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Cascade Storm Recovered

Cascade Express towers following 4 foot snow storm
That's the picture our lift maintenance crew rolled up on this morning. That's Cascade - all frozen up from the storm that brought us four feet of snow this past few days, but also saw the freezing levels yoyo up and down creating our infamous Mt. Hood rime ice.

Rime ice on Vista TowerAnd this is after several hours of deicing the Vista lift which was opened to public at 10:16 AM, following storm recovery, dig out and chair launch. That deicing actually started yesterday as the storm was pushing out. Take a look at this tower and imagine trying to climb it!

No sweat. Well, actually - a lot of sweat.  Eight climbers, hammering ice off the tower ladders, then perching atop each lift using brass hammers to free the haul cable of the caked ice over a foot in diameter. Hard work - but something our crews are very good at.rime ice on haul cable at Mt. Hood MeadowsRime ice 1 foot in diameter on haul cable

Cascade Express towers and lines with rime iceCascade tower begin deiced 

And the results of their hard efforts is your reward. Cascade opened to public at 12:45 today. And that means with the high pressure and sunshine we're seeing this week, we expect the lift to be operating daily. Here are some photos taken by Brian Robb and our own Jay Chrisman.

So now we have high speed access from the bottom of HRM to the top of Cascade - 2,777 vertical feet. That's one of the best vertical drops with good coverage found any where in the country. And it's yours - here at Meadows! See you on the mountain!


  1. Andrew Jannsen

    January 14, 2014

    Great work on the storm recovery. I am very impressed with how well you guys handled the lack of snow and now an abundance of ice and snow. Are you aware that you have some lights out for MAD? There is a pole half way down 3 Bowl and another light out on a Blue tower that illuminates the upper face.

    Meadows: Thank you for the compliments on storm recovery and making the most of the snow we have. Our mountain crew - particularly our grooming team is doing a spectacular job this season! Time to climb some towers and change some bulbs!

  2. James T

    January 14, 2014

    Great job getting all that ice down. What...20 towers on cascade? That's a lot of work. How do you get the ice off the cable between towers?

    Meadows: Our team on the towers use brass hammers to knock the snow off the cable. Once they remove enough snow from the cable above and below each tower, a lift operator will move the cable, bringing more encased cable to the tower, where our crew knock it off. Then the operator inches the cable again. It is a very methodical process.

  3. Brian

    January 14, 2014

    You used to have video of the lift maint. crew di-icing Cascade. I cannot find it should repost it to your channel for those who don't understand what it takes to get that lift running after a storm. Or make a new one....from start to finish of the ritual.

    Meadows: Thanks! We had the video on our old web site. We'll need to check the archives.

  4. todd

    January 16, 2014

    Thanks for all the hard work! It's appreciated.

    Meadows: We will pass that along to our crew. Thanks!

  5. Nathan

    January 24, 2014


    If I came up last year on a 6 week saturday program, can I get that lift ticket reloaded online for a day pass?
    If so, how?


    Meadows: Yes if you have RFID media (from this year or last year) you can reload a day pass on it at this link:

    This will work for a one day pass.

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