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Season Passes On Sale For Nearly 50% Off Regular Season Price

Purchasing by November 4 nets BIG savings on Meadows season passes
New RFID gate technology offers new products and even greater passholder convenience!

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – Mt. Hood Meadows 2012/13 season passes are on sale offering a savings of nearly 50% if purchased by November 4th. Meadows offers a variety of customized passes – season long for those able to take advantage of one of the longest ski seasons in North America, or limited passes for selective midweek or night riding.

All passholders will enjoy the added convenience of the RFID access gates being installed at every lift at Meadows for the 2012/13 season. The gates allow passage without having to physically display or scan a pass – the passholder wears the pass in their jacket. No more waiting in line while others fumble for their passes for scanning, which means faster passage to the awesome terrain Meadows is so well known for.

The RFID technology allows the resort to offer a new “direct to lift – pay-as-you-go” class of products, offering guests who back their pass with a credit card a greater selection of products to meet their life style and pocketbook. This season the resort debuts it’s “Midweek+ Pass” – a midweek pass which offers the passholder discounts if used weekends or peak times, and the “Meadows Club Card” – a pay-as-you-go pass featuring discounts and FREE days.

Purchase By November 4th to SAVE BIG on these individual passes!

Mt. Hood Meadows is offering individual discounts on season passes purchased online by November 4th.

 BY 11.4
 AFTER 11.4
23 - 64
 48%  6 OR 7
15 - 22
 $384  $669
 43%  4 OR 5
7 - 14
 $264  $449
 41%  6
 $384  $449  15%  7 OR 8
6 & Under
 $25  $25    3
10X Pass
 9%  5 or 6
 $429  $429
Midweek+  $379  $379    5
Night  $129  $129    5
65+ w/Bus  $454  $454    6 or 7
65+ w/Bus includes 8 midweek bus rides on Meadows Midweek Bus Program
* Days to Pay based on day lift pass pricing @ $89 on Peak Days and $74 Off-Peak

 Season Passes at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort

Passholders also receive valuable discounts on resort services; 10% off retail purchases, demo equipment, ski school lessons and day care; plus special offers in the restaurants. Passholders are automatically enrolled in Meadows vertical challenge and loyalty programs.

Midweek and Meadows After Dark Night Specialty Passes

Meadows specialty passes offer great value for those whose schedules allow midweek or night riding. The midweek pass is $429 and is good every Monday - Friday (except from December 26-31, 2012). The Meadows After Dark night pass is $129 and offers night riding from 3 - 9 PM Wednesday - Sunday evenings during the night operating season.

New “Direct to Lift” Credit Card-Backed Products

One of the many benefits of RFID gates is affordable “pay as you go” products, so the passholder receives direct to lift convenience (no stop at a ticket window) and their credit card is auto-charged at pre-determined discounted rates.

The new Midweek+ Pass is $379, and includes all week days (except December 26 – 31, 2012). The “plus” means the passholder can use the pass on weekends and peak days, and be auto-charged $59 or $79 respectively.

The new Meadows Club Card is $99 and offers the 1st and 5th days of skiing FREE! Your 2nd, 3rd and 4th visits will be auto-charges at $59 on off-peak days (saving $15), $79 on peak days (saving $10). Club Card members receive additional FREE days every 5th visit (5th time, 10th time, 15th time, etc.). Members also receive a $5 discount off night tickets (normally $30 – these visits do not count towards free days).

Meadows Club Card members and Midweek+ passholders receive the same valuable discounts on resort services as season passholders, and are automatically enrolled in Meadows vertical challenge and loyalty programs.

Pass Protection “Refund Insurance” Offered

Mt. Hood Meadows is offering “Pass Protection” to passholders concerned that their season could be interrupted due to injury, medical condition or relocation. The pass protection is $25 and the passholder must enroll within 7 days of their pass purchase. Then, if they become medically unable to ski or ride, are transferred/move out of the area more than 301 miles, or are military deployed, a refund/rollover credit will be determined at a prorated schedule. Refund requests based on weather conditions are not eligible for refunds.

Add-Ons Create Even More Pass Holder Value

  • $35 Season Ski Check – Season long security for your skis or snowboard while you’re in our main lodge.
  • $20 SkiGreen Offsets – Love Your Mountain by offsetting your vehicle’s CO2 emissions for the season.
  • $400 Cooper Spur Family Season Lift and Tubing Pass – For everyone in your family that is purchasing Meadows season passes.
  •  $40 Nordic Pass – for both Meadows and Cooper Spur Nordic Centers (normally $80).
  • Add Value – Charge up your pass with value to use throughout the resort – the value is on your pass for ultimate convenience.


  1. Cody S.

    August 30, 2012

    Hello Meadows!
    Thank you for posting the pass prices a few days earlier this year. Now we all have a few more days to earn the extra $80 that you raised the pass prices. I guess you have to pay for those fancy new gates somehow. Does this mean that when you get the RFID gates and the new stadium chair paid off we might get a reduction in pass prices? Probably not but I figured I'd throw that one out there. I can't wait to read the comments on this one.

    Meadows: The season pass price for adults increased $25 not $80 (from $499 to $524). The other age-based pass products increased $5 over last season. Yes pass pricing is affected by the improvements that we invest in, whether it's new lifts, new snowcats or new RFID gates. And not all prices increased. Our normal lift ticket price is $74, same as last season, but it also includes nights (last year there was a $5 upgrade for nights). Our midweek pass is $429 - same as last year - but if you purchase the Midweek+ pass for $379 you'll SAVE $50 and get weekend and peak day access at a discounted rate (auto-charged to your credit card for maximum convenience). We're reducing the cost of our Park & Ride shuttle from $30 round trip last year to $20 this year. Much of the pricing changes are the result of our Peak Day parking initiative to reduce the amount of cars coming to Meadows on Peak Days.

  2. John

    August 30, 2012

    Good to see, although i am a bit disappointed that this is the 2nd or 3rd year now with pretty dramatic price increases. Gone are the days of 4x400's. Not having to deal with getting 3 other people and having to pay $450 instead was a decent compromise, but now the price gap compared to a Fusion pass is getting bigger and bigger making my choice not so simple anymore.

    Meadows: Thanks John. We're biased, but we think the choice is simple =0} Our pass has increased these past two seasons, but we're also reinvesting in our infrastructure to improve the overall guest experience. Stadium last year, five new snowcats in two seasons, the RFID gates (as well as upgraded our copper wire network on the mountain to fiber optic) this year AND we're improving capacity on Shooting Star this season by adding more chairs. We will continue to maintain and improve our product and experience - we believe our guests will find and appreciate the quality and value which differentiates Meadows from other ski and snowboard experiences.

  3. Tom Weis

    August 30, 2012

    The longest season in North America unless you decide to shut down after the first weekend in May and not stay open until the end of May like you told the public when they bought their Spring Pass.

    Meadows: "One of the longest seasons in North America - period" since most ski areas close at the end of March. Our "extension of the season" announcement was conditional - based on weather, conditions and turn out. Unfortunately, interest (and resulting skier visits) dropped off big time the last part of April. It was apparent that the interest and turn out just wasn't there. And, as a result of the backlash for that decision, we won't make any advance or season extension announcements. If the conditions and business is there, we can make that decision to extend at that time. Hopefully it will be a long season, filled with fresh snow and people enjoying the mountain all season long!

  4. Chris

    August 30, 2012

    $569 to board all season and people complain?? hmmm.. talk about sand ;) Actually what you should do meadows is double the price and weed out at least half the lift lines.. I read the complaints of lines all last year. I would be willing to pay double to get those poachers off my powder. Basically if you want to complain about everything, quit. You're ruining the chill vibe that should go with planks and white stuff. IMO

    Meadows: Thanks for sharing. That adult season pass price is actually $524 - which is an outstanding value for season long access at Meadows.

  5. Ashley

    August 30, 2012

    I'm going to leave a positive comment: I'm stoked! Seeing the pass prices posted just made my day today! I'm stoked for the new RFID gates, and I really liked the addition of the Stadium chair last year. Having that way to get to HRM instead of going through MHX was awesome. If you compare Meadows prices with other places in Oregon, it's such a great deal that I've come back year after year. Thanks, Meadows team!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post! Another project we have going this summer is adding 20 chairs to Shooting Star, which will increase uphill capacity by 30%. This is an extension of the benefit that Stadium Express provides, getting one lift access to Shooting Star and gated access terrain. We are stoked - that you're stoked!

  6. LL

    August 30, 2012

    Quality and value? The only thing that differentiates you from other ski experiences is that you are less than three hours from Portland. And you're not Timberline. We're stuck with each other!

    Meadows: We respectfully disagree. There are many differentiating qualities, features and benefits at Meadows. Convenient location is one, but the terrain continues to be our greatest asset. The infrastructure we have built, maintain and operate is also superior - with six high speed quads, an advanced fleet of snow grooming equipment and facilities we continue to improve. We are also proud of our staff and believe our people make the difference. There is depth to our organization, it's more than just that "6 inches of fresh on top," there is a deep, stable snowpack beneath it in our organization to provide high quality, unique mountain recreation experiences. Thanks for allowing us to use the analogy. Hopefully this season will provide plenty of powdery days with a deep snowpack to support it as well!

  7. dan

    August 30, 2012

    Hmm, yeah, it is starting to feel a little expensive compared to the Fusion Pass. It's great that you're adding uphill capacity, but short of opening more terrain you can't add downhill capacity...the crowds are just getting moved from the lift line onto the hill.

    Meadows: So much of Meadows terrain is underutilized. We understand that it's difficult not to fixate on the peak days - they're "peak" because that's when everyone can come. But slight adjustments in arrival and departure times, or taking an occasional midweek day, evening or coming early or late season. It all makes a difference. We've adjusted our pricing to reflect this - offering substantial discount incentives through individual day and season pass pricing to come midweek and offpeak. We've even made every day pass valid until closing - to avoid people feeling they need to depart at the same time together. This is all designed to spread out the crowds throughout the day, week and season.

    You've heard the expression "building a church for Christmas." So much of the complaints we are hearing come from people about those crowded peak days. That would be like going to Church one day a year at Christmas, and then saying that church is always too crowded. I'm sure there are many church pastors looking at the turnout on a Sunday in August and wondering where all those people were that couldn't fit in last Christmas. Oops - another analogy - and a religious reference at that. No more references to religion, taxes or politics. Hey - anyone want to talk about the weather?

  8. leviticus

    August 31, 2012

    4x4 (chanting) 4x4.

    Meadows: Hmmm, after we say no more religious references, we receive a post from leviticus. Thanks for the 4x4 reference. It was a great promotion - and we're sure you're most interested in the price more than the requirement to group up four people. At this point, neither are realistic - or sustainable. Our passholders have told us they prefer the convenience of purchasing directly as opposed to being required to artificially group up with others to get special pricing. We also can't offer that rate any longer - the $400 price was introduced in 2003 - and while we were able to maintain it for a few seasons, economic reality required increasing the price. We still believe that $524 for season long access to Meadows is a terrific value, and encourage you to take advantage of it.

  9. AJ

    August 31, 2012

    Any word on keeping some of the runs open an hour or two later when the daylight persists later in the season? It would help congestion dramatically around MHX in late afternoons, though the peak/off peak day tickets should help that a bit too.

    I won't be in Oregon most of the season but will be up when I can. Meadows rocks!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. At this point our scheduled operational hours are set - opening at 9 AM daily going until 9 PM Wednesday through Sunday and 4 PM Monday and Tuesday. The schedule does vary early and late season and we have considered adjustments last season. That's something we'll need to determine at that time, based on conditions. We'll see you on the mountain!

  10. Laurel

    August 31, 2012

    Bachelor is over $800...places in CO are probably $1k+...feel like you are getting a deal.

    Meadows: Thanks!

  11. Dan

    August 31, 2012

    Nice work on the RFID gates. My daughter learned how to ski last season with 2 private lessons and we're stoked to get back up. See you soon!

    Meadows: That is awesome! We're excited about the upcoming season. Here's a reminder that passholders receive a 10% discount off of private and group ski school lessons.

  12. Grace

    August 31, 2012

    Do the infrastructure improvements include a new AT&T cell tower and enabling Facebook from the lodge WiFi? That would improve my overall guest experience.

    Meadows: Great question! The AT&T tower is beyond our control - but we encourage AT&T customers to voice their concerns about their cell signal at Meadows directly to AT&T.

    We've had to limit social networking access to guests through our public WiFi because we basically run our entire business through the equivalent of a residential broadband connection. That's the best our provider has been able to offer through the wiring which was in place. However, this fall (and possibly early winter) that connection is being upgraded to fiber optics - which will greatly increase our bandwidth. That will have a profound impact on our connectivity with our PSO office, and the outside world at large and should allow us to open up Facebook and other sites to our guests at WiFi. This should take place by the end of the year, hopefully sooner!

  13. Daniel

    August 31, 2012

    I respectfully disagree on the notion that much of the terrain is underutilized. The nice thing about Meadows is that there is challenging and fun stuff, but it's not for everybody. at some point safety needs to be a concern, not just making a dollar. I too often have seen many skiiers and boarders on the mountain that aren't aware of their abilities and venture where they shouldn't. With that said, the pass price is still fair. I'm happy that some will continue to be disgruntled and "utilize" the terrain with their fusion passes.

    Meadows: Thanks Daniel. Didn't mean to indicate that there weren't congestion points and times when trails are crowded. Just pointing out that it's less likely to occur during off-peak time frames.

  14. Betsy

    August 31, 2012

    I love the new option of the Midweek Plus Pass! It's going to be perfect for me - I usually ski midweek (drive up early morning, ski like a mad woman for a couple of hours, then back to work) and then a few times on the weekends in March, April, and May before the season wraps up. Just one question - its basically a pass like the full season pass where we go directly from the car to the chairlift? No having to stop at the office/customer service/lift purchase each time?

    Thank you so much for getting rid of those manual scanners. They were a huge pain.

    Meadows: The midweek pass is a direct-to-lift pass, and includes all midweek days (and evenings we operate midweek) except December 26-31. It is credit card backed, which means you can still go direct-to-lift on weekends or peak days and be charged accordingly ($59 off-peak weekends / $79 Peak days). It is the ultimate in value and convenience.

  15. John

    August 31, 2012

    While I've had my up's and down's with Meadows, I have to say I appreciate the response's and the effort to stay positive, I've seen less from other resorts. I think people would have a different view if they were to see how much it costs to run vs. what the private owners are making off our public land, in both good snow years and bad.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. Frankly, it's easy to stay positive when talking about this sport and the awesomeness of Mt. Hood. It's something our staff and our guests are very passionate about - we welcome the comments and all the feelings that drive them. It shows people care and we have that in common!

  16. Steep & Deep

    September 1, 2012

    I can live with the increased pricing this year but hope that we can get a break next year with the wonderful economy this President has provided us. This is my wish list for this year;

    1 - RFID gates work as smoothly as other resorts that I have been to. By the way, why aren't these gates already in at the mountain - was up there last weekend and saw very little construction???

    2 - You think about opening Express again @ 8am for us snow bums that like those first tracks.

    3 - The hardest wish of all; please, please please get Heather open on powder days on time so we can actually enjoy the steep and deep this year more often.

    Thank you and let it snow baby.

    Meadows: Thanks Steep. The foundations were being poured this last week for the gantries - which are in route from Europe and expected to arrive by mid-September. We already have the 35 gates themselves at the ski resort. Crews from SkiData will be on site the first week of October to configure the gates, "hang" them from the gantries and activate the system. We should have everything checked out and ready to go by mid-October.
    Our operational plans for this season is to continue opening our lifts and as much terrain as possible consistently at 9 AM, including Heather and the gated access terrain. Here's to another powderful season!

  17. Trenton

    September 1, 2012

    Great to see...can't wait to get back up there this year. Correct me if I'm wrong, the extra $25 this year over 6 months of skiing is only $4.16 - and we're being provided a more automated solution on the hill in return, I don't understand the complaints. Just skip your Starbucks fix once a month to make up for it financially...

    Meadows: Thanks for the post - you don't need to give up your caffeine fix as passholders receive $2.50 lattes at Higher Grounds! See you on the mountain!

  18. Brian

    September 1, 2012

    Thanks for the early prices. I expected increases, but I also expect some additional services? With your new snow cats, are you bringing back some snow cat skiing for the $10 ride to the top? For those making "considerable investments" with lockers, any additional services in the lockeroom? Free wax per month? I appreciate the positive vibes as I am excited to get to the mountain. The extended season is what sets the Northwest apart. Being in the service industry myself, I will anxiously await the experience at Meadows!

    Meadows: Thanks Brian. At this time we're planning on keeping the Super Bowl experience hiking only - we'll use the snowcats to cut in the road after snow storms. Good suggestions for our season locker holders - in the past we've offered tuning certificates. We share your excitement for an early and long season!

  19. Varun

    September 1, 2012

    I'm excited for my second season skiing, hope to work the nerve to go move up (or is it down?) from blue to black runs this season.

    Does the season pass include the spring pass as well?

    Meadows: Moving up from cruising blues to the steeper black diamond runs - that is awesome! The season passes are valid through our scheduled operations, which right now is through the last weekend of April. The spring pass usually goes on sale in mid-March, so yes, these passes include the spring time frame.

  20. Kevin

    September 2, 2012

    Will the midweek become full time with the spring pass? Last weeks of season are usually only weekends.

    Meadows: Most likely not. But the Midweek+ pass will always offer a discount off of the regular rack rate, so it would still be a very good deal to come up on those weekends if we extend the season.

  21. Scott

    September 3, 2012

    Nice work on the RFID system. Once people get with the program, it works so smoothly. One thing Meadows is still lagging behind other PNW resorts and ski areas is gated side country access. This is the one thing many of us advanced back country riders would like to see resolved so we can access the side country of White River and Newton Canyons via meadows through gates with the proper gear similar to Baker and Stevens. Any possible progress with this?

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. As you know we control gated access to areas within our permit area (Heather Canyon, S&R Cliffs, Private Reserve) based on conditions. Our outer permit boundary is a hard boundary - meaning we do not allow crossing it to access the side country Scott mentions. This is a management guideline that we review with jurisdictions (county, state and federal) and are committed to enforcing for a variety of reasons. So at this time there is no crossing over our boundary to access that terrain. We appreciate our guests following these rules.

  22. Heather

    September 4, 2012

    Is the only difference between the Midweek and Midweek+ pass is that the latter is credit card backed and $50 cheaper? If so, that's a deal!

    Meadows: You are correct on both counts! It is a spectacular deal that offers the ultimate in convenience - direct to lift access midweek, and discounts charged automatically at the gate if you come up weekends or peak days.

  23. Tran

    September 4, 2012

    Hello Meadows,

    Is there any season passes discount for students?


    Meadows: Our discounts are age-based - so there is a discount for the 15 - 22 year old age group at $384. The Meadows Club Card is a great option - costing $99 but giving the 1st and 5th times free, then every 5th time after that. The other days you receive $15 off-peak, $10 Peak and $5 night discounts.

  24. Matt

    September 4, 2012

    Did you add wi-fi service to the bar area this year? I mean really.... this is basic hospitality 101 these days.

    Meadows: First we need to get high speed access to the resort, which is scheduled to be completed this fall or early winter. Then we'll be able to determine what demand extending our high speed access creates on our band width. All of our transactions run through this same conduit, so at this time we have to prioritize business operations ahead of expanding WiFi access.

  25. Dave

    September 5, 2012

    The Good: I'm super stoked! The Raptor is ready to go, as are the S3's! My wife and I have been dreaming about getting back on the snow for 4 months.

    The Not-So-Good: We're a little hesitant about fully endorsing the RFID system, but we're definitely doing all we can to approach it with an open mind. I will miss riding Star, Cascade, and Heather without a scan. It always made me feel like I was part of the resort. I won't miss scanners stepping on my skis. The proof will be in the lift lines on this one.

    The Ugly: $525 is very near the limit of what I am willing to spend on a season pass. I very much appreciate your investments and upgrades, as well as your attempts to more evenly spread ridership. I also acknowledge that $525 is still a fair price for a season pass. But please bear in mind that the majority of your available customer base works 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. Furthermore, most of your available customer base does not receive regular pay increases.

    Meadows: Thank you Dave, for your sincere and from the heart expression of your feelings and reality. Our intent isn't to push people to their limits, but to find that balance that maintains a high quality experience for the price paid - creating great value. You make great points which we will keep in mind as we make operational, capital improvement and pricing decisions.

  26. Mike

    September 5, 2012

    thanks for the early announcement on pricing, i've been waiting all summer for this. i for one think the pricing is more than fair and cannot wait to get out there. you have awesome terrain and an awesome staff. so let it snow!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post - we look forward to "En-terrain-ing" you this season, both with our terrain and our staff. See you on the mountain!

  27. JP

    September 5, 2012

    Soooooo the new RFID system sounds awesome!!! I do have a question about it though. How does it work with goggles, sunglasses, helmets, beanies? I know it uses facial recognition to match the pass holders pic to the pass coming through the gate; but does this mean we will all have to remove our goggles, sunglasses, headgear, or potentially all of the above as we move through the line so the computer can match us to our picture on file? Not bitchin about the new system, just tryin to know how to use it opening day.

    Meadows: No removal of accessories or clothing is needed. Just place your pass in your jacket - preferably in the upper left hand side. Separate it from any electronic device like a cell phone, and make sure it's the only pass media you are carrying. The gate receives the signal, verifies in our system and drops the gate for you to pass through almost instantaneously (mila-seconds). Your pass picture appears on a tablet verification system at the lift (and viewable on our network). Facial recognition is possible, but not practical considering goggles, sunglasses and hats.

  28. KM

    September 6, 2012

    I always thought to myself once the pass gets above $500, it's not really worth it. In my opinion the experience that Meadows or any place on Mt Hood offers for that matter, is valued at a maximum of $50-$60 per day. I used to get the pass because I was able to get that cost down to around $35-$40, so it "felt" like I was getting a really good deal. This perception allowed me to spend more money in the resturants and bars (~$750 - $1000 per season), and sometimes the gear shops. I would even bring up friends and family, so that just multiplied my investment into the hobby.

    Up until last year I had exclusively rode at Meadows on Mt Hood, and was a season pass holder for 10 years. Last year I really enjoyed the fusion pass - great terrain, lower price, way less crowded. Although, there just isn't as much terrain.

    This year I was thinking about testing Meadows out again, but I was a bit torn between day passes and season pass. I doubt i'll do either now because Meadow's day ticket prices are so high. They probably won't see any of my money this year. If they come up with a way for me to get some "non-peak" days around 50 bucks... maybe.

    Meadows: Thank you for sharing your thought process here - we encourage everyone to make an evaluation about what the right kind of pass to purchase should be. There are a couple of options this season you should consider.
    If you're able to come up midweek - the Midweek+ pass is $379. If you came up 7 or 8 times the cost would be right at that $50. And if you come up on non-peak weekends, you'll be auto-charged $59.
    The other option would be the Meadows Club Card @ $99. It offers the 1st and 5th times free, and every 5th time after that. In between you're auto-charged $59 off-peak or $79 peak days. Let's do the math if you're only using it off-peak:

    1st Time $99 (use your free day)
    2nd - 4 Times @ $59 ($177)
    5th Time - FREE

    So coming up 5 times Off-peak, you'll pay $276 - about $55 / day.

    Both the Midweek+ and Meadows Club Card are direct-to-lift passes and you also qualify for the same discounts on retail, ski school, and in our restaurants as our other loyalty (season) passholders.

  29. Skier Scott

    September 7, 2012

    Pass purchased, new skis ordered....BRING ON THE SNOW!

    PS - 42nd year of skiing @ Meadows, with many more to come!

    Meadows: Can't wait! Feels like an Indian summer, a beautiful September and early October, and then SNAP - winter hits early! Just a feeling - but good to know you're ready!

    Check out our picture taking schedule - this season all of our passholders will need to have their pass media reissued with the RFID chip inside. So take advantage of the early pass photo / issuing dates.

  30. Cody S.

    September 7, 2012

    I'm sorry if I was in a bad mood that morning and got angry at your season pass pricing. I will never doubt you again. Keep up the good work!

    Meadows: No worries! We need the snow to fall and get the lifts running so we can get on the mountain, soak up the nature and get some turns in. Nothing better for getting into a great mood!

  31. Dee

    September 7, 2012

    Mixed feelings about the RFID. Hope Meadows does a better job at crowd control in the lift lines than Bachelor now that you don't need a warm body to check passes/crowd control. When my kids were younger and we were at Bachelor, it was like a mosh pit some days and hard for kids to not get pushed aside in the lift "line".

    Meadows: No moshing at Meadows. We'll still have friendly lift attendants to organize lines ahead of the gates.

  32. Chris

    September 10, 2012

    My two suggestions from last year that I'll re-suggest:

    1. Season passes should be just that --season passes. Please remove the blackout dates from your midweek SEASON pass.

    2. If I ski midweek, so do my kids. It'd be nice to have a midweek youth pass (without weird season pass blackout dates)

    Meadows: Thanks Chris. The midweek pass does have one black out period - December 26 - 31, otherwise it's good every Monday - Friday the rest of the season. Consider the Midweek+ pass - it offers the same access (Monday - Friday except December 26 - 31), cost just $379 and if you want to come during a peak time frame you'll be auto-charged $79 at the gate ($59 off-peak weekends). We don't have a similar child pass - but our age based passes are already greatly reduced in price.

  33. Drew

    September 10, 2012

    I agree that WiFi would be nice in the resort but please do not include WiFi in the bar/restaurant. It's hard enough as it is to get a seat without people camping all day long on their laptop sipping 1 cocktail or water every couple of hours.

    A proper reconfiguration of the bar/cafe's would be on my top 5 list for Meadows to accomplish this season.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post - and you have brought up one of the concerns that others have expressed about extending WiFi coverage to our bars and restaurants.

  34. Kristine

    September 10, 2012

    People are A) Super Ungrateful B) Pessimistic and C) Uneducated CLEARLY on how much other resorts charge for season passes. I moved from Oregon to Utah and for all you naysayers out there: You are paying 1/2 the price of other season pass prices for a much longer season. Also, as a former lift operator, I can confidently say that if people stopped being rude when lifties scanned their passes, the RFID wouldn't be so attractive. MHM pushed to keep lift attendants for scanning passes for the interaction, the communication, and the personal human touch. In Utah, Tahoe, and Colorado many of the RFID systems prevent lift operators from even saying hello.

    Can't have everything folks. Wake up and smell the beauty of the NW. YOU HAVE IT PRETTY GOOD.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post and the inside perspective. We believe the RFID gates will improve the experience for our guests and our incredible lift attendants. We look forward to getting the season going so we can put this technology, and the human touch behind it, to work!

  35. Frank

    September 11, 2012

    Would you consider extending the purchase deadline till after the results of the election are known?

    Meadows: No - our deadline is set for November 4 - we'll remain bipartisan. We encourage everyone to get out and vote (but make sure you purchase your pass by November 4)!

  36. matt hamilton

    September 11, 2012

    this is rediculous!!! i can get the epic pass in colorado which includes unlimited skiing at A basin, keystone, breckenridge, 10 days at vail and beaver creek for only $529!!! WTF? meadows cant even compare the quality and terrain..... I look forward to your poor excuse as to why you make us pay 524 for our pass!!!!

    Meadows: Sorry to disappoint you, but we're all out of poor excuses. The ski areas you named are all under one ownership. And the ownership knows, that someone who purchases a season pass at Keystone, most likely would not purchase a season pass at A-Basin. So, they package them up together in one pass price, and throw in some days at Vail and Beaver Creek. Again, they recognize that someone who has a pass at a different ski resort is less likely to pay for a lift ticket somewhere else. So they offer up those ski days to attract additional visits, to make revenue off of lodging, retail, restaurants, rentals... For their business model, it makes sense. For us, our lift ticket and pass revenue constitutes the majority of income for our company. We need to set a fair price for the services we offer.
    We're not forcing anyone to purchase a season pass. We offer it to those who find value in it. And quite frankly, $524 for all season access is a tremendous value. However, if you don't think you'll visit enough this season, then consider a 10 Time pass @ $419, or our new $99 Meadows Club Card.

  37. John

    September 12, 2012

    So i thought i read this, but cant find it anywhere.

    Does the midweek+ pass grant you night skiing during M-F as well?

    Meadows: Yes - it is valid from open to close Mondays through Fridays (except December 26 - 31). If you choose to night ski on a peak day or Saturday or Sunday, you'll be auto-charged $25 ($5 off the regular night ski rate). Thanks for a great question!

  38. Greg

    September 13, 2012

    Any plans on putting a restroom midmountain at Mazot? Sure would be nice not to have to go all the way back to lodge to tinkle every time.

    Meadows: We have investigated different kinds of midmountain waste management systems which could potentially apply to the Mazot location, but at this time we're not able to move forward with that. It will most likely require a more intensive review process, but we'll continue to explore our options.

  39. Mike

    September 13, 2012

    As far as good Oregon mountains go...Meadows vs Bachelor prices: $76 lift, $829 season, $450 12 day. So, for roughly the same lift ticket prices, the season pass is still $305 less than Bachelor, so I don't think we should complain too much about *that*. BUT, how about comparing it to the Fusion pass: I'm a weekend skiier, so as far as the point about "most complaints come from people who only ski on peak days/weekends"..ummm, 3 words: We. Have. Jobs. So let's just assume we "peak people" are the majority, and we'd rather save our vacation days for Hawaii. My biggest complaint about Meadows is the lift lines. I have bought passes to Timberline in the past just based on that alone. Yes, they don't have the terrain that Meadows has, but when you're talking about that versus standing in line 10 minutes longer for every run--that's big to me. (Especially in the spring where Meadows may just say, "hey, two lifts are good enough", and then there's 100 people in line-not good! Regardless of how many people showed up, think about the people who DID pay good money.) Then you have Skibowl, which is, uhh, outside of the nachos, still Skibowl. The speed of those chairs at the bottom makes me want to kill myself. But, again, bigger lines at Meadows. That's the trade-off for me. So here's my question: **Will the RFID gates make a substantial difference in the waits due to speed of people going through?** Honestly? Or will there not be that much of a difference? (And I don't think the additional chairs will make wait times less....kind of like when cities add an additional bridge and then the traffic is...the same). Thanks.

    Meadows: Thanks Mike. Our lift department's goal is to fill every available seat - that's what will make our lift lines most efficient. The RFID gates will verify tickets and passes much more quickly than our old hand scanning system, which should get people cued up faster into qualified groups of four to then board the lift more efficiently. The result - filling every available seat.
    And adding 20 seats to Shooting Star will reduce lift lines, or at least increase the amount of people / hour riding that lift.

  40. Sherri

    September 13, 2012

    Seriously, people! Why are you complaining about the price to save almost 1/2 off a Season Pass? I don't get this generation. Very spoiled & expect everything for nothing. Really too bad everyone can't get excited & look forward to having a ton of fun instead of griping. If you don't like the price, don't buy it. Then, when all your friends are going up & you want to go to Meadows, you'll have to pay double (or more if you don't buy the pass). Life's getting too complicated. Lighten-up & have fun! Find the positives!!!

    Meadows: Let's get the party started! Thanks Sherri for the advice - let's just have fun!

  41. Weekday Warrior

    September 13, 2012

    I wouldn't mind your price increase if terrain that Meadows does offer is ride-able when the weather cooperates. I find it very annoying that just because it is not a weekend, some terrain is inaccessible (Ie: Daisy, Vista, Cascade). Just my .02 but as a frequent rider (Despite being in school) I would like to see Daisy operate much more frequently. Unless it is crowded, why not run Daisy and not Easy Rider instead of the other way around. Daisy's terrain is much better than Easy Riders and all of the Easy Rider terrain is accessible from Daisy.

    I understand that mid-week it is hard to justify opening all the lifts when its not crowded because of profit margin but those of us who do commit to a pass (which usually commits us to one resort) want to be able to get what we pay for.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. In an effort to operate most efficiently, we do match lift schedules with the turn out. Cascade and Heather are always scheduled to operate in our regular season - their operation is weather and condition related, not attendance. We operate Easy Rider instead of Daisy to support our park riders - Easy Rider drops off right at the top of Rose City and also services the Super Pipe. Daisy terrain on those days can be reached by Cascade, Vista or largely Mt. Hood Express. We feel it is reasonable to operate this way. Weekday adjustments should not create lift lines however, at that point we do open additional lifts.

  42. mike s

    September 14, 2012

    hey matt hamilton, spell check and maybe try to be nice, it could work.

    Meadows: We have very passionate guests. We wouldn't have it any other way.

  43. Glenn

    September 15, 2012

    So what kind of deal are you offering us Nordic Nuts? I only see prices for downhillers....

    Thanks and looking forward to another great season with you guys!

    Meadows: To all the Nords - a Nordic season pass is $80 for Meadows Nordic Center (scheduled Thursdays - Mondays + daily during Christmas holiday). The $80 includes access to the Cooper Spur Nordic Center - scheduled Fridays - Sundays conditions permitting. If you're purchasing a Meadows pass you can add the Nordic Pass on for just $40.

  44. Paul

    September 16, 2012

    I understand the reality that the cost of goods and services increases, but the 10x pass seems to be an outlier. The 10x pass early purchase price increased from $379 last year to $419 this year. That's an increase of 10%. This outpaces the increase of the regular season pass (5%) not to mention the Consumer Price Index (1.7%). I don't see how my experience will be noticeably different this upcoming season than last. So why such a large increase in the 10x pass price?

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. The 10 Time pass is one of our most popular products. Part of its appeal is it is unrestricted - it can be used even on our peak days. The other option was to not increase the price, but to restrict it from Peak days. We feel the price adjustment to $419 (before November 4) was the right decision. A day of riding will be less than $42 for those using all 10 days of their pass, and that's a great deal Peak or Off-Peak.

  45. sam

    September 17, 2012

    I don't understand the pricing difference between the midweek and midweek + passes. Why are you making it less expensive to purchase the + pass? Why even offer the regular midweek pass? I cannot find the logic in this, Can you please explain why you are making the +pass more attractive in price? I feel like you are enticing people to give their consent for MHM to keep an 'open tab' on customers credit cards. Odd and a wee bit creepy, IMO. That said, of course it will be the pass I will choose but it does irk me a bit.

    Meadows: Don't mean to irk. We agree that everyone should go with the Midweek+ pass - it saves you $50 off the regular midweek pass (same price as last year) and offers you Direct To Lift convenience on the Peak or off-peak weekends you decide you want to ride. Those days are auto-charged to your credit card. For those that have an issue with pre-authorizing such charges, we offer the Midweek pass at $429.

  46. Kent Z

    September 17, 2012

    As a guy who has skied at MHM since 1970, it has been a pleasure watching the changes take place over time. While $524 may seem like a lot of money for some individuals, we all have free will and Meadows does offer up lots of options to get one up the hill. Maybe all the complainers should consider a night pass. It is an amazing value and a great option with little to no crowds! Just a thought. I for one will be buying passes for my son and myself. My new skis are waiting to be tried, my fitness level is ready and I say let it snow. Thanks for all those good years MHM!!! Heres to yet another one.

    Meadows: Thank you Kent for such a positive - uplifting message. Come on snow!

  47. Tom

    September 18, 2012

    With the new RFID gates, how about offering lift tickets for those of us who only ride 1 lift? I hate having to pay full-price for a pass when I only ride the HRM lift to access PR and the other great treasures on that side of the mountain. What do you think?

    Meadows: That's an awesome idea. This new technology will provide the ability to create custom products such as a one-lift pass. In our inaugural season of RFID gates we are focusing on a few new products (Midweek+ pass, meadows Club Card and the Reload Card). We may experiment with some other customizations later in the season, to determine what we can launch in the future.

  48. Don

    September 19, 2012

    Reading. Through all of the comments maybe it would be better to acknowledge the criticism rather than be so defensive. The are, after all, some legitimate observations.

    Meadows: Thanks Don. Very good advice, which is why we have this blog in the first place. Many companies would not have such a public dialogue and publish any criticism (legitimate or not) in such an open and honest manner. This blog is reviewed by those responsible for shaping the guest experience and being responsive to their needs and desires. In no way to we mean to sound defensive (although we acknowledge it may appear that way). We do want to use our responses to those posting to help provide greater insight and knowledge, not only to those expressing concerns, but to everyone who is following the conversation as well.

  49. blake

    September 19, 2012

    What if you are 14 when you buy the pass but turn 15 midway through the season do you still get the junior season pass or teen season pass?

    Meadows: As long as you are 14 at the time the pass is purchased - you're OK. So purchase it before you turn 15.

  50. Karl

    September 20, 2012

    The RFID will be great. I've used them many times at some of the Utah resorts and haven't ever had any problems. After a number of years alternating between a full season or 10x pass I think I'll try the MId-week+ pass this year since that is when I've tried to go as much as possible the last couple of years. At $379 is good deal. The downside to that is that it seems like you do very little grooming mid week (day old Cascade Concrete isn't my favorite to ski in) and very slow to open Cascade or Heather, even when visibility is ok. I guess with fewer people there is much less incentive to spend the resources needed to do these things.

    Meadows: Thanks Karl. I agree with you that the midweek+ pass is a great deal that will be perfect for a lot of our guests who can come up midweek. But we need to correct your statement about grooming and opening lifts midweek. Our grooming does not change weekend to midweek - we allocate the same resources and groom the same shifts on a midweek evening as a weekend evening. And we allocate the same resources for opening terrain and the primary lifts that service them midweek as weekend. Our commitment is to open the mountain by 9 AM each day. We may opt not to operate certain interior lifts on days when we don't have as many people (for example - Stadium may not operate on a day that Mt. Hood Express isn't busy) - but the terrain that Stadium serves is still open and accessible.

  51. chris

    September 20, 2012

    "Meadows: Thanks Chris. The midweek pass does have one black out period - December 26 - 31, otherwise it's good every Monday - Friday the rest of the season. Consider the Midweek+ pass - it offers the same access (Monday - Friday except December 26 - 31), cost just $379 and if you want to come during a peak time frame you'll be auto-charged $79 at the gate"....

    rrriiiigghhht...The whole reason to purchase a season pass is to get the great rates you guys offer. I don't really want to be auto-charged when I've already purchased a season pass. All this blackout date does is force me and my kids to skip coming up. That's TWO lessons you won't be selling and possibly rentals as they're learning boarding this year. Thanks for the reply, anyway.

    Meadows: In this case, if you know for sure that you're going to come up at least two peak days, then the all season pass at $524 would be your best option. Then you could hit some weekends (early and late season) at no additional charge.

  52. A Becket

    September 21, 2012

    Wow the increase for the pass does this mean you will open cascade during the week when there are big storms or are the weekend warriors still your faves. It seems every time there's a storm you don't open up until Friday . And does ski patrol get it that fools and their lives are easily parted. You can never change that so why not have an open boundary policy. Like the rest of the civilized world its not your job to reinforce stupidity. Let people lEARN the respect. A 524 .dollar pass seems like a steep increase . I always try to have a pass . But it seems like your pricing out us everyday skeirs in a market that is lackluster at best.

    Meadows: Regardless of the pass price (up $25 from last year) - yes we will open Cascade (and Heather for that matter) as soon as humanly possible following storms, regardless of the day of the week. The track record and our history speaks for itself in this matter. The boundary is an issue and concern that goes well beyond our resort (including several jurisdictional agencies). The price for learning respect quite frankly is loss of life.

  53. joe

    September 22, 2012

    Seriously? In Colorado an Epic pass with access to Vail, BC, Breck, Keystone, and A-Basin is only $529. $524 for one mountain?

    Meadows: That model works for Vail Associates which owns those ski resorts, keeping it all in the family. We are compelled to price our pass products fairly and with our guests in mind. $524 is an exceptional price for an entire season of access to our lifts and the terrain they serve.

  54. TjMizer

    September 23, 2012

    My daughter competes in the OISA snowboard league. My only complaint is as a parent we all want to watch our kids compete. Some parents don't ski or snowboard and are told to "hike" up to the course in out of bound 4 foot deep snow (and get hassled by lift operators) or don't watch. It would be great if you could offer some sort of a one way pass we could purchase to be able to go up and watch or charge for snowmobile rides up to the course. It was very very disappointing last year. Otherwise several people are asking to move the competitions away from Meadows.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, our lift operational standards require uphill passengers to wear skis or snowboards. And motorized vehicle traffic (snow cats or snowmobiles) is restricted to essential services only during lift operational hours. At this time we don't have a better option for those wanting to spectate other than designating uphill walking routes to the event venues.

  55. adam

    September 25, 2012

    i'd be interested, as others above me posted, in a blog entry detailing the issues with providing BC access points.

    of note, our friends around the corner to the south allow access in the same jurisdictional environment. so, what's so different at meadows?

    looking forward to that blog post, thanks!

    Meadows: The ramifications of open boundaries, exiting the ski area, is an issue that literally goes beyond our boundaries, and concerns and affects other agencies and entities. We work closely with local and national jurisdictions which prefer the current boundary management policy.

  56. Charlie

    September 26, 2012

    Stoked to ride Meadows this season! I hope all the whiners don't buy passes-stay home! Leave the fresh for the rest of us! The preliminary long term forecasts haven't looked great for this season, I hope they're wrong...

    Meadows: The "what will winter bring" event presented by the Oregon AMA chapter will be in November this year. But we're confident we will see our fair share of deep powder days and good accummulation over the course of the season. Bring on the snow!

  57. Let It Snow

    September 28, 2012

    How about Platinum?

    Meadows: Unfortunately we are unable to offer the Platinum Pass this season due to USFS and ODOT SnoPark rules and regulations. Oregon SnoParks are available on a first come first serve basis, and additional charges for parking are not allowed. This is not a new rule, just one that USFS and ODOT want us to follow. We regret any inconvenience.

  58. me

    October 1, 2012

    Im STOKED lets pray for powder everytime I go up lol. ;) and for everyone who complains about pricing.... open your own park and see what you charge for the awesome service we get from Meadows.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post.

  59. Catherine

    October 1, 2012

    My one wish - an additional discount for returning season pass holders. It wouldn't need to be much - but I bet it would help build loyalty, especially in the face of an economy where many have less disposable income. Can't wait for the flakes to fall!

    Meadows: A great suggestion. We've even discussed allowing multiple season advance purchase at reduced pricing to lock in the rate for those that can commit. We will have greater flexibility with our pricing and products with our new RFID system.

  60. E.M.

    October 7, 2012

    Thx for the pass prices not sure which one I'm going to get but am very excited for a new season.
    As a suggestion and in response to a comment earlier by daniel, about people venturing into areas beyond their skill level because they don't know their limits, better marked trails throughout the trail would be very helpful in fixing this. I know I am still learning and I am very careful about staying on greens and blues but I have gotten onto blacks by accident (you dont want me there and i really dont want to be there) when I come to a fork and there is no guide sign. So long story short would love to see more guide signs I don't need trail names just colored arrows will do. Thx and much love. EM

    Meadows: Thanks for the suggestion. In addition to the trail signs we suggest you carry a trail map with you as well. It helps to take a look at it while riding the lift, and then orient yourself at the top of the lift with the map, selecting the trails you want to take. That visualation can be very helpful.

  61. Luke

    October 7, 2012

    I just moved back to the area after being gone for a few years. My wife and I have 2 kids now that are ready to shred (hopefully). 7 and 4 years old. I thought there use to be a deal where my kid would get a free pass if I bought a pass. I see that the 4 year old is only $20 which is great! Is there any deal for the 7 year old. besides the regular price? :) I'm not complaining about the price but just want to make sure before I purchase the pass for her that there isnt a deal somewhere that I am missing. Everything adds up with all the equipment to buy on top of the tickets for the kids.

    Meadows: Welcome back to the area! The early season price offers you've mentioned are our best prices for the season. Our aged base pricing is 0 - 6 ($20) and 7 - 14 ($264).

  62. Marc

    October 8, 2012

    To the comment about AT&T not working. My Iphone works great all over the mountain, even gets 3g. And to all the whining about prices... Wolf Creek is $748, Breckenridge is $679, and Park City is $850-$1525. So I feel Meadows is a great deal! Super close to everywhere, nice staff, AND BRAND NEW EQUIPMENT ALL OVER THE MOUNTAIN.....ALL FOR YOU!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post.

  63. mike s

    October 10, 2012

    hello again, went up saturday and got the passes and gear, 20% off, rockin deal and john is great. there is the real value in meadows, the people. and in response to:
    October 1, 2012
    My one wish - an additional discount for returning season pass holders. It wouldn't need to be much - but I bet it would help build loyalty, especially in the face of an economy where many have less disposable income. Can't wait for the flakes to fall!

    that is a good idea, 10 free lattes will do for me! :)

    Meadows: Thanks for the suggestion - and for coming up and taking advantage of the 20% off! We'll be featuring John in a video segment soon - he is awesome! The personalized shopping experience here in October is great - no rush, lots of selection and time to discuss your specific needs. The shops are open Tuesdays through Saturdays.

  64. Big Al

    October 10, 2012

    I am not thrilled by the price increase but the fact remains that it is still a decent bargain for anyone that plans to ski more than 7 times.

    As a question of investment value, I am not sure how much the new lift or the RFID tags are going to improve the experience. I barely rode the new lift last season. It doesn't open any new terrain. And I have seen the RFID gates at Bachelor actually cause unfilled chairs to go by on busy days. So....

    Where investment money should go:

    1) open new terrain - it doesn't even have to be advanced terrain. Anything that spreads the skiers out. It might even be nice to have more trails on the lower mountain for those days when the upper mountain is on wind hold.

    2) parking lot and and bus shuttle improvement

    Looking forward to another season.

    -Big Al

    PS. I still find the fact that the space above the lockers in the locker rooms has been blocked off (preventing bags from being placed there) to be offensive. It just feels like an attempt to squeeze money out of us. If we want to take our chances, let us. As a result, I end up changing in my car most of the time now.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post - we actually have projects in process to address your first two suggestions. We provide locker space for those that need it. We really can't allow everyone to just toss and leave a bag wherever they want.

  65. Steep and deep

    October 12, 2012

    This is an old blog entry, so perhaps this will go missed...

    I have skied Meadows all my life. I can no longer justify a pass with the family and life obligations. (for nw anyway) I understand your costs have gone up, but your lift ticket rates are insane. 89 peak? Wow. It kind of feels like you believe you have a monopoly on the PDX market. During a less than stellar snow year, you do.

    Here is to hoping it is a good year, I will be leveraging the lower elevation, just as good if not better terrain options, and the drive further options for my riding this winter. I may go meadows if the snow level is a bit higher than we would like this el niño year, and I will only do nights...

    Best of luck for growth. (both fiscally...and I dream...resort footprint wise.)

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. In no way do we feel we have a monopoly. We are addressing the reality of the potential of reaching parking capacity through this peak day pricing structure. For those that generally have to come up peak days because of their schedules, we are offering the Meadows Club Card for $99. It offers the first day free, then $10 off peak days ($15 off non-peak days); and offers every 5th day free. This provides a very reasonable alternative to the $89 peak day ticket, and provides direct to lift convenience with this pay as you go, credit card backed pass. We hope you consider this option and continue to bring your family to Meadows.

  66. Anthony

    October 13, 2012

    Those complaining about pass prices need to look around the country. Average season pass price right now is between $599-$699 for adults. Kudos to Meadows for holding down prices as much as they can.

    Meadows: Thanks Anthony. We're looking forward to a great season!

  67. Jon

    October 16, 2012

    How about a discount for full time university students? School is expensive and there are good, hardworking bookworms that want to get some pow too. Whistler's a good example of a resort that is investing in its future, Meadows should do the same

    Meadows: Thanks Jon. We do offer age based discounts on season passes (age 15 - 22 for example) which offers a great rate ($384) for the traditional college students. We also have a student savings card for $10 which offers $10 off Peak Days, $10 off Meadows After Dark and $10 off Non-Peak Days. You can purchase this at Pass Holder Services your first visit to the mountain.

  68. Patrick

    October 20, 2012

    It's really sad to see that because you have parking problems, that you decide to charge more on peak days. It's a subject that slices both ways. Because on one hand your constrained by your USDA Government masters, who you must go to hat in hand so they don't regulate you out of business. On the other hand we, who are your customers. For which you must charge more in order to discourage us from doing business with you on certain days. This situation is so upside down. Hopefully you take that extra money, and grease the palms of those bureaucrats. As sad as it is, That would be the best use of that money if it means you'll get more parking.

    Meadows: We are working hard to address the Peak Day parking issues. The new pricing structure which favors off-peak visits is one of many action steps we are taking to try to avoid having to turn away those wanting to recreate at Meadows. Long term this is being addressed with the Twilight parking lot which is currently going through an EIS process. We're working in partnership with the forest service to move this project through the process.

  69. rodster

    October 23, 2012

    I love Meadows. The pass prices are cheap for the amount of terrain you get compared to the rest of Hood and many other places I've been. My only complaint is if I put my kids in a half day lesson (so we can ride together part of the day) it cost nearly as much as a full day why not have it half of the full day price. I enjoy my kids company I would like to ride with them.

    Meadows: Thanks Rodster. Pass holders receive discounts in the Children's Learning Center. The half day price is more reflective of our overall costs associated with presenting a high quality, more personalized experience for young people. Feel free to discuss this with our staff - they may be able to suggest a way to get the benefit of the all day, but arrange a ride break for you to ride with your kids!

  70. Bebin Cypher

    October 24, 2012

    How much are senior 1 day lift tickets? My husband turns 65 in Feb. and we won't be there until after that.

    Meadows: A senior ticket is $56. When he turns 65 a senior season pass can be purchased for $384.

  71. Kris

    October 24, 2012

    I'm a bit bummed by the day pass and season pass situation at MHM these days. I hear a lot of sentiment that seems negative regarding the price hike post-Vista lift opening (a lift which I tend to take one lap on per season, which is enough to remind me of the insane wind and not so entertaining terrain).
    Since the new Stadium lift opened, I have yet to put myself on the chair. Most days I rode last season it wasn't open or spun for short morning stints and then closed (I'm a midweek/non-peak/pow day-only guy myself). I realize the process and logistics of expanding into the surrounding terrain (permits, surveying, land clearing, construction, patrolling, grooming, etc.) would be immense. But putting new lifts in to expand the uphill capacity without expanding terrain will continue to result in increasingly short pow days-- even on the most off-peak, midweek, everyone-should-be-at-work kinda days-- and increasingly long lift lines. Of course, that's all coupled with the explosion of winter sports and the fact that no one in Portland seems to have a job or anything to do. The tracked-out rate at MHM might be the highest of all ski areas I've been to (in Washington, California, Switzerland, Italy).

    And, let me just say, I'm not blindly hatin' here; I'm a Parkdale native, ex-MHM employee, and general Mt. Hood lover for life. It's my mountain. I know every run up and down.
    That being said, the comment about us being stuck with each other is a bit true. Squaw and Alpine Meadows pass prices are totally reasonably priced this year-- but they need to be in order to realistically compete with the myriad of other ski areas in Tahoe. The bottom line on Hood is that we're all probably not going to T-Line, and Ski Bowl is just the spot we go for some night turns and tallboys on the chair after a big dump. Meadows has no competition, and I think it's reflected a bit in the pass prices, food prices, rental prices, shop prices... you see where I'm going here.

    In the end, I'll be the owner of a midweek plus pass this year. I'm certainly not moving back to Tahoe, and I can't seem to go without pow days.

    Meadows: Kris - thanks for sharing your thoughts about our pricing. We're glad you found the Midweek Plus pass - it sounds like the perfect pass for your needs. While we understand the desire for additional lift served terrain, you may be undervaluing both Vista and Stadium lifts. We found that Vista provided access to some really under served terrain that others just didn't cut across to from Cascade. It's pretty sweet and for many it is their favorite lift. It also helps with disbursement and distribution on the mountain. Same for Stadium, which assists in getting people out of the base area on busier days. We're committed to operating Stadium when turn out requires - but as you mentioned most midweek days we don't have lift lines.
    You should take a closer look at pricing in our restaurants and our retail shops. We've reduced pricing on much of our menu, while improving the quality and commitment to fresh, local ingredients. And we have a best price guarantee in our High Performance Center on new ski and snowboard equipment.
    Kris - we thank you for your continued support and appreciate the objective critique.

  72. Crystal

    October 24, 2012

    If I buy the midweek + pass what will happen come spring when meadows is only open on the weekends? Would
    I then have to pay or would the pass sort of roll into a spring pass? Thanks!

    Meadows: Any extended season with operations only on weekends wouldn't be included with the Midweek Plus pass, but you would be able to get a discount and conveniently go direct to lift. Thanks for the question!

  73. Eric

    October 25, 2012

    Good grief people, quit complaining. $529 for an unlimited pass is a great deal. Let's just hope this early snow sticks around and we get to start skiing in the middle of November!

    Thanks for the upgrades Meadows!

    Meadows: You're welcome! And the pass at $524 is an even better price =0}

  74. mary

    October 30, 2012

    I agree with Eric on the pass prices. I can remember before the 4x4 passes paying $800 early season for a full pass. This has been a great deal the last few years from past pass prices. If the bite of $524 stings a bit, start a change jar devoted entirely to your pass for a year, sounds silly but its nice to have that hidden in your closet. Then come september, its "hey pass is paid for"!!!!!!

    Meadows: Thanks Mary. The change jar made me think about the morning stop at the coffee shop. $2.55 for a Grande Americano - times 5 days a week 2 times 52 weeks per year: $663. Meadows Season Pass: $524. Which one gives you more of a rush?

  75. Matt

    October 30, 2012

    Hi Meadows!

    Does the price of the new Meadows Club Card change after Nov 4?


    Meadows: Nope. The Meadows Club Card remains at $99 even after the Nov 4 deadline. But purchasing it in advance online will definitely speed up your first day on the mountain (especially if you come to the ski show this weekend to get it issued). Then you're direct to lift with your first free day!

  76. Erin

    October 30, 2012

    I am leaving the mixed review... in response to a few I've read here and specifically this one below...

    I do appreciate that business has to change and upgrade, you gotta stay relevant; additionally, I also appreciate that the value is good all in all for a season of boarding.
    Remember that the *cost* isn't just a pass, especially for those of us who don't live East-side and have a 2 hour commute one direction to enjoy our sacred past-time. Gas.
    I just hate having it be that extracurricular activities are more and more becoming something that only the privileged get to do on a regular basis (Single parent here and I can't afford to buy season passes for myself and my two boys, so they get to go a couple times a season and that's it).

    If there was a lay away program that possibly started following the current season ending like in June or July or went until December 15th?? Allowing people to purchase early (giving you $$ in your bank account earning interest to help offset the need to have large increases) this could be a win win for us and for you to have working capitol for the upcoming season.
    You could give a discount to people willing to pay early or layaway 50% of the cost of the season pass (or previous season pass price, say by, Sept 1st) to give incentive to pay early and get the funds into Meadows business account earning interest early on.

    I just know I LOVE being up there but it literally is getting to the point that unless I have two people sharing gas and I budget WAY early on for this I am not going to be able to keep up with it... and I'm not a college kid or ski-bum with a minimal part-time job... I work hard and long ... time of year is tough, especially with it close to Christmas time (and birthday's for kids in my case) ... There are ways to make the differences up and not keep jumping the price $25 - $50 Per Person each year.

    Meadows: Thanks Erin. Good suggestions. One of the advantages of the RFID gates is we can offer a "pay as you go" system with the Meadows Club Card. As we get more familiar with this technology, we'll be able to create other products and promotions similar to what you suggest. Perhaps a deposit date at the end of one season, which guarantees early pass pricing, even if you don't pay it in full until the season starts? There are many different scenarios we've been discussing. Thank you for stimulating this conversation!

    August 30, 2012
    Good to see, although i am a bit disappointed that this is the 2nd or 3rd year now with pretty dramatic price increases. Gone are the days of 4x400's. Not having to deal with getting 3 other people and having to pay $450 instead was a decent compromise, but now the price gap compared to a Fusion pass is getting bigger and bigger making my choice not so simple anymore.

    Meadows: Thanks John. We're biased, but we think the choice is simple =0} Our pass has increased these past two seasons, but we're also reinvesting in our infrastructure to improve the overall guest experience. Stadium last year, five new snowcats in two seasons, the RFID gates (as well as upgraded our copper wire network on the mountain to fiber optic) this year AND we're improving capacity on Shooting Star this season by adding more chairs. We will continue to maintain and improve our product and experience - we believe our guests will find and appreciate the quality and value which differentiates Meadows from other ski and snowboard experiences.

  77. SkaQueen

    October 31, 2012

    As an owner of a midweek pass the last two seasons, it does seem that Cascade is not open frequently during the week, "saving" the terrain for the weekend. I'm stoked that you'll be putting more chairs on Shooting Star - I do love that side of the mountain in the morning. One thing that would be awesome would be an afternoon grooming, especially for night operations, since those runs turn into an ice rink.
    Any thoughts on some sort of text alert or something when lifts & runs DO open up? I happened to be at the door of Cascade when it opened once after a dump - super lucky. But the lifts often have very little information about the other sides of the mountain. Can those be updated more often?
    I gotta say, I really love MHM; my friends work there, I found a way to beat the winter blues, and met my future husband! Keep up the improvements!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. There is no saving of the terrain for the weekends - when we can get Cascade open we open it =0} There were several instances last year that Cascade opened up prior to the weekend, or even after the weekend on a Monday - it's just how long it takes to recover from the storms.
    We already offer a twitter alert for our lift operations - @MHMlifts. We send out tweets whenever there is a change to the scheduled lift operations, such as a late opening of Cascade.

  78. Carmen

    November 3, 2012

    Will the night season pass price increase at all after November 4th or later?

    Meadows: The Night Pass is a tremendous value at $129 - it doesn't increase after November 4th.

  79. Troy Moore

    November 4, 2012

    I'm hoping all these people who are whining DONT buy a pass. Then my family and I won't have to deal with all those idiots on the mountain. Please do all us Meadows fans a favor and get a Fusion pass!

    It did suck last year that they closed with so much snow still on the ground. We love spring riding. MY ONLY COMPLAINT!

    Meadows: Thanks for the post, your loyalty and your constructive criticism. We appreciate it. Some guests have opted not to purchase passes this season. At this time, we are more focused on our loyal guests who have purchased passes at Meadows than those who haven't. We're going to have a great season!

  80. Kelly

    November 4, 2012

    Have you guys considered allowing season passholders to pay in monthly installments (similar to the set up that Disneyland has for their annual passholders)? It would be much more affordable to own a full season pass if we could pay in 6 (automatic) monthly installments, rather than coming up with the full lump sum at once.

    ...Although, I suppose that may defeat the purpose of having early season purchase discounts.

    Meadows: Thanks for the suggestion! We are considering doing just that. The RFID pass is now "evergreen" that is, our guests will be able to use it in perpetuity going into the future (or at least as long as we have RFID gates). That is more of a membership relationship than a season to season passholder relationship. With that in mind, we're looking at how we can add benefits and value that our members can use on more than just a season to season basis. At that point we may be able to offer annual, quarterly or monthly payment plans, that work best for our guests.

  81. Peter

    November 5, 2012

    Hello I was wondering what the difference between the midweek and midweek+ pass? It appears that they are the same or the plus may be better yet cost less money?

    Meadows: They are essentially the same pass good the very same days (Monday through Friday except December 26 - 31). The advantage to the Midweek Plus is the purchase price ($50 less) and it is credit card backed. You can then go direct to lift on non-midweek days and be conveniently auto charged the discounted rate (no need to go to the ticket window). If you never come up on a weekend or peak day, you're never charged. It's a great product which takes advantage of the new RFID technology.

  82. Carl

    November 12, 2012

    Hi, I was wondering if the midweek passes will ever increase in price for this season?

    Meadows: The Midweek Pass does not increase in price - so you can purchase it your first day on the mountain. But if you purchase online it will make the pass issuing process a little faster. Thanks!

  83. Kevin

    November 21, 2012

    This is not a comment on MHM, just a reflection on skiing these days in general.

    "$89 for a day ticket isn't bad considering the rest of the country" comes from a small, increasingly elite group who pay premium for what is an increasingly exclusive privilege of skiing public lands.

    I learned to ski in CO in the late 70's. Since then the sport has evolved from being a fairly rustic, fairly cheap, widely inclusive activity on public land (comparable to hiking, fishing, climbing), to being a highly refined, expensive, exclusive activity on "private" property (comparable to golf, horsemanship, or other country club activities).

    I find myself and family a way to ski a few times each year by night skiing, waiting for deals like rotary club, spring passes, 10-time passes, etc. But because of the "evolution" of skiing I can no longer invite my kids friends and their families to try skiing, because they will drop $500+ for their first day.

    I wonder if the current trend is sustainable? I am almost 50 years old, and I got my kids into skiing despite the cost because I couldn't imagine them not getting to ski. Will they feel the same way when they have to pay for it themselves? Will they bother to get *their* kids into skiing when in all likelihood the families they will know don't ski?

    There is always cross country and backcountry.

    Meadows: Thanks Kevin for the perspective and the question. There may be too much focus on the $89 day pass price. As you've discovered, there are many more affordable ways to enjoy the sport, whether it be a one night pass for $30, a night season pass for $129, or our new Midweek Plus pass for $379, there are many off-peak offerings that make the sport much less costly. But what is driving up the price on peak days is the demand (not just from an elite group). When we reach capacity in our parking lots and have to turn away vehicles, that is an indication that the sport continues to grow in popularity. We are hopeful that short term steps in our peak day parking initiative, and future parking lot improvements will eliminate this problem.

    Meanwhile, keep an eye out for some special offers and deals as the season progresses. One that everyone should be considering is the $99 Meadows Club Card - First time FREE and then $10 off Peak Days and $15 off Off-Peak days on your visits. And every 5th time is free as well.

  84. Bill

    December 18, 2012

    so a student would have to pay $10 to get a $10 savings?
    and don't answer with the following, "We also have a student savings card for $10 which offers $10 off Peak Days, $10 off Meadows After Dark and $10 off Non-Peak Days. You can purchase this at Pass Holder Services your first visit to the mountain." it explains nothing

    Meadows: Thanks Bill. The non-peak day discount is $20. The initial cost of the student savings card is $10, but essentially you have the rest correct. If you have any questions on this or any other discount offers, please call us at 503.337.2222. Thanks!

  85. Dave S

    December 18, 2012

    I would like my money back for last years Season Pass purchase, paid more than $500 and was turned away quit frequently due to overloaded parking situation. Who in your corporation feels it's a morally correct to keep selling passes when well over capacity(off-peak days too). FUTURE STOCKHOLDERS BEWARE! Due to this, myself and family members were only able to use the expensive Season Pass for Meadows ski-time a couple times. (arggg, very frustrated and unhappy customer, probably taking my funds elsewhere this ski season!) For the little this ski resort does right, they are lacking customer service and good business sense for a Northwest company as well. What can be done to rectify the situation?

    Meadows: Thanks Dave. Our apologies if your visits to Meadows last season coincided with the six days that our parking lots reached capacity. Our pricing adjustments and transportation initiatives have been successful so far this season, as we went through the peak holiday time frame without reaching parking lot capacity. We have seen a resurgence in our Park & Ride program, more than doubling ridership year to date, and there is also indication that average people / vehicle has increased over previous seasons. Through this efforts, together we are taking action to rectify the peak day parking turn away problem. Thanks to everyone who is helping in this effort!

  86. Jake

    March 22, 2013

    Could someone please tell me when my Midweek+ pass, becomes a normal pass, that allows me to ride all days of the week... Is it the 31 of this month? Thanks guys

    - JB

    Meadows: The Mideek+ pass already has the benefit of every day riding built into it. The plus means it's backed by a credit card, which will be auto-charged $49 when visiting on Saturdays and Sundays. You can upgrade your Midweek+ pass to unlimited for just $99.

  87. Annette

    November 3, 2013

    Can you please advise on the price of kid's day tickets (for weekends) this year?

    Meadows: Our price for ages 7 - 14 will be $39. However, the price will be just $19 if purchased with an adult lift pass. And you can purchase up to two of those junior lift passes with an adult lift pass.

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