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Mt Hood Meadows Offers Encore Weekend May 4 and 5

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort will extend it's season for one more weekend in May. The resort is currently scheduled to operate daily through April 28, and will offer limited lift operations Saturday and Sunday May 4 and 5. The resort expects to operate the Cascade Express – offering sensational spring skiing on wide open expanses, along with it's Mt. Hood Express high speed quad and the Buttercup beginner lift. Scheduled operations can be affected by weather and conditions – our conditions page provides the most current operational schedule.

Lift passes will be discounted in May

  • $49 for adults
  • $29 ages 7-14 or 65+
  • $10 kids 6&Under
  • $20 Buddy Pass (up to 2 per day) for picture pass holders

Picture Pass Holders Receive $20 Buddy Pass

Any picture pass holder will be able to bring a friend for just $20. Both the pass holder and the friend need to be present for the purchase - and pass holders can bring up to two people each day. For this season's extension full season passes including the Spring Pass will be honored at no charge. 10 Time Passes (with days left) will be honored. Midweek Plus and Meadows Club Card holders will be auto-charged $20 at the gate. Limited pass holders (Midweek, Midweek Plus, Night, used up 10 Time Pass, Meadows Club Card) can upgrade to a season pass for $20, making their pass valid both days.

Ski and Snowboard School Continues Adult (13 and older) 2 for 1 Learn to Ski or Snowboard

Ski and snowboard lessons will be offered for adults and children. We'll continue to offer the 2 for 1 learn to ski or snowboard specials - just $75 for ages 13 and older (package includes a beginner lift pass, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals).

KidSki Special - Just $35 per Child!

Kids 4 - 12 can get a 1/2 day learn to ski or snowboard package for $35 - which includes lift pass, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals. Daycare will also be available May 4 and 5.

Equipment rentals and the demo center will be open for those looking to rent or demo equipment. Outer Limits Sports and the High Performance Center will be open for those looking for the best deals of the season on quality outer wear, clothing, accessories or hard goods.

The Paradise Sun Deck will offer outdoor dining in the spring sunshine, and our popular outdoor dining in the spring sunshine along with our Barbecue and snow beach seating area. Entertainment is being scheduled for both days, with a Cinco De Mayo celebration scheduled for Sunday, May 5.


  1. Patrick

    April 25, 2013

    Use of the word "extended" is not really appropriate given that you will be ceasing operations several weeks before the snow becomes unskiable . I do not disagree with the business aspect of that decision but do not like the decision to grab another $20 from us mid-week pass holders when you cut off our last week anyway. Many of us mid-week people ended up purchasing one or more weekend passes at discounted rates which brought us closer to the full season pass rate. And, we also bring up mid-week non-pass holders. Extending the buddy pass to us for that weekend is great but I certainly would not encourage bringing up 2 buddies when I also have to pay $20. Yeah, it isn't that much but...

    Meadows: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Patrick. We understand that midweekers would like to get these weekends for free, but we must also maintain the value for our those pass holders who purchased the full value pass. We also offered midweek pass holders a $99 upgrade to a full season pass in February, which would have given you weekend access in all of March, April and our encore weekend.
    We really haven't cut off a week of midweek operation - in fact our initial plans were to go to weekends earlier in April. We're pleased that we are able to continue daily operations through April 28.

  2. Kay

    April 25, 2013

    If we have a groupon ($39 value) for a lift pass (expires april 28), but the $39 value never expires....can we use that $39 groupon value plus $1 out of pocket to pay for 2 buddy passes ($20 each) on the weekend of May 4th and 5th?

    Meadows: Ideally the Groupon should be used for a lift pass this season. But our attendants will be able to assist you and use the groupon coupon for $39 in value. See you that weekend!

  3. Jose

    April 29, 2013

    What time will the kids 1/2day lessons start?

    Meadows: The kids lesson starts at 10 AM - but try to arrive by 9:15 AM so we can get them registered, equipped and ready for their lesson.

  4. Don

    April 30, 2013

    For the kidski deal, will the CLC be open? When can we drop off, when does the lesson start, and will a lunch be served? Thanks.

    Meadows: For this weekend, May 4 and 5, we are offering only the half-day package which doesn't include CLC supervision. The package can be purchased at our rental shop, concierge or Day Care, and parents need to drop the kids off at the lesson meeting area by 9:45 AM. The lesson will be from 10 AM - Noon, and when the kids should be picked up.

  5. rider

    May 3, 2013

    are the parks actually going to be built last time they were looking jankey weak of you guys to shut down hrm parks 2 weeks before even encore weekend

    Meadows: We understand the disappointment and wish we could continue full operations all the way through Spring. However, as attendance dwindles late in the season, we are forced to limit operations accordingly. The HRM parks are popular but unfortunately we're not able to continue operations of the Hood River Express lift and the associated grooming and prep work that part of the mountain requires, based on the number of guests visiting midweek.

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