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The Prinoth BR 350 Has Arrived

Mt. Hood Meadows already has the most advanced grooming fleet on Mt. Hood. Tuesday, the first of three new snowcats for this season arrived - the Prinoth BR 350. It's an elegant machine - but don't let looks fool you. It loves steep mountain slopes, and massive volumes of snow, particular challenges. 

The new Prinoth BR 350 Snow Cat arrives at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortThe powerful Prinoth BR 350 at Mt. Hood Meadows

The BR 350 is a nimble power pack for perfect grooming, even under extreme situations. Powerful, reliable, hardworking. Just like our grooming crew!

It's a real climbing freak. The BR350s unique snow surface conforming suspension gives this class leader extraordinary climbing performance, even in extremely difficult snow and terrain conditions. The POSIFLEX tiller gives perfect results - no matter the snow conditions.

The business end of our new Prinoth BR 350A look into the Cab of the Prinoth 350 snowcat at Mt. Hood Meadows

It's the number 1 groomer in North America for the past 7 years! And we're proud to have it in our fleet!


  1. Joe

    October 19, 2013

    Glad to see the new Cat!

    When we have some long dry spells this winter (hopefully not too many) it would be nice to see it used to keep some of our steeps skiable. Example: 4 Bowl, & a run or two in Heather.

    Thanks for keeping hill & equipment up to date,


    Meadows: Thanks Joe. If we get high pressure we really want to showcase the ability (and agility) of these cats and our grooming staff. With the great cruising equipment and awesome groom there's great opportunities for making turns, burning calories, and getting a great workout.

  2. Dave

    October 22, 2013

    Don't you guys have a winch cat now as well? Like Joe said - when we get dry spells it would be sweet to see some of the chop taken out of a couple of the bowls. Helps corn snow setup as well.

    Meadows: We do have a winch cat and it is used regularly. We do use the winch cat in the bowls on occasion.

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