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"Bully of the Pistes" Arrives at Meadows

A new Pisten Bully snow groomer has joined our fleet of grooming machines. The PB-400 is similar in performance standards to the BR-350 Prinoth machines which constitute the majority of our grooming fleet. We received a new Prinoth last week, just before the snow arrived.

New Pisten Bully 400 joins Mt. Hood Meadows grooming fleet
Pisten Bully 400 arrives at Mt. Hood Meadows October 25. Photo Steve Warila

These machines are powerful enough to move snow uphill (the average skier or snowboarder can displace a ton of snow in a normal ski day) and feature state-of-the-art controls so the operator can articulate and shape the blade for precision snow moving. The flex tiller is designed to lay down a smooth path of corduroy, riding over the nuances of skied up snow.

New Prinoth snow grooming machine arrives at Meadows
New Prinoth BR-350 arrives at Meadows October 17. Photo Steve Warila

Reaching speeds of up to 14 mph, these cats can lay down a pathway of tilled snow nearly 14 feet wide with every pass. The two new machines fortify our fleet which is already one of the most advanced in the Northwest.

Now all we need is snow to groom!

Gate Installation Underway

A crew of installers from Ski Data are on-site to install the access gates at our lifts in preparation for the season. Following an intense training session for Meadows staff members, the crew proceeded to the Stadium lift where these photos were taken.

In total, 35 gates will be installed over the course of the next two weeks. In preparation for the install, Meadows worked diligently to upgrade the copper wire network serving each lift location with fiber optic - to create a faster and more reliable network. "Fixed" gantries were constructed at Vista, Stadium and the Hood River Express high speed lifts, and "variable height adjustable" gantries were constructed at Easy Rider, Blue and Mt. Hood Express. These gantries allow for nearly 7 feet of travel to adjust the gantry to the changing snow depths. Cascade, Shooting Star, Daisy, Butter Cup and Heather will use "sled" gantries, which can be moved for grooming, and then slide back into place again.

The entire installation is scheduled for completion October 17.