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Meadows Awarded Sustainable Energy Grant to Power Parking Lot Truck Signage to Reduce Idling

Guests traveling to Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort next season will be directed by energy efficient message board truck signs thanks to a Sustainable Slopes Grant from the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA.) In the past the parking trucks needed to idle to power the message board sign. The grant allows Meadows to convert three of the truck signs to battery power, resulting in a fuel savings and carbon dioxide reduction of 75%.

The system was developed this past season by Meadows’ Vehicle Shop Manager Jeremy Evans, who converted one of the resort’s parking trucks, with a strong battery and a waterproof battery charger. Before conversion, the battery was not strong enough to hold a charge to power the electronic message board without idling the engine. The resort’s “Know Idling” program promotes idling only when necessary and the energy grant now helps the parking trucks comply with the program.

Meadows also received a sustainable energy grant last year to install bottle filling stations making it easy for guests to refill their water bottles, reducing the amount of disposable plastic bottles. Resort Sustainability Manager Heidi Logosz says the grants assist Meadows’ sustainability initiatives. “We’re constantly striving to decrease unnecessary use of resources and increase environmentally preferred ways of doing business. We’ve had many successes and continue to increase sustainable practices while reducing our impact.”

Mt. Hood Meadows is also participating in NSAA’s Climate Challenge, a voluntary program to inventory, target and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Five other ski areas received NSAA Sustainable Slopes Grants include Beaver Valley Ski Club in Ontario, Canada, Burke Mountain, Vermont, Canyons Resort, Utah, Spirit Mountain, Minnesota and Telluride Ski and Golf Resort in Colorado.
“These grants are a great vehicle for implementing sustainability projects at U.S. ski areas and in particular help us highlight the fantastic work going on at ski area members who have committed to the Climate Challenge,” says NSAA President Michael Berry. These grants were made possible by generous donations from the Sustainable Slopes Grant program sponsors, CLIF Bar, LeitWind and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

For more information on NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes Grant program or to learn more about environmental initiatives and projects visit the Environment section of