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Major Winter Storm Powder Blasts Meadows

It's the storm we've been waiting for - and it arrived midweek but kicked up its ferocity Friday, with driving winds and dumping a foot of powder. So far the storm has deposited two feet of snow, and it's forecast to continue to drop another foot or more through the beginning of next week.

Storm Riding Video by Pierce Hodges

The pent up demand for powder was expressed Saturday, as for the first time this season our parking lots reached capacity. Our parking crews are shoehorning cars in as they leave, and we expect that there'll be plenty of parking opened up for night riding after 2 or so. Wind, visibility and storm recovery is keeping Cascade and Vista from operating (looking ahead to some awesome riding after storm recovery). Avalanche reduction operations continued in Heather (although lower Heather was open Friday) and Private Reserve was open. High winds were affecting lift speed on Shooting Star, Hood River Express and Stadium Express.

Heads Up - Sunday Looks Like a Peak Parking Day

Sunday is setting up to be another peak park out day, with snow forecast throughout tonight and better weather on Sunday. There may be some partial clearing and our lift crews will be conducting storm recovery efforts as soon as the weather allows (it will be an early start for sure)! On days like these it is best to plan on arriving before 9:30 AM, or arrive later (after 1:30 or so) to avoid the time frame when turn aways due to parking capacity most likely occurs. We recommend carpooling - or taking a Park & Ride shuttle from Portland.

Kudos to ODOT the Media and to YOU!

The storm was well publicized by all the news stations, which discouraged anyone driving to Mt. Hood unprepared. This very important message made for a very orderly commute to the mountain this morning (no major incidents or accidents reported). ODOT crews were ON IT with snow removal, plowing and keeping the road way driveable. We want to thank all those guests who prepared themselves and their vehicles for the drive. 

Deep Snow Safety

Finally, as you enjoy the great conditions and all this POWDER - we want you to exercise good judgment and be aware of deep snow safety hazards. Avoid tree wells - they can trap you. ALWAYS ride with friends and keep them in view. If you're going into gated access we recommend you have a beacon, shovel and probe.

We'll see you on the mountain!


  1. Jerry

    February 24, 2013

    Riddle me this... A 14"+ storm stops snowing Saturday night and Meadows has Cascade open by 9:20am on Sunday morning? It doesn't sound like the weekday agenda of just leaving things in, "storm recovery" is fare. Then again, you probably sold enough $89 tickets today to justify starting a lift. Do you hire a different/ skeleton crews on the weekdays? It seems there is a disparity growing in the services rendered to weekday vs. weekend customers. I'm pretty sure people buy weekday passes with the idea that all services and lifts will be granted to them, when possible. I guess our only vote is with our money.

    We'll be watching!

    Meadows: Thanks for watching and presenting an awesome riddle! We know how important the terrain on Cascade is to our guests, regardless of whether they visit weekend or midweek. There's no riddle here - it stopped snowing at 8 PM Saturday night. There was no freezing rain or rime ice issues, as the temperature during the storm stayed cold. Our storm recovery crews were called out and were on the lifts before sunrise. Vista was cleared and readied for on-time opening, and the crew went on to Cascade. The same scenario would have played out on a midweek day. Thanks for the riddle - now here's another one:

    If it's zero degrees outside today and it's going to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be?

    2.26.13 Update: Did you notice? 13" of snow Monday, and Vista opened this morning at 8:55 and Cascade opened at 9:16. On a Tuesday.

  2. Sillygoat

    February 26, 2013

    Some of the best Cascade openings have been on weekdays. This has actually been consistent the last few years. Making Jerry's ludicrous conspiracy theory moot.

    Meadows: Thanks for noticing! Our storm recovery and lifts crews are motivated to get our lifts operating as quickly as possible as the forces of nature allow.

  3. Jarred

    February 27, 2013

    Answer to riddle: -31.7 degrees not including wind chill:)

    Meadows: F or C?

  4. Jerry

    February 27, 2013

    After Thursday, I stand corrected from my previous statement. To see Cascade open that quick after a storm was a shock, as far as recent memory serves. Admittedly things have been better this year as far as narrowing the disparity between weekend and weekday service. Thursday was a big hit to one of my last remaining complaints. Thanks Meadows!

    @Sillygoat, I agree that there have been some great weekdays at MHM. I think the point went over your head that, a lot of the time all the lifts are not running on the weekday, or Cascade opens at 1:00 pm after the sun has pack down the good snow. Thursday was an example of this observation changing for the better. I feel I have enough weekdays and weekends in at MHM skiing, in all different conditions, for the past few years that my observation is correct. No one mentioned a conspiracy. In short, please do not speak to things you know nothing about.

  5. tystick

    February 28, 2013

    lets give some respect to the hard work that goes on behind us at mt hood meadows...a first class to bottom.....

    Meadows: Thanks!

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