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Update: February Drops 134" of Snow

Adding today's accumulation through Friday morning February has served up 134" including Friday morning's 11"! We received FIVE FEET in FOUR DAYS!

Feb 20: 17" Feb 16: 9” Feb 12: 6” Feb 8: 9” Feb 4: 3”
Feb 19: 13" Feb 15: 7” Feb 11: 5” Feb 7: 8” Feb 3: 3”
Feb 18: 17” Feb 14: 7” Feb 10: 1” Feb 6: 0” Feb 2: 0”
Feb 17: 4” Feb 13: 1” Feb 9: 9” Feb 5: 2” Feb 1: 2”
51" 24" 21" 19" 8"
Check out this awesome video by Pierce Hodges shot Tuesday.

Powder at Mt. Hood MeadowsIt may be the shortest month, but so far it has delivered the snow conditions we’ve been waiting for. Through this morning at 5 AM - February has delivered 6 feet of new snow - that’s right - 72”! There’s only been two days in February where we didn’t get any accumulation the previous 24 hours, and the current storm has dropped over 2 FEET of fresh in the past 72 hours!

See photos posted on our Social Page!

During this storm cycle the Heather lift opened delighting powder riders from Twilight down. Private Reserve opened and we reached 92” snow depth in the base area. Winter is on - we're at full operations! Thanks February. 


  1. Just Wondering...

    February 18, 2014

    Hi Meadows!

    I was wondering why, during the week, sometimes Daisy is the alternate to Vista, and sometimes Easy Rider is. Why can't Daisy just be the alternate?
    It accesses the same terrain as Easy Rider, plus some more!
    Does it cost more to run Daisy?

    Meadows: Daisy is a great lift and as you mentioned serves a little more terrain than Easy Rider. But it also has a pretty steep unload which doesn't provide a good transition for lower level abilities, particularly participants in our lessons. Easy Rider is easier to unload, provides direct access to Mitchell Creek (a great beginner's run) and also serves the parks. We used Daisy as an alternate last week as there was scheduled maintenance on Easy Rider. Thanks!

  2. acinpdx

    February 21, 2014

    i saw the cascade cam this morning with the towers covered in rime and thought: a great blog entry would be what exactly happens during a typical "storm recovery" (photos would make it sweet!)

    we always see that phrase and it probably means something different than we think it does

    psyched that winter's finally here!!


    Meadows: Thanks Adam. Look for an upcoming post on storm recovery, our crew did an awesome job getting the upper mountain.

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