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Mt. Hood Meadows Improvements

Mt. Hood Meadows' Sun Deck gets a face lift with ice melt.
Mt. Hood Meadows summer improvements included allocating more terrain for lower level learning, stepped up trail maintenance on the lower mountain, an ice melt project on the Sun Deck and connecting the resort to the world through fiber optics. Here's what these improvements will mean for our guests!

Reallocated Terrain for Training
Meadows is allocating more terrain to training, particularly for those beginners transitioning into intermediate level. Meadows has repurposed 4 acres of terrain formerly used by terrain parks. The terrain, serviced by the resort's "Easy Rider" lift will be used in learning classes to accelerate the natural progression. The area will also be family friendly for parents to take young children to advance their skill levels.
Brush removal on the lower mountain at Mt. Hood Meadows
Stepped Up / Stumped Out Trail Maintenance

Meadows summer trail maintenance focused on the lower mountain, cutting brush on more than 20 acres on the Hood River Meadows runs. This terrain includes Meadows' two most popular terrain parks Forest Park and Park Place. The brush removal should allow for earlier opening and more consistent grooming throughout the season. A special emphasis on stump removal on six kilometers of Nordic trails should allow the Nordic Center to require less snowpack to open, assuring early season and lead season operations.   

This photo was taken on Lower Tamarack.  Brush this tall or taller is prevalent throughout the very bottom of the HRM ski runs. Snow pressure and our groomers have traditionally bent over the brush, so it wouldn't take 10 feet of snow to cover it. But this brush cutting should allow us to open the mountain earlier with good coverage. The runs we worked on that had this type of growth were Willow, HRM Face, the edge of Ski Way and Lower Tamarack. 

Sun Deck Ice Melt Project
The Paradise Sun Deck got a face lift – that is, 3000 square feet (about a quarter of the decks cement surface) was removed, to install ice melt. The Sun Deck is a very popular spring attraction, but heavy snows in the heart of winter have limited usage, even on sunny days. The ice melt will allow the Alpenstube Restaurant to extend sit down service outdoors whenever the weather allows. Guests will enjoy the sunshine outdoors December – February, just like March and April thanks to the ice melt project.
Fiber Connected for Social Networking
The bandwidth to Meadows will be increased by nearly 20 times with a new fiber optic line connecting the resort to the rest of the world. This will allow resort guests to stay connected for business and socially, with increased band width and wifi hot spots throughout the resort.
Alpine Replay at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortAlpine Replay To Play and Play and Play and Share
Meadows offers the ultimate in alpine play, and this season you'll be able replay and share your visits with the AlpineReplay App. AlpineReplay  will tell you which lifts and trails you’ve ridden, along with your speed, vertical, calories, distance, airtime, tricks and more. Medals are offered for achieving different levels, you can challenge friends and it can all be shared with your friends and replayed later for your enjoyment.
Claim your run at Mt. Hood MeadowsClaim My Run for Fun and Prizes
Meadows has joined Claim My Run so guests can post videos of their runs. Contests will be held throughout the season to determine the most popular posts and the site will provide a great visual guide for guests to virtually visit the resort.
Three New Grooming Machines
Meadows will maintain it's reputation for superior grooming with the acquisition of three new snow cats, including one specifically designed for terrain park sculpting and maintenance. Adding to our already state-of-the-art fleet will be a Prinoth BR-350, a PistenBully 400 and a PistenBully 400 Park Pro Series.
A Bright Idea - For Energy Reduction
LED Night Light Trial – a totally illuminating experiment! The resort will add two high output LED fixtures to an existing pole. LED lights require 75% less energy, and can be more dependable in extreme weather situations than the more volatile high wattage high intensity discharge lamps currently being used. The test will determine whether LED lights provide improved reliability, brightness and illumination over the standard fixtures, and if so will lead to huge energy savings. Another advantage to the LEDs are immediate energizing following power flickers, instead of the longer warm up time required by high intensity lamps.
Pricing Rollbacks to 2011/12 Season – no more Peak Day Pricing
Meadows has reduced season pass and day pass pricing, and eliminated the "Peak Pricing" model introduced last season. The resort has also introduced a "Family Day Pass" - allowing an adult to purchase up to two junior (age 7 – 14) passes for just $19 each with the purchase of an adult day pass ($74).
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  • NSAA Safety Award for the Lift Star safety Program
  • Best Ski Resort – Gresham Outlook, Sandy Post, Estacade News
  • PDX Approved – Portland Mercury Reader's Choice Guide to Everything Awesome Near Portland
  • Best of the Gorge – Gorge Magazine


  1. Juliet S

    September 16, 2013

    I'm so excited to see AlpineReplay is partnering with MHM! I used this all last season and loved it! Can't wait to try TRACE out and have more people using it!!!

    Meadows: We're excited as well and hope everyone downloads the free app to record and share their season at Meadows.

  2. Juliet S

    September 16, 2013

    Oh yeah, what's the difference now that you two are partnered? I already use the AR app at Meadows, are there new perks?

    Excited about new LED lights also :)

    Meadows: There will be medals you can earn that are specific to Meadows, and of course we will increase the number of AR users who call Meadows their home mountain. That will make for more fun, more challenges and more of an opportunity to get stoked with others who love this mountain.

  3. Eric P

    September 17, 2013

    Thanks for taking away terrain park space to make newb terrain..... I'm sure that's the best thing to do right before park skiing hits the Olympics and becomes more mainstream... If anything you should expand your freestyle terrain, you guys have amazing terrain outside of the parks but your terrain parks are severely lacking

    Meadows: Thanks Eric. We're still very committed to parks and progression for all levels of freestyle riders. But we also need to provide space for those entering the sport to progress to the intermediate level to gain confidence and proficiency. The terrain under Easy Rider where Rose City was located accommodates that level ideally. To access that terrain, we're offering Fireweed (a medium size slopestyle run that is night lighted), skier's right of Rose City, and building the Banked Slalom skier's left of Rose City. These parks are in addition to The Zoo, Shipyard, a mini-pipe, a half-pipe, Park Place and Forest Park. This season we're also purchasing a PistenBully 400 Park Pro model snowcat. We are also looking at building Rose City later in the season as a spring park. We have great terrain, events and features for freestylers to enjoy this season!

  4. Forrest

    September 17, 2013

    So we've lost Rose City, Voyager, and the little park that used to be off Middle Fork or North Canyon. Can't remember the last time I actually saw Vista or Cascade park built even though they're still on the trail map. So all that is left is Forest and Park Place?

    What do we get in return? How about a rope tow for the Shipyard?

    Meadows: Of the parks you mentioned above, Vista was the most recent and will always be a possible early season, low snow alternative. But we're really focusing on the six parks and two pipes that we offer throughout the season.

  5. Drew

    September 17, 2013

    More bandwidth for WIFI? Very nice, I like it. However, what's your stance on having people theoretically 'camp' tables in the Alpenstube all day when it's a packed resort. (Not busy then no big deal...)

    Also, I asked this last year, but will you guys ever entertain grooming a couple of runs mid-day? Whistler does this by having runs close down and Ski Patrol monitor the Groomer as it goes down.

    Grooming during the day to 'refresh' the slopes before the sun goes down would be awesome.

    Meadows: Great questions Drew. We are extending WiFi coverage to the Alpenstube and other restaurant areas, for guests who are dining there. We have identified different locations other than those restaurants for guests who need extensive WiFi use.

    We are still considering a regroom on our busier days but have to create a "skier-free zone" in order to take cats out on the hill. The trade off for newly groomed runs for evening guests is closing those runs in the afternoon - so we are evaluating all the aspects of the regroom.

  6. Ian

    September 17, 2013

    You guys are ridiculous; "Meadows is allocating more terrain to training, particularly for those beginners transitioning into intermediate level."

    This is pretty much YOUR ENTIRE MOUNTAIN. If you think people need a "special" area to progress from beginner to intermediate you need a reality check. I love how you phrase this like you are adding in new terrain, when in reality you are actually taking away a park. Not that this park was ever any good in the first place, but it was at least something on that side of the mountain that you could right at night. The decisions you make recently are baffleing to me, do you even listen to your season pass holders?? You guys are lucky Timberline is flat as a pancake or you wouldn't be able to get away with half the crap you do.

    Meadows: A very opinionated comment - your passion shines through for sure! You underestimate our acreage if you believe someone just graduating from the Buttercup lift is ready for the entire mountain. Ideally they are looking for a little more gradually steep terrain that has good flow to it to assist in their progression. Something that's convenient and easy to get to so the lesson isn't spent in transit from one lift to another. The acreage we've identified is perfect for this use. And while this uses the Rose City terrain (which as you mentioned was underutilized), we will be building jumps in Fireweed which is night lighted - and offering a Banked Slalom course skier's left of Rose City.

    We do listen to our season pass holders, which is why we're focusing on the parks they say are most popular - Forest Park, Park Place and The Zoo. We believe Fireweed will soon become a favorite as well.

    We definitely appreciate the enthusiasm and are looking forward to this reallocation of terrain to serve all of our guests.

  7. Woodrow

    September 17, 2013

    Get rid of the stupid shipyard if you aren't going to put a rope tow in for it. No one likes hiking to the top just to not have enough speed to actually hit one of the features then doing it all over again. You guys have really awesome features in there but you just let them sit there when they could be way better some place else. And as for how you are so committed to having two pipes set up.... please spare me, the main pipe is never ready until halfway through the season despite that its made of dirt. I know a lot of people buying a fusion and me and my family aren't too hesitant about the idea either.

    Meadows: Thanks Woodrow. Shipyard is a highly used park, especially by OISA (Oregon High School Snowboarding) for training. It's also a great event venue for our MAD events. We would love to have more flow, but our Parks Crew has really been creative in using the space the best. We are committed to the pipes - but even with it built in-ground it requires a ton of snow to open. The mini-pipe is built and ready to ride much earlier in the season.

    We appreciate your patronage in the past and hope you continue to make Meadows your preferred ski resort.

  8. Cass

    September 17, 2013

    All good news except getting rid of terrain park space. Rose city is a favorite. Hopefully this is made up for somewhere else. :(

    Meadows: Thanks Cass. It is all good - and our Parks Crew is committed to making the most out of the terrain we have dedicated for freestyle riding. Fireweed will have jumps and is night lighted. And we expect that Rose City could return in the spring time frame.

  9. Eugene

    September 17, 2013

    You guys should have a "like" and a "dislike" in the comments. So, when someone posts a comment, you guys can see how other people feel based on how many "dislikes" and "likes" without doing this whole add comment thing. Just a taught. Also, are you guys planning to upgrade any other lifts in the future?



    Meadows: Thanks E. A great suggestion for the Blog. We've been using Facebook a lot for talking with guests and we see the likes and dislikes there, so it would be a nice feature to add here as well. For this season we don't have any lift upgrades, although our crews are busy with lift maintenance. The next lift project would be replacing Buttercup, and we have a few other lifts on the drawing board, but nothing definite yet.

  10. Bill

    September 17, 2013

    You can't get rid of Rose City. Can't you guys just level that pile of dirt you call a half pipe and let the kids ski there?

    Meadows: Long story short - no. Interestingly enough replacing the dirt we removed will require a NEPA process.

  11. Morgan

    September 17, 2013

    SO glad to see your decision on pricing this year, both for season pass and day passes. Things we're really getting out of hand there for a season! Also excited to see the rest of your updates, the sun deck will be awesome! SNOW SNOW SNOW!

    Meadows: We're excited as well and can't wait for winter to get here!

  12. Robert

    September 17, 2013

    As someone who knows a very large community of freestyle skiers / boarders, who'm most of are riding for teams such as ones throughout Portland, Gresham, Sandy and HR... I can say that all of us, extremely URGE you to get a rope tow in shipyard... We all would be willing to pay more on our pass if it would go towards this... I know many families who would do the same. Just put a pole on your website to see the proof. it honestly would make night skiing so much more enjoyable and I know of tens if not hundreds of kids i've met who choose skibowl instead of meadows for night skiing BECAUSE OF THIS. So get to it, stop ignoring this, it's extremely boring to night ski at meadows especially when easy rider takes ~two years~ to reach the top.

    Meadows: Thanks Robert. We might take that poll. When we had the rope tow there in the past the generals sentiment among riders was they weren't willing to pay for it. This post is prompting some internal discussions and review. We most likely won't be able to place it for this season, as getting the needed approvals is unlikely from our USFS partners who are very busy with the current permit load.

  13. Alex

    September 18, 2013

    Obviously a few people are pretty upset with these decisions (me being one of them). Rose City was hands down my favorite park, especially late season. Hopefully you guys will build up the Fireweed jumps to compensate.

    So I have two questions. I understand why Meadows put in the Stadium lift (although I disagree with it), but wonder if they ever considered making an additional lift in Heather, maybe going up the other side of Clark onto Pea Gravel Ridge? I believe this is within the permit boundary and just wonder if it has ever been discussed. If pass holders have their avy gear and the wits to use it, that would open up the backside of Clark/Newton and a huge amount of new/awesome terrain to spread the crowd out.

    Also, has there ever been any discussion between the management of Meadows and TLine/Skibowl to have a true Hood Fusion pass? Tline and Skibowl team up, how come Meadows isn't part of the mix? I'd personally pay more for my season pass if it gave me the other options, as I'm sure other people would too.

    All in all, Meadows has the best lift access terrain on the mountain for any given day....but, some of the decisions it has made over the last few years have definitely put off a few pass holders (coming from speaking to dozens). Regardless, I know I'll be purchasing a pass before the price hikes up in November and am excited to get a ride back up the hill!

    Meadows: Thanks Alex. We are excited about Fireweed and the experience our Parks crew can create. A lift placement in Clark would be risky considering the avalanche danger the Canyon presents. The terrain you refer to is awesome, but it is outside our permit area which runs along the ridge of Clark Canyon. Regarding and all resort pass, the economics would have to work out for us. In the past when there was a Meadows, Timberline and Ski Bowl pass more than 80% of the usage was at Meadows.

  14. Pete

    September 18, 2013

    what about a handle-tow from the top of star to the top of outer limits, via the ridge on skier's right of outer limits. it would let skiers hop off star and get to a-zone and marmot/texas without mhx and cascade. it would take a ton of pressure off base lifts. just a thought. keep up the good work.

    Meadows: Thanks Pete!

  15. Amanda

    September 20, 2013

    Thank you for considering all MHM Customers and not just the Park User/ Freestyle skiers. It is much needed to have space for transition beginner/intermediate skiers, especially so they don't get run over by snowboarders flying off a hill without even looking. I would like to see more ski patrol for safety. Too many are getting hit by out of control people. I am an advanced skier and was hit twice last year from behind while skiing straight down the mountain. One didn't even bother to stop.

    Meadows: Thanks Amanda. We are in need of this terrain to assist the progression of those coming into the sport. We have stepped up our safety host program, but on-hill safety and courtesy is best addressed through pro-active education and awareness. Thank you for this opportunity to share a safety message.

  16. Judy

    September 20, 2013

    You guys are doing a fantastic job in all ways. You are definitely listening to ALL guests. Amazing you could bring the ticket costs down, make improvements to facilities and figure out ways to make experience even greater for all. I appreciate you have improved quality of food and kept the price reasonable compared to many resorts. You offer clothing and equipment at competitive prices. Your customer service is fantastic and employee attitude such a great change from several years ago. Keep it up. No complaints from me.

    Meadows: Thank you Judy. We'll share this with our team as a way to challenge them to keep up the good work!

  17. Don

    September 21, 2013

    Are the ticket prices listed on your Lift Ticket page correct for the 2013/2014 season? If so, looks like some good news there!

    Meadows: Yes - there's some very good news indeed! Primarily we're no longer charging peak day pricing, which makes every day as affordable as the next.

  18. Ryan

    September 21, 2013

    Ah found the blog comment section.
    My concern with the improved wi fi access is will the fiber optic improve cellular voice and data coverage?
    Meadows has by far the worst connectivity into AT&T voice and data than any of the other areas. This may not be something you have control over. But you certainly can call some one at AT&T (when you get to Parkdale or Govy) and express your customers concerns. You have a small city up there nearly everyday Nov thru June.
    My second thought is about WiFi access on Stadium Lift and hill.
    Lots of competitions now post the current results directly to the web through the use of cellular voice and data.
    If Meadows could expand the WiFi up from the base area to the top of Stadium this would make the competitions there easier to run, safer, and quicker to start and finish.
    Just think of a race that could be run without the wires from top to bottom? No start delays because a wire broke or came undone.
    Results available to the spectators and participants immeadatly.
    Thanks. Ryan

    Meadows: Thanks Ryan. The fiber project doesn't improve cell service, although AT&T has upgraded some of their towers in the area (although not specifically within our permit area) that may have some affect on service. AT&T customers need to continue to tell AT&T about the issue of service at Meadows, and continue to support our efforts for them to improve the service. At this time the WiFi signal ends at the lodge, but extending it to Stadium would assist with racing results. In the past we've used a Verizon hot spot for the bottom of Stadium to post and communicate results.

  19. Nathan

    September 22, 2013

    Just Wondering: When is the top of Vista cam going to be working again? It hasn't worked for me since the middle of last season!

    Meadows: I used it Sunday to scout for snow at the top of Vista. We'll keep checking for consistency.

  20. Tim

    September 24, 2013

    We have enjoyed Meadows for the last 10-15 years. We are part of the Meadows after dark crowd and have been our whole snowboarding career:) The only thing that i have to say is about the groom. After dark the groom gets very crunchy! Would there be any way they could re-groom the slopes before after dark?

    I appreciate MHM and am looking forward to an awesome season!

    Thanks, Tim

    Meadows: Thank you for making MAD so much fun! We are evaluating a regroom on weekends or high traffic days, if we can get the logistics of creating safe zones while we have cats out on the hill.

  21. Stuart

    September 25, 2013

    Great news about getting fiber to the lodge. AT&T service is abysmal - if it hasn't been improved this season (not your guys deal obviously,) at least this way iMessage/skype/facetime will be available when meeting people at the base areas.

    Meadows: Great point! Ironic that smart phones are evolving beyond the basic cell phone functionality allowing them to use these features even if cell service isn't available.

  22. jake

    September 25, 2013

    So where will all the highschool ski teams be riding on weekend?

    Meadows: We met with OISA (Oregon High School Snowboarding) which has endorsed the plan. OISA has three disciplines - Banked Slalom, Half Pipe and Slope Style. We have venues for all three which are night lighted for training. The slope style will be held on Fireweed, the Banked Slalom on our Banked Slalom course and the half pipe in our in-ground half pipe.

  23. WhiteRoom

    September 29, 2013

    First and foremost - a BIG THANK YOU for allowing your patrons for expressing their concerns, comments and suggestions. A fantastic venue for opinions, both pros and cons for the ski resort. You listen, comment and although not always in the favor of the speaker, you stand true.

    As of my typing, the majority of today's concerns are related to snow parks - I hope that there is soooo much snow you can't even make a park!! Big DUMP, build park, play, repeat. Looks to me like people stopped reading - what about brush clearing - AWESOME and honestly it was about time!

    If you would have called me, I would have come out with my chainsaw and brush hog and helped out!!! THIS IS A BIG DEAL PEOPLE. I just wish there was more of it - throw in some tree thinning, branch and fallen tree removal can open up some new glades at both low and standard snow levels. You claim 2,150 skiable acres but we all know its not fully accessible........

    Two questions to field......

    #1 - Why require avi gear in Superbowl? When / if an avi does release it enters the ski area on top of guest without avi gear! Just doesn't make any sense. I have made the hike prior to this senseless rule and can tell everyone reading its worth the steps.....reminder - 2,150 sikable acres but we all know its not fully accessible .....

    #2 - Mt B is opening the Eastside - what options are available to MHMs for terrain expansion? Even if we have to hike in or out prior to the addition of a chairlift. Your master plan is not accessible and many would like to know what the ski area boundary truly is and how we can help build your dreams of expansion. Yes, we can help that I promise. Can anyone say JAKE'S WOODS......

    With that said - my season pass is reloaded and I will once again be in line opening day.

    Keep up the good work and see you BEFORE turkey day!!


    Meadows: Great questions WhiteRoom! Our permit area is actually 3554 acres and the 2150 is the acreage that is presently open and skied. Trail maintenance is performed every year, some years other projects take more of the crew’s time. Small tree removal on existing ski runs is an approved maintenance activity, however, cutting trees in forested areas to create glades requires a NEPA process for approval and can be quite costly. Glades have a very low skier capacity (<%25) compared to groomed runs so it's hard to justify the NEPA expense.

    Regarding your questions:

    #1 Avi gear requirement and the hike helps filter out those who are not ready for the big mountain exposure of Superbowl. There are several areas where an inexperienced skier could get themselves into trouble up there. Not a perfect solution but it helps. Also a large slide in Superbowl is not the only reason for carrying avi gear, there are many other smaller slide paths in the area. Additionally because of the remote location of the terrain and the hike-to access even for our staff, response times to incidents are potentially longer. We do have a snow machine stationed at the top of CASX when the terrain is open to facilitate quicker back up to the patroler stationed at the top of the hike. We need our guests to take this terrain (and the potential dangers) seriously particularly when rescue response times may be longer than in the rest of the resort.

    #2 Most terrain within the Permit boundary that can be open has been opened. Most good advanced skiing terrain that is outside of the permit boundary is in wilderness. So the opportunity for new terrain is limited, although we do have some longer range plans for lift placement that will better serve underutilized terrain (ie. the way Vista provided better access to the South Side boundary terrain which was largely being overlooked by our guests.

    Thanks for your questions. We appreciate the opportunity to address these ideas and opportunities, and explain some of our operational decisions with our guests.

  24. exaussie

    September 30, 2013

    Yay for the no ice build up on deck speaking as one who has done a yard sale type fall there I appreciate that! Glad to see season pass price-didn't get one last year due to price knowing I didn't have a lot of days to get up there. Thanks for getting rid of "peak pricing!"

    Meadows: You're welcome! Regarding the deck, the snow melt install is limited to the southeast corner of the deck, overlooking the parking lot. Their are still parts of the deck that don't have snow melt, so we urge everyone to "walk like a penguin" (small steps - arms out at side) to reduce the chances of falling.

  25. felipe

    September 30, 2013

    i'm curious why meadows doesn't make it more convenient for parents with toddlers to be on the mountain. my wife and i spent last year taking turns on what? $800 worth of midweek passes. $1000 of full passes? daycare prices are impossible. timberline offers a single parenthood pass for $565 that parents can swap as many times as they want while the other watches the kid.

    i've loved my 7 or 8 years at meadows but the several hundred dollars we're saving will go a long way toward trips to other places and gear.

    Meadows: Thanks for the suggestion Felipe. Timberline offers the pass largely because they don't have Day Care. We prefer to offer an experience that the entire family can enjoy. Really, the lodge is not the best place for caring for a toddler which is why we offer a State Certified Day Care facility.

    We have a great midweek (non-holiday) special that we offer - all day Day Care and an adult day pass for $125. We also sell a "spouse" day pass for just $50. That's normally a $244 value for just $175 for it's a great deal!

  26. Ricardo

    October 20, 2013

    I car pool almost always. Our group arrives at Meadows early on mid-week powder days, 7:30-8:00am. Is there any plan for earlier bus transportation for powder hounds that want to arrive 7:30-8:00 am rather than the current bus transportation that pulls into the lot about the time chairs start loading? I think there is a decent amount of your pass holder patrons that want to arrive early, charge hard, and leave shortly after lunch. I have been a MHM passholder for 35 years, and know many like minded. What's the pssibility, eh? Thank you for your response.

    Meadows: Thanks Ricardo. As you've noted most of our transportation from Portland arrives around 9 AM. To do so the first pick ups are usually just before 7 AM. In the past when we've attempted to schedule earlier pick up times our guests avoided those stops - opting to find pick ups later in the morning. I can see how this would be popular on powder days though. A good solution for this would be the creation of an east-side pick up location - perhaps in Sandy or even closer to the mountain below the snow line. Then we could operate a regular shuttle to that location, making it easy to add some earlier buses on powder days. Hopefully we can move transportation in that direction.

  27. Larry

    November 8, 2013

    I'm sure I"m in the minority here, but having worked as an economist, and as a longtime passholder and lifetime skier who hates crowded slopes, I really liked last year's peak pricing scheme. I know at least anecdotally that it discouraged some people from coming and clogging up the parking lots and slopes on weekends. To the extent that it didn't, it just meant those people were helping to subsidize the rest of us. Frankly, I was also sorry to see that you rolled back the price of a season pass. Allowing for buddy passes seems like a great way to reward passholders for their loyalty by mitigatating the cost of a day ticket for their friends. I would have liked you to just go with that first before rolling back the other prices. That said, I'm probably one of the few people out there who is willing to pay a more to have less crowded slopes and parking lots.

    Meadows: Thanks Larry. It's great to have this insight, particularly from an economist. Last year's price increase and the peak pricing structure was intended to encourage off-peak visits. In hindsight, all it really did was make people less likely to purchase a pass, because frankly, they're pretty locked into the days that they can go. Artificial regulation (through pricing) did not create the incentives we were looking for.
    We also looked at peak days over the past three seasons. Twelve times our lots reached capacity it was a weekend or holiday with blue bird or powder conditions. It wasn't an issue of price, it was ideal conditions lining up at a time when the greatest number of people could enjoy them. And those days it wasn't just our lots that reached capacity - there were turn aways at Timberline and Ski Bowl, as well as at Washington and Central Oregon ski areas. In other words, this isn't just a Meadows problem, and as such, it isn't a problem that Meadows can fix through price adjustment.
    So we will approach this season with a peak parking plan to better manage the traffic and visitation which can be expected on these blue bird, holiday or weekend days. We're looking into creating remote parking lots in the Welches and possibly Parkdale areas, that when we know we're going to reach capacity in our lots, we can shuttle from those areas. Much better than having someone drive all the way to Meadows only to be turned away. This will require a lot of coordination and communication between our departments and with our guests, but ultimately our goal is to not have to turn away visitors any day this season. We'll have more information on these remote shuttle lots soon!

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