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Gantries Arrive for RFID Gate Installation

A semi truck rolled into the Meadows parking lot today, carrying the gantries fabricated in Europe in May and June and shipped to Meadows just before the 4th of July. Eleven gantries - five of them "Sleds" and six "fixed" - were fabricated in Switzerland. Our RFID gates (which arrived a few weeks ago) will be hung from these gantries at each of our lifts.

Thanks to Steve Warila for the photos.

 Our crews have been busy this summer, upgrading our mountain network from copper wire to fiber optics which will increase data transmission speed and provide greater reliability. Foundations have already been poured for the fixed gantries which will be installed this month.

Teams from Ski Data will be here in three weeks train our crews and install the 35 gates which will be used this season for pass verification at our lifts. The installation is scheduled to be completed October 17 - so if we do get an early snow we'll be ready!