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Meadows Has 63" Base at Top of Star Snow Stake

No wonder the snow conditions are so much better at Mt. Hood Meadows - especially on the upper mountain. The snowpack measured at the top of Shooting Star - about 6560' elevation - is 63". That's right - more than five feet of snow at the top of Star, which by the way, is the same elevation as the top of Mt. Hood Express.

Shooting Star snow stake at the 6560 foot level at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort 

This is a reporting station that our patrol has been monitoring on a regular basis. Today we planted an actual snow stake there so we can report mid mountain snow depth. You'll see that now on our conditions page and our daily snow pack reports.

Full disclosure - this is in a location that can collect snow drift, but it is representative of where we ski. There can be wind swept areas with much less snow. It is still early season conditions, and you may find grass poking through on the lower part of Star Ridge, Apollo and Mercury, so as always be aware of unmarked obstacles. We just wanted to show that higher up on the mountain the snow pack and the conditions are much different than what is being officially reported at our telemetry at the bottom of Mt. Hood Express.

So while others are focused on the base area depth of 24" - our guests are enjoying the conditions on terrain served by Mt. Hood Express, Shooting Star and Cascade Express. Pretty awesome, huh?

Here's a great video from a guest "SnoringZoe" that he submitted through our video channel. If you haven't made it up you'll see what you've been missing!



    December 17, 2013

    Will the two half pipes be open anytime soon?

    Thanks Meadows.

    Meadows: We need more snow (understatement). But our crew will build it as soon as we have the snow.

  2. Sean

    January 9, 2014

    How much snow do you usually need for it not to be considered "Early season conditions"? I'm not letting it keep me from the mountain, but I'd like to know when I can stop worrying about running over rocks.


    Meadows: Well, you should always be aware of unmarked obstacles, even when we have a hundred inch snowpack. But generally, once we get over four or five feet of settled base, we feel comfortable no longer disclaiming early season conditions. So we're getting there!

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