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Mt. Hood Transportation Survey

Members of the Mt. Hood Meadows Management Team have been participating in ODOT’s Multi-Modal Planning meetings on a regular basis for the past two years.  As part of these on-going transportation improvement planning efforts, ODOT and
the Mt Hood Multimodal Transportation Plan (MHMTP) partners have created an online survey.  The purpose of this survey is to gather information about 40 specific project preferences related to transportation safety and transportation alternatives for those traveling to or across Mt. Hood. The result of the MHMTP will be a list of prioritized, affordable projects to be implemented along the Mt. Hood corridor.

Mt. Hood Meadows has prioritized those projects we feel are most important for peak traffic management to and from Mt. Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur Mountain Resort to allow the most efficient and convenient access for the growing demand for winter and summer recreation. You have until August 31 to take the survey.

1. PubT-4: Expansion and development of park-and-rides: expand use of existing and new park-and-rides (potential new park-n-rides in Welches, Laurel Hill, Parkdale).

Park and Rides provide the most convenient, reliable way for guests to get from the metro areas to Mt. Hood Meadows. The development of parking lots just below the snow level (white line) served by efficient shuttle buses geared and outfitted for winter conditions will provide the fastest, most reliable direct mass transportation route from Portland to the mountain.

2. Org-1: Transportation Management Association: organization to coordinate transit and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs.

This organization would assess, recommend and coordinate the management of peak flows of existing right of way and most efficient and safest use of existing right of way. It would help secure the funding for future mass transportation projects.

3. ITS-2: Study-Integrated Management Plan (Concept of Operations): through Traveler Information for Speed Limits, Parking, Transit, and TDM website (Real-Time Parking Guidance, Transit Management and Information, Expanded Real-Time Traveler Information – On Mountain and En-Route, Mt. Hood Mobile Traveler Information/Multimodal Travel Options Website. Plans, Upgrade electronic reader board Mt. Hood Meadows access road/OR 35 at Mile Post 64.08).

This Integrated Management Plan is essential to preparing for and implementing Peak demand strategies and management programs, to monitor and maximize peak day traffic. The Integrated Management Plan will assure the greatest amount of public will be able to pursue and enjoy recreation on Mt. Hood.

4. ITS-1: Traveler Webpage Clearinghouse: links to weather and incidents, carpool sites, transit sites, parking.

The Traveler WebPage Clearinghouse is the vital communication piece to provide all travelers the most current information on traffic flow, road conditions, closures, and alternatives. This real time information will allow travelers to make the best choices in times, routes and methods to travel to and from the mountain.

5. PriT-1: Bus Intra-Forest: Improve intra-forest transit service on Mt. Hood w/transit hub on mountain - During winter months, the parking/transit hub would be a focal point for an on-mountain shuttle transit system that serves each ski area.

This transit hub, in concert with a park-and-ride system, will help reduce private vehicle use and efficiently connect and distribute passengers with coordinated shuttle service to the ski areas.

We urge you to review these projects, take the survey and help shape the Mt. Hood Transportation Multi-Modal Transportation Plan. We appreciate you giving special consideration to the priority projects we listed above.

View an Interactive Map of the Proposed Projects
Get more information on the project plan
An interactive map that shows descriptions and locations of the projects on the staff-recommended list. Simply click the map below.
Mt. Hood Transportation Plan Map


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