline they were not in the same league (and they could be!). I understand that the terrain here is obviously better than Tline's but do you want your claim of "the best resort on hood" to be because of some random volcanic activity that laid out the terrain on your mountain or do you want to earn it by making everything the best it can be at Meadows?

    Meadows: Thank you for the critique and suggestions, which we'll share with our parks crew.

  70. Adam

    May 3, 2012

    Why not do the usual "weekend challenge" that you have in the past? I understand that things have been light the past two weeks, but given a challenge maybe you would see decent crowds up there for the next two weekends?
    I was counting on skiing at least one or two additional weekend days until May 20th and am extremely frustrated by what, in my opinion, is an earlier closure than advertised. I know, there was fine print stating that MHM wasn't guaranteed to stay open until the 20th, but I still think its incredibly deceitful.
    I won't be buying a pass next year as this is the last straw for me.

    Meadows: We understand you're frustrated. When you purchased your 10 Time Pass in November, our published schedule which we communicated was daily through April 29. We're sure you planned on using your pass more than 4 times through the 29th. One of the reasons we chose to announce this weekend as our last was to allow everyone a chance to plan for it. Otherwise we would end up making an announcement after this weekend that we were closing for the season (without any opportunity to get last turns.)

  71. Rosi

    May 3, 2012

    I cannot help but assume you are planning on increasing your season pass price again in order to pay for your growth. If you are truly hurting then you should put off your plans to grow. Do you really need a new lodge and conveyer belts? Can the people of the great NW truly afford season passes at increased rates? I doubt it. Your pass is more expensive then Squaw Valley. People who cam afford to go elsewhere where they can find better all around conditions. I am saddened that your growth is at the expense of your passholdes. In addition $70 for a day tix is rediculous for what you have to offer which is why you are not seeing day tix purchases.

    Please honor your pass holders and stop making poor management decisions.

    Thank you

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. The conveyer was added four seasons ago and has been a tremendous improvement for our first time and young guests. We don't have any specific lodge improvements (other than regular maintenance.) We are investing in RFID gates to improve our guest experience. "Having to be scanned every time" is the number one guest service complaint we've received the past three seasons, so this is an investment we feel will significantly improve the experience for our guests. The increased cost of lift tickets and passes accurately reflects the high cost of operating a ski resort - which is capital intensive, high risk (with escalating insurance premiums annually,) labor intensive (with increasing minimum wage and worker's comp premiums) and other expenses beyond our control. The improvements we've made in the past - including high speed quads, the South Lodge expansion and paving the Sunrise parking lot, have greatly improved the experience at Meadows. The investments we are making are forward thinking, but responsive to the requests and desires of our guests. We respectfully submit that those are not poor management decisions.

  72. Chris

    May 3, 2012

    For all you season pass holders that are disappointed: I wasn't able to go skiing a single time this year due to the lousy economy and being out of a job. Multiply my experience by the thousands of other skiiers that in the same situation and MHM gets put in between the rock: Not enough customers to pay the overhead in May; and the Hard Spot: Disappointing their customers if they change the close date. '
    Personally, I would prefer that they close early this year so that they can open next year. If the Resort loses too much money, the owners have the option to close the resort entirely. Looking at the 165 days that resort will be open this year: Over 45% of the year you have had the opportunity to go skiing. Now you get the chance to go hiking/biking/wind surfing/kite boarding/ocean surfing or any other of a myriad of activities that the Pacific Northwest offers. We aren't a "one-season" town, and that is the problem MHM always has: There are LOTS of other activities to draw skiiers into other venues. Be happy that they are looking at the long-term viability of the resort so that we can enjoy the skiing next season!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. We appreciate you understanding that this is not an easy decision for us, but we feel in the long run it is correct.

  73. The Doctor

    May 3, 2012

    I am stunned by the outpouring of angst on this page, and appreciate the tactful, patient way you have dealt with the, ah, feedback you have received. Frankly, I have enjoyed a long season at Meadows which featured a few sweet powder days, a demo day, and a whole lot of good times with friends new and newer. I sorry to see how closing one weekend earlier than last season causes otherwise happy customers to demand the marketing staff be drawn and quartered; without taking into account the slow business conditions (in almost all tourism/entertainment industry as a whole) and in particular in skiing.

    I appreciate the improvements implemented last season (getting to lower Heather so much more easily was sweet) and will spend my summer training for AK to be ready for another fine year at Meadows.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post - and we are very happy that you enjoyed the season at Meadows!

  74. acinpdx

    May 3, 2012

    (I just wanted to post in this epic thread :) )


    I had face shots more times this year than last! MHM has gotten Heather rolling much more often than in past years!

    Yes, we had full parking get up early!!!

    I'm disappointed too seeing the snow this week, but the last few weekends in April were sticky and not the best snow quite frankly.

    MHM, I can't be there this weekend, but if you extend, I'll help shut down the hill later this month.

    Good job this year!

    And please don't raise the season pass too much next year (my son just turned seven)!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post - and a belated birthday to your son!

  75. Steve S

    May 3, 2012

    So Here I was last weekend, all weekend, driving up Saturday and Sunday , Saturday it was overcast most of the day for the Hilarious Pond skimming contest, major props to all those who cracked us up and entertained us there to hit the corn. Sunday was Glorious, I took some amazing Sun Soaked pics all over the mountain, but the amazing thing: Most of them had no one in the pics! I couldnt believe I was skiing Vista alone in that sun drenched day, but it was a blast! Afterwards i commented to some staff below where was everyone? It was clear as your site said "summetime activities must have started" as folks weren't there. I too, am a season pass holder and compliment the staff that treated me and my family like kings all spring long. I understand your bottpom line and thank you for my "private" groomed trails last weekend, and understand that must cost "jack" to stay open without folks on the trails! CYA this weekend, cant wait for that thrill again and again! Meadows Rocks!

    Meadows: Thank you for the post and we'll see you this weekend!

  76. Appreciative

    May 4, 2012

    What a bunch of whiners!

    One of the best spring seasons yet and no one is happy.

    Take a look at Lake Tahoe. Opened late and closed early and often. I spent six days there in March and could only ski two, and worse, missed one of the best weeks at MHM all year.

    All of you who have been saving up to to the last minute to maybe get in six or eight more days--how many total days did you ski this year? Maybe you wouldn't be so disappointed if you took advantage of the great conditions and limited crowds earlier. I got in 20 days at MHM this year and most days I felt like I had the place to myself. Other than some bare spots in early season, conditions were geat and the Meadows staff did everything they could to groom & maintain the best ski conditions possible given the vagaries of the weather and low altitude.

    No one "promised" you anything--learn take advantage of the opportunities while you can and then move on and look forward to another great season next year.

    Glad to hear about the rfid readers--really helps move the crowds and track all runs while controlling costs.

    Thanks for another great season. I'll be there tomorrow to finish on a high note.

    Meadows: See you Saturday. Thanks for the post!

  77. want the steep and deep

    May 4, 2012

    i noticed you saying that there had been a little lack of interest all season, might be due to all the restrictions and lift closures all the time. opening heather canyon and jacks woods has become a monumental task for some reason. thinking of the days of 8am openings, shooting and heather used to open like clockwork at 9am on big powder days without the use of cannons. help us out a little bit here guys, pls.

    Meadows: We respectfully disagree with your argument that the lack of interest was due to restrictions and closures, except during the time frame that we didn't have enough snow to open terrain early in the season.

  78. Jack

    May 4, 2012

    Thanks for the great season Meadows! You guys managed to do a lot this year and I, for one, appreciate all the hard work that all of your employees put in throughout the season. I will definitely be there this weekend. Will you be allowing uphill travel inside the permit area once all of the gear is off the hill?

    Meadows: Yes - uphill travel inside the permit area will be allowed once we have our equipment and crews off the hill. We'll have this information on our conditions page. Thanks for the post!

  79. Don

    May 4, 2012

    I have a 10X pass and have used all ten this season. Can I ski Saturday and Sunday May 5 & 6 for free on my 10X pass?

    Meadows: Thanks Don - it's awesome you were able to get all 10 days in this season. Only those who still have days remaining will be able to use up their 10 Time Passes this weekend, so unfortunately the answer is no. Looking into next year, the RFID gate technology will allow us to offer products that offer pay as you go convenience. So you could purchase the 10 Time Pass, and then after the 10 pre-purchased days are used up, you could keep using it (just go through the gate) and your credit card would be charged on a day to day basis at a pre-agreed upon rate. Then, after a few more visits, the pass would auto-upgrade to a season pass. It's another reason we are excited about the new technology.

  80. Joe

    May 4, 2012

    Fellow disgruntled commenters,

    I am with you in your aggravation toward Meadows on this decision. First they cranked the rates on season pass and 10X pass in the fall and now they are pulling days on the spring side when the mountain is perfectly skiable. Basically the equation is increased cost for lesser product. The justification is “enhanced services” such as the stadium lift, which services a fantastic run which skiers do not get to use under optimum conditions (due to racing, a separate revenue generator).

    I came back to MHM this year after a hiatus with the fusion pass to give it one last try (and because I have a 3 year old and my strategy all along has been to use good weather and spring crowds to initiate her to skiing – with good results on the 22nd). I don’t really notice any improvement from the past in the skier experience. What it comes down to for us consumers is whether we want to roll the dice on ski bowl and the tricky conditions at lower elevations while waiting to round out the spring nicely through May on the palmer lift at TL. Factor these considerations into your thinking next fall when I’ll bank on the fact that MHM will cost at least 10% more than its competitors. Also, when thinking it through, factor in a final closure day of 5/5/13 for the 12-13 season, despite whatever highly qualified representations MHM may make to the contrary are.

    Finally, to the Nurse Ratched MHM responder on this blog, it’s pretty insulting to your customers to use pass usage history and throw it back in commenters' face. As a business practice, it’s probably better to just turn off comments if this is going to be the tone of your responses to paying customers.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post (and I appreciate the "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" reference.) First, thanks for coming back to Meadows this season, even if it was just for one last try. We think it is fantastic that you are introducing your daughter to the mountain and the sport that we all enjoy so much.

    Regarding the Stadium lift - we presented the virtues of the new lift on this blog last August, first and foremost as a more efficient way to reach the North side terrain, Shooting Star, Heather and Private Reserve; and as a way to reduce base area crowding. In those ways Stadium provided a significant improvement in the guest experience.

    I can't speak to the Fusion Pass or how it's pricing is set. In year's past they waited for us to announce our prices and they matched it. This past year we increased our pass price with the new Stadium lift, and they increased their price without any significant improvements. Next year we'll anticipate our costs and design pass and ticket products that we feel will excite our guests and provide the value they desire. And, hopefully, we'll receive at least normal or average snow, which is generally more than the rest of the country, and we'll have a great season. And our friends at Timberline and Ski Bowl will also have a great season.

    And, finally, I referenced pass usage a few times. Each time anonymity of the commenter was preserved as we're on a first name basis only on this blog. I didn't present this information to be disrespectful or to intimidate; but to provide clarity, or to correct misinformation being posted here. If someone says they purchased a pass because we announced an extension to our season, but they actually purchased the pass a month before the announcement, it seems fair to present it. Otherwise this blog could be used only to bash Meadows, with untruthful or unsubstantiated claims.

    And, as always, this blog will be reviewed by our management team so we can learn from it to make better decisions in the future, and to better communicate those decisions with our guests. That's our promise to you.

    Dave Tragethon, Executive Director or Communications (blog responder)

    "The best thing we can do is go on with our daily routine." - Nurse Ratched

  81. Ralph

    May 5, 2012

    "There is a precipitous drop off in interest in April, in a season that has been below visitation expectations already. Seeing these trends, and believing the turn out this weekend would not support continuing operations, we felt announcing in advance so everyone get some final turns in was better than going through the weekend, and then announcing we were closing. At least this way everyone has notice to make their plans."

    I just wanted to say that this logic does not make much sense.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but what I understand from this explanation is that on April 30th, the following decision was made:

    "Since interest is waning, we believe that turn out on the weekend of May 5-6 will not support another weekend of operations.

    Therefore, it's best to not even have a May challenge and instead, just give a definite close on this weekend of May 5-6 and that's it. Regardless of the turnout on this weekend is excellent.

    Oh, by the way, let's also only have only two lifts open, regardless of the 139" snow-pack and 6" of fresh snow for Saturday. And again, regardless of turnout."

    I say two lifts because Buttercup and Ballroom Carpet do not count, and I have a difficult time believing that MHX and Cascade will be able to support tomorrow's crowd.

    More specifically, I believe I am trying to express my frustration towards the people who said:
    1. Let's market the possibility of staying open until May 20, possibly setting wrong expectations.
    2. Let's not do May challenge and forgo any possibility of staying open for longer. Despite the turnout, we are definitely closing on May 6.
    3. Let's plan on only running two lifts on the closing weekend, regardless of snow-pack and new snow. And again, regardless of turnout.

    On a different note, I understand that this is not your fault, person-replying-to-all-the-frustrated-skiers-and-riders. I know that you are making your best to calm the situation, and it really is nice to know that there is someone addressing our frustration.

    I know that if it was up to you, you would have all lifts running 24x7, and you would probably be first in line to get the freshies. :)

    I will be going up tomorrow and Sunday, and do believe that they will be awesome days just like the rest of the season.

    Thanks to all the liftees, park crew, ski patrol and lodge and restaurant crew for all their hard work and keeping the mountain an awesome place to go! Thanks also to the hospital crew for getting us healed up and back on the mountain!

    Hope to see you all on the mountain this weekend. If the season has to end, then let's end with a bang! POW tomorrow and Spring riding on Sunday! :)

    Meadows: Thank you for the post, and for giving credit to our staff. They appreciate it and as your comments indicated, it is deserved. See you Sunday!

  82. Paco

    May 5, 2012

    See you over at Timberline until summer! Really I think you guys do a disservice with tenative closing dates with any conditions. Set it in stone and let it be that. But with that said, I think you should look into the possibility of offering an 'extended' season planned from the very beginning. Bring the end of the season to June 1st, 7days a week, to match Timberline's offering. Build the cost into the season pass and spring passes. Plan on spinning empty chairs in May for the few dozen that make it. It would fix the hiatus to Tline that happens in April, and would be a great marketing point on spring passes. I for one would not mind a $650 season pass if this meant 7days a week riding until June.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. Reader poll - how many would pay $650 for a season pass if we committed to operating 7 days / week through June 1?

  83. happy father

    May 5, 2012

    I wanted to say thanks for a great season on behalf of my 4 and 6 yr old. My wife and I dedicated this season to teaching them how to ski. The 4yr old had a good start and will stay in on the ballroom carpet for another season. However, my 6 year old really shined this season going from a few pizza turns on the ballroom to bombing down Mitchell creek and sulking when we had to leave at 3:30! The key turning point was the two -2hr private lesson sessions I invested in this year. Though not inexpensive, the two instructors were simply amazing and had everything to do with my 6yr old learning to ski with confidence. I plan to make the same investment next year as well. Thanks for also making the 6 and under pass so cheap. It really helped knock down the barrier to getting a young family to the mountain.

    Any chance of getting a parent season pass where the mother and father can swap it back and forth? One parent is with the kids while one parent is on the hill.

    Meadows: Thank you for sharing your story and continuing the tradition of enjoying the mountain and the recreation it provides! Currently we don't have a parent pass planned but we'll take a look at it.

  84. Pam

    May 5, 2012

    Already waiting for winter again!-Thanks Meadows you folks do a great job and I like your tuning shop people, they are kind and helpful. And... I always pick up a Timberline Spring Pass-they are cheap, they are open weekdays (because I avoid Meadows on the weekend-too many people!) and their parks and tree are fun! Hope those gate things are a benefit..hard to swallow industrial mechanical over real live people and I like those lift people- I'm sure the deed is done-Again, I hope it is a benefit......we'll find out next year......have a good summer.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. The gates will provide an improved (swifter and less intrusive) experience for verifying that all guests have the appropriate lift ticket or pass. We'll still have our friendly attendants to organize lines at the gates, assist if there is a verification problem and load the chairs. Smiles all the way around!

  85. Neal

    May 5, 2012

    As a spring pass holder teaching my son to ski in the warmer spring conditions I have to say I am dissaponted. Next year it may be better to close the mid-week April slump early in favor for weekends through May. Today, the main lot was full by 10:30! Hopefully the ratio of season pass to day trippers isn't factored into closing early as many of those up there had passes.

    Snow today was better than any through the month of April, it was depressing knowing it is closing with such great conditions. The salt in the wound was that with all that fresh snow we only had two lifts to choose from. Hard to believe all of this stems from a few slow weeks in April, my guess is by keeping it open with all this snow, you could actually make some of the lost profits back.

    - Über Bummed

    Meadows: We are sorry that you're bummed. You share some good insight in advice that we'll use as we approach next season. Continuing the daily operations all the way through April was brutal, and in retrospect, we (and our guests) may have been better served with weekend only operations considering the weather and conditions. Looking ahead we may plan on daily operations through mid-April, and then add to the schedule if the conditions warrant it.

  86. pam

    May 6, 2012

    I would pay the extra $150 if you were open 7 days a week through June 1-it just means you get my spring spending money and not Timberline. But the 7 days a week is key-because I hate crowds.

    Meadows: Thanks! How about others?

  87. Jeff in the Couv

    May 6, 2012

    I'm not going to beat you up over the "early" season end. It is what it is and you did indeed at least allude to the possibility when you announced the season-ending date. This is however the very reason I no longer buy a spring pass. I can only ski on weekends and a few extra days in May does make a difference to me.

    Regarding RFID, I only have one thing to say: unless you can do it without turnstiles it won't be an improvement to your current liftline situation. Fighting the turnstiles at Bachelor is the most frustrating part of that skiing experience. I understand why it's done the way it is but from a skier's perspective putting in turnstiles at every lift does NOT in any way add to a skier's enjoyment.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. Our number one complaint (particularly from pass holders) has been, "Why do I need to show my pass every time? Don't you know me." The gates will handle the verification swiftly. And since we're adding the gates at every lift, we'll also be able to track vertical and give a complete record for our pass holders to review. We believe the technology will improve the overall guest experience at Meadows.

  88. Dustin

    May 6, 2012

    I would have gladly paid $150 more for a pass for a month more of skiing! Timberline offers a year round pass and a winter only pass, so perhaps you could do something similar? $500 for Open- end of April and $650 for Open-Close. Thanks for a great season though, it was a blast!

    Meadows: Thanks for the response!

  89. Dave

    May 6, 2012

    $650 is a LOT of money. Surfing season starts in May. Families with children who play spring sports start up inApril. Cyclists start in March. I think hard about paying $500 for my season pass, and I know I will be using it quite a bit.

    And I have to say, $500 is pretty darn close to the limit I'll spend for season passes.

    Here is a typical cost breakdown for the ski season, assuming all of my trips to Meadows are NOT overnight:

    Ski Pass - $500
    My wife's pass - $500
    Our son's pass - $250
    Gas per trip - $35 (180ish miles at +/- 20mpg at +/- $3.75/gal)
    Breakfast - $10 breakfast (Joes Donuts)
    Lunch - $35 (Pizza and beverages at the Vertical plus tip.)
    Apres Ski - $15-$45 (coffee and munchies or dinner, depending on time we leave MHM)

    If I ski 20 times on a season pass, this puts an extra $80 to $125 on EACH DAY I SKI. This moves my season total spent on passes and trip expenses to somewhere north of $3000. So no, I wouldn't be interested in paying more.

    Meadows: Thank you for the response and the breakdown. It's great information to have for the conversation.

  90. Phillip

    May 7, 2012

    I can't restrain my disappointment over the early season ending. The bottom line is the lot was full, the snow coverage great, and the weather ideal for the last day of operations. The lines were long the slopes crowded because of the reduced operations. It's hard to justify ending the season on that. I find it incredibly lame. I was having a great season and now I feel denied. It doesn't help your case that Bachelor is open Sun-Thurs through Memorial Day. It's obvious that once you get the majority of your customers on passes there is no incentive to extend operations any further than you have to. In retrospect you should have closed the first weekend of april.

    Meadows: We appreciate you sharing your disappointment. We understand it. We hope our pass holders will also understand that when we set pricing we do so with a specific operational time frame in mind - such as daily through April 29. So beyond that date, we are dependent on additional ticket revenue to extend the season. That is why we're asking our pass holders on this blog whether they would pay additional for the extended season, and if so, how much?

  91. k2skier

    May 7, 2012

    I'll take 2 @ $650 please. I alos bought passes before the 4X4 deal at a discounted $799 for a couple of years...

    Meadows: Thanks!

  92. patrick

    May 7, 2012

    Lame, Lame, Lame!!!!!!!!!
    With the new management came some cleary great changes with respect to lift operatons and attitudes. However, now I feel that you guys have resorted to the "old ways".... Way to announce that you would be open on the W.E's through May 20th, only to renig and close down.. And your excuses on the replies to other posts just dont add up ... As in on SATURDAY you filled the main lot and were parking them in sunrise!!! I think that you made your "quota". Just admit it, you simply reacted too quickly and made a HUGE mistake. you promised to stay open if we showed up... We did and you screwed us. you owe your spring pass holders as well as season pass holders an apology and more..

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. The last weekend was a good turn, but we feel that is largely due to announcing it would be the last weekend in advance. We felt this was much better than announcing closed for the season after the weekend, without giving everyone fair notice. In the future we will focus more on the conditions it will take in order for us to extend the season, and less on actual dates.

  93. dan

    May 7, 2012

    IN!!! For a $650 pass that runs _every day_ until June 1. Where do I sign?

    And yeah, things were pretty squeezed on Saturday - it would have been nice if Star was running too.

    Meadows: Thanks for the feedback.

  94. dan

    May 7, 2012

    Dave, with all due respect, there's nothing wrong with packing a sack lunch or (and I admit this is an advanced ski bum move) once spring conditions hit, grilling hot dogs in the parking lot. You can eat breakfast at home too, or bring some ham 'n' egg sandwiches in the car. Look, I saved you $90 per trip -- easily enough to shell out another $400 or so for passes good to the end of May.

    Meadows: Ok - but next year we're looking at a pizza with a crispier crust that can be cooked and served faster - might want to save some for some apres ski enjoyment!

  95. Foz-man

    May 7, 2012

    IN regards to pass prices. I wouldn't pay $650. That's over my limit. At that point I'd either buy a 10 pass, or buy a skibowl pass and augment it with costco ski passes for days at meadows. You'd defintely would lose business from me at that price. I'd like you to be open in May, but don't care about weekdays at that point, and honestly if I haven't gotten enough skiing by May that is on me.

    I do agree with the notification, say you'll be open until the 20th depending on traffic in April. Don't leave out that fact when posting closing dates as you have people possibly forgoing weekends earlier b/c they think they can take their turns later.

    Meadows: Thanks - good points all the way. We appreciate the feedback.

  96. Norma Stitz

    May 8, 2012

    Head over to the Timberline page on Facebook everyone, they are offering a free day to come check out their resort this Sunday, for anyone with a pass from any mountain!

    Meadows: That's this Sunday, May 13.

  97. Ken

    May 9, 2012

    I would like to express my disappointment with your decision to close earlier than previously announced. I am even more concerned by the repeated comments by staff referring to pass holders as "Free Be's". We make a sizable investment in your operation each fall ($1000 for my wife and I). Which may or may not pay off due to many factors. We bring our friends eat your food and drink your beer. Its not free. In the past I have enjoyed skiing weekends late in May.

    As for improvements how about temporary bridges for the Heather runout. My understanding is you can not open the Heather Chair until the runout is built. These temporary bridges could be placed over the creek crossings to allow snow mobile access and evacuation of injured guests, keep it closed to the public have them ride the lift. Once there is enough snow to fill the creeks in they could be removed by snow cat. Heather canyon was skiable in November this year but did not open until mid January because of the creeks. This I think would be the biggest improvement at the lowest cost that the resort could make.

    Please do not run a shuttle from the end of the Heather runout to the HRM lodge. If people are to lazy to walk across the parking lot perhaps they should not ski in the private reserve. Running a shuttle would encourage people who are perhaps not ready for the challenges there. Walking across the lot is "green" and its good for you.

    Please run the Stadium chair on powder days including weekdays. I have found the Stadium chair very useful to avoid the bottle neck at the bottom of Shooting Star. Unfortunately it is often not running on week days.

    Thank you for a good season and hopefully you will be spinning lifts the last weekend of May next year.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post Ken - and the suggestions. I wanted to address the Heather bridges suggestion. We've looked at that but the problem is the creek path changes season to season, and even with the season. We're really not able to build those bridges until there is a substantial base there - more than what the pre-Thanksgiving snow and 13" we received in December provided.

  98. Bob

    May 10, 2012

    Appreciate the great season. Had a blast last weekend, and like all others, just wish it would keep going for another few weeks.

    And a messages to my fellow skiers and riders,
    Communication, information and expectations being key. After looking at the 2013 calandar, let's make it clear now, so as to avoid any frustration and confusion (like I felt) next season.

    "REGARDLESS of what you see, read, hear, suspect, think possible, etc... everyone just plan on Sunday May 6th being the last day of the 2013 season. With limited lift operations and a 3pm closing time".

    If we make it past that weekend, awesome! But if not, it's closer to what our expections, schedules, planning, and $$ have allowed for. Better for us all to know and remember this fact now and be surprised by a later season. As opposed to forgetting this info when buying passes next year, and being surprised by a shorter season. And hopefully saving the poor PR relations person from all this late season typing.

    I agree, there weren't a lot of people out on the hill during the last couple of weekends. But I'm more concerned with the fact that we all pay PLENTY for our passes and about how that $ is directed. If there's snow, things should be open. Priority #1 in my book. Mark it 1 vote for "open" hearby submitted. Other upgrades, etc... are relatively insignificant to me.

    Otherwise, thank you Mt Hood for another great year. And thank you Mt Hood Meadows for a plowed parking space and lift rides up to enjoy the Mountain.

    Meadows: Thank you for the post.

  99. Matt

    May 11, 2012

    C'mon. Everyone knows that nobody comes up to Meadows in the spring time, even though it's some of the best skiing of the year (excluding powder.) And Meadows lets most of their seasonal employees go late-March, regardless of the snowpack, because they're aware of the drop-off in attendance. This is the bottom line. I wish I could ski some more though.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. While there are labor adjustments in anticipation of visitation dropping off late season, there is still considerable expense associated with grooming and prepping terrain (we continued to offer all of our terrain through the end of April) and lifts. That's something we'll need to more realistically look at in the future.

  100. b

    May 18, 2012

    listen, i get your side of the equation, but you do not do youself or meadows any service by trying to fight through the fact you bent a lot of folks out of shape by stating one thing and going back on it. you can claim turnout and conditions all you want - good customer service models live up to what they put out there. i would spend less time trying to fight through everyones response and more time on how to do better next year. thanks for getting the RFID gates - good stuff. you guys rock all year until may, but may continues to be a hot button though that seems to never find balance between your loyal cusotmer base and your business model. again, my suggestion is just live up to what you throw out there and dont hide behind a 1 sentence disclaimer that says it depends on....

    Meadows: Thank you. Some very sound advice that moving forward will help us appropriately set expectations.

  101. Tim

    May 20, 2012

    Our family, for the most part, buys our ski passes for the six of us, pays for a locker and year long snow park permit, and pays for whatever equipment we need, and head up to Meadows, usually on opening day. We stop at the Mazot, have a cookie and beverage, and sit at one of the tables. Usually, the dad says "Wow. Pretty expensive day. Good news is the rest of the season is dang near free.." Been doing this since '79 (without the Mazot early on of course.). We can't remember a bad season. Thanks Meadows.

    Meadows: Thank you for your post. Good seasons are created one memory at a time - thank you for remembering all the good memories!

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