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Burly Storm Riders Dip Into Some Powder

The weather is throwing some of it's nastiest early season storm conditions at us - and the burly storm riders are loving it. That storm - you know the big one with all the potential - well, it finally got cold enough to transition from rain to snow - around midnight in the base area, but much earlier higher up on the mountain.

With the high winds today, and storm evaluation and recovery efforts underway, Tuesday's lifts were limited to Daisy and Buttercup, with some beginners coming up for lessons in the Fun Zone. Not a bad idea considering the Ballroom Carpet over-the-snow conveyer is covered - a nice shelter from the storm! Those taking the plunge - if you can call 3 - 5 inches plungeable, received free refills as new snow and light wind-drifted powdery flakes filled their tracks. Cold - yes. Windy - yes. Crowded? No. Dress for the storm conditions, and enjoy the Daisy runs.

Thanks to Temira in mComm for the photos. And thanks to our guests who braved the conditions - we're sure your reward was in the fresh early season turns you can brag about to your friends!

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  1. Dar

    December 2, 2013

    Did you mean to say "today's" lifts were limited to Daisy and buttercup? Or, "Tuesday's lifts will be" limited to Daisy and Buttercup? I'm planning on coming up on Tuesday so I need clarification. Thanks!

    Meadows: Monday's lifts are limited to Daisy and Buttercup. We're expecting more for Tuesday. Stay tuned!

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