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Thank You Mt. Hood Meadows

Thank You Mt. Hood MeadowsAs we approach the end of the season, I wanted to let Mount Hood Meadows know about my first snow season experience.  I had a wonderful time learning to snowboard, and progressed from Ballroom Carpet to Heather Canyon in a mere 3 months' time (with 20+ years of surfing experience, the transition was very natural for me).  I truly love the sport and the mountain, and MHM is definitely the place to be.

In mid-February I met someone on the mountain who has changed my life.  I first saw her up at the Mazot, on one of the many gorgeous bluebird days I experienced this season.  We are both musicians as well as SE Portland natives.  She inspires me every day with her musicianship, love and positivity.  We came up to the mountain at least once a week throughout the rest of the season, growing together while doing what we love.  Without a season pass at your resort, I never would have met this person.  I am extremely grateful for MHM to be the venue to meet her, and want to extend the utmost in thanks to everyone who makes your resort a reality every year.

We will see you next year....together!

All the Best,
-- Billy C.

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