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Mt Hood Meadows Slashes Day Lift Pass Pricing

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has significantly reduced lift pass pricing for the 2013/14 season, rolling back prices to 2011/12. An adult day lift pass will be $74, a $15 reduction from last season’s peak weekend price of $89. The resort announced it will not have the peak / off-peak schedule for pricing tried last season.

The adult day pass provides all-day access from 9 AM – 6 PM (4 PM Mondays and Tuesdays when lift close at 4). Adults can upgrade for just $5 more for access Wednesday – Sunday evenings through 9 PM.

 Lift Pass
 Pricing  Hours*
 Adult (Age 15-64)
 $74  9 AM - 4 PM or 6 PM*
 Reload Card**
 $69  9 AM - 9 PM
 Adult Afternoon
 $59  Noon - 4 PM or 6 PM*
 Adult Afternoon to Evening
 $64  Noon - 9 PM
 Junior (Age 7 - 14)
 $39  9 AM - 9 PM
 Senior (Age 65 - 74)
 $49  9 AM - 9 PM
 Senior (Age 75+)
 FREE  9 AM - 9 PM
 Child (Age 6 & Under)
 $10  9 AM - 9 PM
 $30  3 PM - 9 PM
 Buttercup & Ballroom Carpet
 $39  9 AM - 9 PM
 Ballroom Carpet Fun Zone Only
 $10  9 AM - 9 PM
 * Lifts are scheduled 9 AM - 4 PM Mondays & Tuesdays and from 9 AM - 9 PM Wednesdays - Sundays.
 ** Reload Card Rates for those claiming their card and reloading it online in advance for a return visit.

Reload Card Offers Discount & Direct-To-Lift Convenience
Meadows installed RFID gates last season – guests wear their pass in their jacket (no “ticket and wicket”) making for a much more convenient and streamlined lift line experience. Guests are encouraged to recycle their day pass by turning it back into the resort at the end of the day. Or they can keep the pass and “claim” it online, purchasing their next visit in advance for just $69. The card can be reused or reloaded for future visits at a discount – a much more sustainable approach than the ticket which became invalid after each day’s use.

New FREE 75 and Older Passes
The resort is offering FREE season passes to those 75 and older this season (no restrictions, valid every day). The resort also reduced the price of a Junior (age 7 – 14) lift pass to $39, the senior (age 65 – 74) lift pass to $49 and beginner (Buttercup and Ballroom Carpet) lift pricing to $39.

New Family Deal
Families will save money at Meadows – with each $74 adult day pass, up to two 7 -14 year old passes can be purchased at just $19 each. This special family offer is valid all days (no weekend or holiday restrictions) and can be purchased at any lift window.

Meadows Club Card Offers Terrific Value
The resort will also the Meadows Club Card for $89 – a loyalty pass that offers the 1st and 5th time free, and every 5th thereafter for free. In between the passholder is “auto-charged” $59.

Loyalty Passes Still The Best Value!
The most affordable pricing is offered to those purchasing loyalty passes by the November 3 deadline at pricing which pays for itself usually in 7 visits or less. Meadows also offers discounted lift tickets to groups of 15 or more, to guests of select lodging properties, when packaged with special transportation, lesson and/or rental packages.


  1. Mike

    August 25, 2013

    Have you ever considered offering a "parenthood" pass similar to what Timberline offers?

    Also, have you ever considered RE-grooming several trails for "Meadows after Dark" a la Keystone Resort?


    Meadows: Thanks Mike. Both are valid suggestions. Timberline offers the parents pass largely because they have no Day Care facilities. That leaves mom or dad to take care of the little one in the public areas of the lodge, which may or may not be the best of situations either for the family or for other guests. We prefer to offer Day Care to our guests to give parents the option to come up by themselves with their child, or if both can visit together to let us care for the infant while they enjoy the mountain together.
    We have looked at re-Grooming for the evening, which would require shutting down runs during the regroom. We don't place snowcats on trails at the same time as guests, so an orchestrated run closure would be necessary. The problem is selecting the appropriate time frame for the regroom, which could take a few hours. Particularly on weekends we're seeing high volumes of guests on the mountain between 3 and 5 PM when the regroom should start. We'll continue to study traffic flows to determine whether regrooms are feasible.

  2. Chaz

    August 29, 2013

    Mike's comment about the grooming for after Dark brings back a memory I had back in the early-90s - could have sworn ridge run used to be closed around 4pm so it could re-groomed for night skiing. Maybe the run was closed for other reasons but I distinctly remember the run being closed then open later and the sound of snowcats on it while while skiing what was then South Canyon (Chunky Swirly).

    Maybe check the history books, maybe it was done, maybe not, maybe there was a reason it was stopped (aside from cost).


    Meadows: A great memory indeed! In the mid 90s we did a regroom on Saturday nights with the Safeway promotion. It occurred a little later when we had a fireworks display. A lot of people stopped to watch and that took some of the pressure off of the trails while we regroomed. It has been done and potentially could be done again if we can implement the safety measures needed to have cats on the hill without compromising the experience of our guests.

  3. Dave

    August 30, 2013

    Any chance you could offer a 4 pack like other resorts that are close by?


    Meadows: Thanks for the question. The Meadows Club Card provides an affordable and convenient way for those looking to ride Meadows three or four times. It's $89 which includes your first day, then each additional day is just $59 - conveniently auto-charged to your credit card. So going four times is $266 - and your fifth time is free! It's a great way to pay as you go and get great value.

  4. Joe

    August 30, 2013

    Glad you rolled the prices back! As a season pass holder it made it less crowded for me on the weekends, but I had a tough time getting my friends to pay $90 for a lift ticket (it's not Vail you know).

    Thanks for making the move, my friends will appreciate it!

    Meadows: Thanks Joe. Here's some really good news for you and your friends. Pass holders will have five discount buddy passes so you can bring friends up for $59 each! Spread the word - it's a great deal for you and your friends!

  5. Steep & Deep

    September 3, 2013

    So I see that you are actually rolling all of the pricing back which is great but for those of us that purchased the season pass for this year early will we be getting; 1 free lift ticket + 5 discounted buddy passes?

    Meadows: That is correct! We appreciate the early commitment and reward you with on FREE Buddy Pass. In addition you will receive five $59 discounted passes to use over the season. The Buddy Passes are not included with the 6 & Under passes, but are included with all of our other loyalty passes.

  6. Jim

    October 1, 2013

    Seriously you are overpriced but I like it. It helps keep the crowds down.
    But you need to open mt hood express at 8:30 on powder weekdays only. So us hood river people can get work a little earlier. No I am not kidding.

    Meadows: Thanks Jim. We will continue to strive for consistency in our lift operations, announcing lift opening times and opening on time. An arbitrary schedule of weekday early openings could be a recipe for disaster, considering the variability of the weather, our ability to contend with it and the public perception of what constitutes a powder day. For now we will want to set and meet a consistent lift operating schedule.

  7. Jeff

    October 3, 2013

    Why are you charging for small kids, 6 and under? I've been to resorts all over the west and no one else does this.

    Meadows: Thanks Jeff. The price of kids 6 and under is $10 for the day, or $25 for the entire season. This is an exceptional value for families who are bringing their kids up. The prices other resorts charge vary (some offer free lift passes for 5 and under, other 3 and under, some none at all). Other family oriented entertainment companies charge $86 for a day pass for ages 3 - 9. We mention this only to show there are a variety of price points for the experience offered, and we are very comfortable with the price we offer for this age group.

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