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Awesome Video Shows How Great the Conditions Are

It's amazing what last week's storm did to provide coverage on our slopes. We received four feet of snow in the base area where our settled base is 51" and more mid mountain where we have 78". The storm allowed us to open Hood River Meadows so we now have bottom to top high speed quad service. All six of our express lifts are scheduled to operate this MLK weekend.

Most amazingly is the quality of the surface conditions. A beautiful groom and packed powder. The warm sunny days are not affecting the snow pack the way it does in the spring - that's because the sun is much lower and not beating down directly on the snow. It really is great skiing and snowboarding. The video was shot Thursday, January 16 by Pierce Hodges. Enjoy - and we'll see you on the mountain soon!


  1. Nathan

    January 19, 2014

    Why is Stadium Express not ever open for night skiing? I feel like you guys don't use it as much as you could... It's only used as needed?

    Meadows: Hi Nathan. Stadium Express is scheduled for nights as needed, but also to support race training and events on Stadium. The snowpack has limited operations on Stadium, but as things get back to normal so will the use of Stadium at night. It serves a greater need during the day to get guests out of the base area and more directly access Shooting Star and Hood River Meadows.

  2. Jim Lamv

    January 23, 2014

    Meadows has done a really great job wth keeping the area open and moving snow around in this challenging year.
    One amazing asset of Meadows is Heather canyon, sadly not open because of no bridges in the lower canyon needed in case of a heather chair failure. Those Meadows genius's that built that awesome snow trailer need to get busy and build a few portabridges!

    Meadows: If it can be done, those are the guys to do it! The bigger problem is the meandering nature of the creeks in Heather. If not for the constant change we'd be able to engineer something.

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