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Thanks To Oscar in the Parking Lot

Hi there, I have been coming to Meadows since 1970 and absolutely love it to this day as a season pass holder, former instructor, and loyal patron.  I want you to know that your employee, Oscar went above and beyond for me when I found my tire was flat in the parking lot on Monday April 8th. 

Oscar was working in the lot getting all of us parked in the usual orderly way.  He came up to me when he saw me looking at my tire.  He told my son and I to go enjoy the day and then come find him or another employee when we were ready to go so that we could be helped out.  He not only told me he was not going to just put air in my tire but flat out told me he was not going to send me down the hill without fixing the tire!  And when it came time to fix it, Oscar put a plug in it for me so I could safely head down the hill.  

He deserves a pat on the back from management for being the kind of employee that Meadows should keep and even promote since he truly understands great customer service.  I just wanted you to know how much it meant to me as a very long time patron. 

Best Regards,


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