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April Midweek Adjustments

We've been enjoying some awesome spring skiing conditions at Meadows here in April. And it looks like winter will be visiting us this weekend with the forecast showing snow showers Saturday and Sunday with a half-a-foot or more of fresh snow!

Beginning Monday, April 15, we'll be shifting to our new midweek operational schedule. Monday - Friday we'll operate Mt. Hood Express, Cascade Express, Heather, Buttercup and the Ballroom Carpet. We'll also have a special adult lift pass price of $59. This schedule is subject to change with weather and snow conditions, so it's wise to check our conditions page for the latest information.

We expect to reopen Hood River Meadows for our remaining April weekends, depending on snow conditions and turn out. The lift pass price will be $59 daily through April 28.

This will be the last weekend for Forest Park - beginning Monday our free style offerings will be focused on the South Side parks - Rose City, the Zoo, Fireweed and Shipyard are all scheduled.

And here's a reminder that we are planning an encore weekend May 4 and 5, with lifts scheduled from 9 AM - 2 PM those days.

We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!


  1. Lawrence

    April 12, 2013

    You've given midweek pass holders a lot of good options for skiing weekends at a reasonable price. Thank you. My question is will midweek (and similar pass products) be honored May 4 and 5 without additional charge?

    Meadows: There is an additional charge of $20 for either one or both days. You can upgrade your pass at Pass Holder services.

  2. Nalyd

    April 13, 2013

    Hi, what lift are you going to run midweek as a backup when cascade can't open? Shooting star, hopefully.

    Meadows: With Monday's forecast, we would most likely run Shooting Star. But if the conditions are such that Cascade can't run, then we most likely will just run the lower lifts. Unfortunately, not too many people come out for those days (unless there's fresh snow)!

  3. .........

    April 14, 2013

    What happened to the Cascade Park? Do you plan on building that again?

    Meadows: Thanks for the question. No we won't be building the Cascade Park. We've found that spring (April in particular) the weather is too volatile. We would spend hundreds of cat hours to build and maintain a park on the upper mountain, only to have the weather bury it with new or wind deposited snow, or to not be able to access the parks because weather wouldn't allow operating the Cascade Express. In short, it just doesn't make sense to invest that amount of time into a park which may not be accessible.

    We also understand that you're upset about Forest Park being closed beginning April 15. As we approach the end of our season, we need to make prudent operational decisions. Most ski areas have already closed. We've decided to reduce operations midweek, so the Hood River Express and the HRM operations are closed Monday - Friday. We plan on reopening them our final two April weekends, if turn out, conditions and weather warrants it. The cost of maintaining Forest Park for potentially a few days of riding at the end of April doesn't make sense. We're focusing our efforts on the south side parks which continues to have daily access all the way through April 28, and will be open May 4 and 5 as well.

  4. Harrison

    April 14, 2013


    I was wondering for Saturday, May 4, 2013, and Sunday, May 5, 2013, if Cascade Express can't run, what lift can we run instead of Cascade Express if conditions are too windy or too foggy? Maybe we should run Easy Rider as an alternate in case Cascade Express can't run.

    Also, why don't we go beyond Sunday, May 5, 2013. My dad's birthday is May 15, 2013 and it would be very nice if you can be open on that day as well as Mothers Day.

    Hope you're doing well.

    Meadows: Thanks Harrison. On the 4th and 5th if the weather doesn't allow Cascade to run we will probably only operate Mt. Hood Express and Buttercup. If the forecast is for miserable conditions, such as rain, we may not operate on that particular day. Our attempts to extend the season in the past beyond the first weekend of May have not been successful in generating the interest and skier visits necessary to sustain operations. So we'll plan on having a great "encore" weekend May 4 and 5, hopefully with great weather!

  5. Carl

    April 15, 2013

    I've been trying to hold off on comments that might be negative in nature, but the decision to possibly open Heather and not have Star open is frustrating. Basically, disrespecting season pass holders and using the spring pass as an excuse. Mondays and Friday are shoulder days and to some people Monday is their Sunday. Thanks for underperforming!

    Meadows: We understand that limiting late season operations is frustrating to our pass holders, and wish that there was enough interest and turn out at this time of the season to justify more operations. Initially, Mt. Hood Meadows was scheduled to be closed midweek beginning April 15, reopening for the last two weekends of April (similar to what Ski Bowl did last week and what may other ski resorts have done). While it may feel like we are "underperforming" we have actually added these 10 midweek days and have scheduled an encore weekend May 4 and 5 - that's adding 12 days to the schedule. But in order to do this we must be creative and efficient in our operation. We chose to operate the Heather lift to provide our guests with the greatest diversity of terrain. Shooting Star is great and we'd love to operate it. But at this time of season with the limited amount of guests who come out midweek it just doesn't make sense because of the considerable grooming, patrolling and lift operational cost.
    We understand your disappointment, and that this is your weekend. We just wish there were more like you skiing and riding midweek this late into the season.

  6. Paul Johnsen

    April 15, 2013

    Thanks for adding the additional weekend in May. Since starting today, you are running Heather without Shooting Star (something I did not think you would even consider). Would you consider running Heather that weekend if conditions permit? Thanks for another great season.

    Meadows: Most likely not. Unfortunately we need to make decisions about what terrain we should offer to accommodate the greatest amount of guests. So we'll focus on Cascade and Mt. Hood Express that weekend.

  7. tony

    April 16, 2013

    what lift are we going to use to get to Rose City, the Zoo, Fireweed

    Meadows: Most are accessible from Mt. Hood Express, but you can also take Cascade up and ride down to the parks from that lift.

  8. Juliet

    April 23, 2013

    I came out for the last weekend in May last year and it was a disaster. The lift lines were UNBELIEVABLE and hardly enjoyable. I maybe had 3 runs that day before giving up. Why not open Vista as well if weather permits? Even Stadium? The sales were amazing in Outer Limits and that was the only thing worth going up for that day. No one wants to be baking in the sun standing in lift lines on their last day of the season. Just saying and wondering what the reason is behind not opening more of the mountain. Thanks.

    Meadows: Thanks for your comment. The reason for the limited operation is because of the significant cost of having to groom, patrol and ready other parts of the mountain for just two days of operation. It is somewhat cost prohibitive to maintain Shooting Star for such a limited operation. So at this time we're planning to operate the lifts we've announced as being scheduled.

  9. Betsy

    April 24, 2013

    Can my daughter use the third lesson in the three lesson ski lesson passage the last week of April or the encore weekend? What time will lessons be on those days? Will there be snowboard lessons as well?

    Meadows: Yes - we'll have ski school available with lessons going out at 10 AM and 2 PM (except May 4 and 5 when lessons go our at 10 AM only). We're offering both ski and snowboard lessons.

  10. Mike

    April 28, 2013


    Is Sunday 28th the last day of operations until
    Encore weekend?

    Meadows: Yes. Our lifts will not be operating April 29 - May 3. We will operate from 9 AM - 2 PM Saturday and Sunday, May 4 and 5 - our last days of the season.

  11. bud

    May 2, 2013

    how much are lift tickets May 4th & 5th ?

    Meadows: Lift passes are $49 from 9 AM - 2 PM. Picture pass holders can purchase up to 2 Buddy passes (to give to a friend) for $20.

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