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2013/14 Season Pass FAQ

Read the FAQ's to learn the details on purchasing your 2013-14 season pass!

• Why should I buy a 2013-14 Season Pass before April 30, 2013?

The current season pass prices are the most discounted they'll be for the 2013-14 season! The 2013-14 passes purchased by April 30, 2013, will also include any extended season into May for the 2013-14 season.

• Should I buy a new 2013-14 Season Pass or renew?

If you do not have a 2012-13 pass with your picture on it, you will want to buy a new 2013-14 Season Pass here. If you do have a 2012-13 pass with your picture on it, you can renew your pass for next season here.

• What's the difference between buying a new 2013-14 pass and renewing my current 2012-13 pass?
If you do not have a picture pass for the current 2012-13 season, then you must buy a new 2013-14 season pass. If you already have a picture pass for the current 2012-13 season and you renew your pass for next season, you get to keep the same pass, and you'll receive a free non-peak adult lift day (a $74 value based on this season's non-peak price) to give to a friend for next season!

• How do I know if I can renew my pass?
If you have a 2012-13 Season Pass, 10-Time Pass, Midweek or Midweek+ Pass, Meadows Club Card, Night Pass, 5-Time Night Pass, Spring or Spring+ Pass, Senior Pass, or a Senior with Midweek Bus Pass, then you can renew to an 2013-14 Season Pass!

• Are any of the other types of passes for the 2013-14 season currently available?

The Season Passes are the only passes available for purchase this month, for the 2013-14 season.

• I have a 2012-13 picture pass but don't have it on me. Why do I need to have it to renew?
Since you'll use that same pass for the 2013-14 season, it's important that you have it with you at the time that you renew it online. We use the Pass ID number listed on your season pass to make sure the correct pass media is re-activated. It'd be very possible to have the wrong pass activated for next season (eg. if a pass was reissued at some point during this season, if you have a pass from a prior season in hand, etc.), and we don't want you to show up to a lift next season on your first day with a pass that isn't activated, since you have the wrong pass in hand.

• Where can I buy a 2013-14 season pass?
You can buy a 2013-14 season pass online, at Passholder Services at the resort, or at our Portland Office, located at 1202 NW 17th Ave downtown Portland.

• Are the prices for the 2013-14 Season Passes going up after April?
Pricing beyond the month of April hasn't been set yet. The $499 Adult Season Pass is the best price for the 2013-14 season. Also, if you renew your 2012-13 season pass in the month of April, you get a free 1 day pass (non-peak) for next season as well, for a friend. We don't expect our season pass pricing to increase over last season's early discount pricing, though the deadline for purchasing them may be earlier this year (perhaps in September or October).

• How long can I buy a 2013-14 season pass at this special rate?
This promotion is scheduled to run through April 30th, 2013.


  1. Jason Cassell

    April 2, 2013

    Can you please remind me what the price was for for last years adult unlimited pass without insurance or ski check and bought early?
    I bought one last year and considering buy one this month, but can not track down what I paid last year. Thanks

    Meadows: Sure! Last year the Adult 23 - 64 pass was $524 purchased by the ski show. The $499 price rolls back to where it was two seasons ago. The FREE one-day Buddy Pass sweetens the deal, offering you bring a buddy up for free on a non-peak day next year. But you have to renew in April to get the Buddy Pass!

  2. Curtis Barton

    April 3, 2013

    I have a current Season Mid-Week + pass. What is the price for renewing right now?
    Thanks, Curtis

    Meadows: Great question. At this time the only passes we are putting on sale are full passes, not limited (midweek, night, 10 Time, etc). We expect the Midweek+ pass to increase a little in price next year to at least $399. So give the full adult 23-64 pass some consideration @ $499 (especially if you purchase in April and get that FREE non-peak one day Buddy Pass)!

  3. k2skier

    April 3, 2013

    Can our 2012-2013 passes be renewed at the Portland office?

    Meadows: Yes! And at Pass Holder Services as well!

  4. Marq G

    April 4, 2013

    The email indicated that 6-and-under passes are excluded. My daughter does not turn 7 until Sept. 5th, so ordinarily I would purchase her pass before that date to get the 6-and-under rate. May I still renew her pass this April and get the 6-and-under rate, or should I visit the Portland office or Passholder Services office to handle it? Thanks.

    Meadows: You can renew your daughter's pass and she'll get a great deal since her date of birth determines the price. However, the 6 and under passes are not eligible for the free Buddy Pass promotion.

  5. john wittmayer

    April 6, 2013

    This year I have a Senior season pass. Can I renew it for next year in April for a discounted price? How much? Does it qualify for the free one day off-peak buddy pass deal?

    Meadows: Yes. The 65+ pass is $379 - and if you renew in April you'll also receive a one day off-peak Buddy Pass to give to a friend next season.

  6. steve h

    April 7, 2013

    on the buddy pass, what is considered "off peak"? no weekends? nights only? don't water it down to when many won't use it...

    and as a strong consideration, you should consider doing what the vail passes do. they offer paid buddy passes that vary in price based on historical demand. they used to be from $40's to $70's,and your card was loaded with a fixed amount. whatever security concerns you'd have, they have figured it out.

    Meadows: Thanks for the tips! The "FREE" Buddy Pass is valid off-peak next season. Peak days are December 26 - January 1 + Saturdays and Sundays in January and February. We are also looking at adding discount Buddy Day Passes that offer different level discounts on different days. They will be built right into your pass. Those purchasing in April can get 5 discount Buddy day passes to use next year.

  7. Marcus

    April 11, 2013

    Is there any way to have the pass price refunded if I am unable to use it? For example, if I get hit by a bus and my legs are amputated before next season. Morbid thought but some type of extreme health issue exit clause seems appropriate.

    Meadows: If you purchase pass protection for $25, you will be eligible for refund consideration for medical or relocation reasons.

  8. cvista

    April 12, 2013

    I have a senior with mid-week bus pass. Is it possible to renew this kind of pass now? And is it possible for my friend (who just turned 65) to buy this kind of pass now?

    Meadows: Here's what we suggest. Purchase the senior pass now. You can upgrade to the senior with bus pass later for the difference in price. That way you are assured the best price and you'll receive your one-day Buddy Pass.

  9. Ted

    April 13, 2013

    What are the details of the paid buddy passes? I thought I read you get 2 per day, but do not see that now and see in your response to a comment above that you get total of 5. How much does each paid buddy pass cost?

    Meadows: Picture pass holders can treat buddies to a day of skiing for just $49. You can treat up to two buddies each day, and five total this season. You and your buddy need to go to a point of sale together to get the deal.

  10. Jul DOlan

    April 18, 2013

    So is that $49.00 buddy ski days on any day or off peak? I understand you get one buddy off peak day free, but not sure about the restrictions on the 5 buddy ski day pass that you can purchase.

    Meadows: The $49.00 Buddy Passes would be off-peak purchases for next season. It's a great deal which you should take advantage of now as we may not offer this to those purchasing their passes later.

  11. milt

    April 18, 2013

    I turn 65 in mid December. I currently have a 2012-2013 season pass. Any idea how much senior passes will cost if I wait until December?

    Meadows: Hi Milt! We would expect the price of a senior pass next year to be similar to this year's price which was $449 after the early season price expired.

  12. Lisa

    April 24, 2013

    I bought an adult Midweek Plus pass for the 2012-2013 season, and it was perfect for me. Will something like that be offered for the 2013-2014 season?

    Meadows: That was a very popular pass and we plan on offering it again next year - most likely at around $399 if purchased by the early season deadline (around the beginning of November).

  13. John

    April 24, 2013

    Is the "free" off-peak buddy pass just loaded on the card account? I renewed my pass last Sunday afternoon at the mountain. I wasn't aware at the time that it was an included benefit.

    Meadows: It will be attached to you account so all you'll need to do is to bring your Buddy to a point of sale (on an off-peak day next season) and we'll be able to issue it to you. Thanks for renewing!

  14. Ruby

    April 25, 2013

    I recently purchased the $99 dollar Spring Pass, (4/12) to supplement my used up 10 pass, but was unaware that I could have purchased next years pass on that day and skiied through this year as well. Any chance I can convert my Spring Pass to a full pass and get credit for the $99?

    Meadows: Thanks Ruby. There's some misinformation here - purchasing next season's pass doesn't provide any access this season. But you are assured the best deal for next season and will receive a free one-day Buddy Pass to bring a friend up on an off-peak day next year.

  15. Debra

    April 28, 2013

    I renewed 2012-13 passes for my family. The liability release says to "bring it in when you get your picture taken and new pass issued." Since we don't need pictures or new passes, should I drop it off at Passholder Services the first time we come to ski next season or do you want it faxed/emailed somewhere?

    Meadows: Thanks Debra and congratulations! Sorry for the confusion instructions. You are correct in that renewing your current pass media for next year means you don't need new pictures or reissuing passes (unless you want to retake a picture for growing kids, for example). So you can sign and fax your liability releases to 971.373.8119, or bring them to pass holder services the first time you come to the mountain. Once we receive your signed liability release, we will activate the pass - then you can go hassle free direct to the lifts your first time up next season!

  16. Thomas Day

    April 29, 2013

    I bought a Mid-Week pass for 2012-2013 and I can't remember if there was a senior discount, but I don't think so. Can I buy a senior Mid-Week pass or just a Mid-Week pass for 2013-2014 by April 30?

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. We don't have a senior mid-week pass - the senior pass for ages 65 and older is $379 and you can renew your media by April 30 to get that price and the free one-day buddy pass. We will have the midweek pass again, and we expect the price to be around $399 when we offer it up later this summer or fall. Thanks!

  17. Dan

    April 29, 2013

    My son's birthday is 11/6/1998, they are 14 now, will be 15 in November. Can I still by a 7-14 pass for him now for the 13-14 ski year?

    Meadows: Absolutely! The age is recorded at the time of purchase. And you'll get a free one-day Buddy Pass (so have him take you up for a day!)

  18. Mark

    April 29, 2013

    What's this about having to pay extra for any weekends in May if you purchase a season pass after the Tuesday deadline?

    It seems that if you purchase a pass, now or later, it should be valid for the entire season including any extensions.

    Because of work, I can't know now if I'll be around for the season, and because you have to move beyond a 300 mile radius to qualify for reimbursement, the insurance doesn't really seem like it'd help.

    I hope that you change your minds about charging season pass holders who purchase after Tuesday for any extended weekends next year.

    Meadows: Thanks for your post. In order to commit to operations beyond April, we need to generate some additional revenue. There aren't enough guests purchasing day passes to cover the cost of lift operations. So beginning next season, there will be an upgrade for winter pass purchasers to extend to the May (and possibly June) weekend schedule. We want to keep the lifts operating, and we plan on offering additional snow play activities including cross country skiing, Randonee, snow shoeing and possibly even tubing to attract more guests during that time frame. But first and foremost we need to be able to offset the cost of lift operations. We feel the current season pass delivers great value with one of the longest seasons in the industry (starting in November and running through late April). To ask a little more for those that want to extend the season will allow us to commit to May weekends in it's entirety, not just on a weekend to weekend basis.

    Thanks for the opportunity to address this here on the blog.

  19. Juliana Cuyler

    April 29, 2013

    How much were 10 time passes 2012-13? and how much for 2013-14? Just trying to crunch numbers in order to decide on one more pass. thanks.

    Meadows: Last year's 10 Time Pass was $419 before the November deadline. This year it will most likely by $399. We'll have our passes on sale by September 1.

  20. Scott

    May 6, 2013

    Are there payment options for the next year season pass? Or will each pass need to be purchased outright at $499 at processing?

    Meadows: Currently there is no payment plan. It is something we're looking at, but at this time we wouldn't want anyone to plan on it. So putting away money for the purchase is the best option right now.

  21. Scott

    May 7, 2013

    Where can I see the price for the different available passes? I've got a son who is turning 15 in June and we may want to buy him a pass for his birthday, but I can't seem to find any information except what I can skim from the earlier questions. Seems like there must be a list that I can look at somewhere... no?

    Meadows: Thanks Scott. By all means you should purchase his pass before his next birthday, to lock in on the 14 year old pricing. After his birthday he'll jump up to the 15 - 22 year old price. You can call us at 503.337.2222 and order over the phone. Current pricing is as low as it will be so that $249 winter season price is the best price available!

  22. Amanda

    May 22, 2013

    My husband is active duty - is there a discount on season passes for military and spouses? Also - are there restrictions for holidays with a season pass?

    Meadows: There isn't a discount on season passes, although we have a military card ($10 purchase) which offers lift pass discounts of up to $20 at the lift window. The offer is for military personal themselves. Thanks for the question!

  23. Shawn Perrin

    June 3, 2013

    When will the Night Pass be available to purchase?

    Meadows: That will be available by September 1. We don't expect it to increase over last year's price.

  24. Shawn Perrin

    June 17, 2013

    When will we be able to purchase Season passes for the 13-14 season? My wife and I are in our thirties and forties. If we can purchase them now, what is the cost? Thank you.

    Meadows: You can purchase your season pass online now! If you have an RFID pass from last year, make sure you select "2013/14 Pass Renewal". Thanks!

  25. Amber

    July 15, 2013

    Will the price for renewing passes be going up any time soon? I remember last year if I hadn't purchased my pass by a certain date it almost doubled in price, but I can't remember when it was exactly.

    Meadows: Pricing for renewals (and new purchases as well) will remain at this price through November 3 - afterwhich there will be a modest increase. They'll go to full price as the start of the season approaches. Thanks!

  26. Shawn Perrin

    September 26, 2013

    I do not see an option to purchase the Night pass? Am I missing something?

    Meadows: We'll be adding the night pass soon to our season pass store soon.

  27. hberg

    September 30, 2013

    How much will youth day passes cost this season? (for 8-10 yr olds) Trying to decide which passes base on our predicted use.

    Meadows: The Youth lift pass (age 7 - 14) will be $39 this season. So if you're planning on coming up more than 6 times a Youth Season Pass is definitely the way to go! Keep in mind the youth pass receives all the pass holder discounts, including the five $59 Buddy Passes to bring friends up!

  28. Heidi

    October 1, 2013

    Does the free buddy pass offer still apply if I renew my pass today, 10/1? Or, was that only a deal for April? Also, if there is no free buddy pass offer now, what if the benefit of renewing my pass vs. getting a new pass?

    Meadows: The "Free" Buddy day pass was an early incentive for those who renewed last April. But all our pass holders (except those 6 and under) will receive five "discount" $59 buddy passes. The benefit for renewing rather than purchasing is if you renew your pass from last season (if you still physically have that pass) you don't need to sign a liability release or have a new pass issued at pass holder services. That renewed pass will be activated and you can go directly to the lift your first time at the mountain. A new pass requires signing a liability release and needs to be issued (either at the mountain or at any of our convenient outreach appearances).

  29. Tony

    October 2, 2013

    I purchased my pass at the end of last season. How do I go about getting the buddy pass?

    Meadows: It's built into your record - so the day you want to use the FREE buddy pass just go to any point of sale (ticket window, pass holder services) with you're Buddy and we'll issue the day pass. You're pass also includes five discount Buddy passes at $59 each that you can use for friends!

  30. Todd

    October 10, 2013

    Can I renew a full 2012-2013 full season pass as a Meadows Club Card? Or do you have to renew at the exact same type of pass?

    Meadows: The media you have can be renewed for any picture pass product. So yes a full season pass from last year can be renewed as a Meadows Club Card this season.

  31. Fast & Furious

    December 9, 2013

    Hey there, quick question: Do you guys have a five time night pass this year or did I not find it?

    Meadows: We do have a 5x Night Pass for $94. You can purchase it at the resort or online here:

  32. Max D

    January 15, 2014

    Hello, I bought a night ski pass but I can't find it. How much does it cost to replace it?

    Meadows: There's a nominal fee. Stop in at pass holder services and we'll get you a new one.

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