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Riglet Park at Mt. Hood Meadows for the Burton Mountain Festival December 21-23

The Burton Mountain Festival includes an activity for kids as young as 3 years old - the Riglet Park. This is an area set aside for kids to demo small sized Burton boots strap on a Burton board with a Riglet Reel - a leash that allows for smooth pulling. The area has small snow features for fun sliding, which also helps build balance and technique.

The Riglet Park is scheduled to operate Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM - 3 PM. There is no charge, although parents will need to sign a liability release for their kids. No preregistration is needed, but equipment is limited to 15 sets, so there may be a wait depending on the turn out. Riglet sessions will be about 15 minutes in length (longer if there isn't a wait.) Helmets are strongly suggested. Our instructors will pull the kids through the park - parents provide support (and take pictures!)

If the slideshow below doesn't work CLICK HERE.

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  1. joe

    December 23, 2012

    when are you guys going to start building park place? people want to hit jumps when the powder isn't here in bulk. Earlier you guys said you needed more snow to build park place. since then it has snowed about 4 feet. so lets see some initiative! After every storm timberline has their parks recovered and added to very quickly, i don't know why its not the same here at meadows.

    Meadows: Thanks Joe. The build for Park Place is scheduled and it will be built once we get through this heavy snow cycle. There's still a large accumulation forecast for Christmas day - we've found it doesn't do any good to build the park prior to these large dumps as it pretty much requires a major rebuild. Park Place is very popular - and we will build it as soon as we can.

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