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Rest of Season Pass On Sale

With winter kicking in big time and the base area snow depth busting through the 100” mark - a long season at Mt. Hood Meadows is assured! The resort has announced pricing on its “Rest of Season Pass” - which offers unlimited access from March 10 through the rest of the season. 

The pass will be sold at the resort for $139 beginning March 10, but it can be purchased in advance for $119. In addition to saving $20, the pass can be backed by a credit card and allow the holder discounted direct-to-lift access through March 9, until it becomes an unlimited pass. The direct-to-lift pass is $59 for a day pass (saving $15) and $25 for a 3-9 PM evening pass (a $5 savings).

There’s a special price on the rest of the season pass for ages 7 - 22 for just $99, offering unlimited access from March 10 through the rest of the season.

The resort has received over 12 feet of snow in February - and is scheduled to operate daily through April 27, and then at least the first two weekends in May.

The rest of the season pass provides the same benefits as other Meadows passes - 10% discounts on retail purchases and demo equipment, selected restaurant discounts, enrollment in the Ski School Loyalty Reward program for return incentives on adult and children’s lessons and daycare and the very popular Buddy Pass discount, allowing the pass holder to bring five friends to Meadows at $59 each.


  1. Nathan

    February 26, 2014

    I noticed that the superpipe was now under construction, and so i was wondering, is there going to be a minipipe this year?
    Usually that is built before the superpipe...

    Meadows: Our focus has been on the superpipe and now with this new snow we'll need to get our other parks rebuilt. We most likely will not have a mini-pipe this season.

  2. tom martincello

    February 27, 2014

    I should have waited for a deal like that and not purchased my pass in October!

    Meadows: Always an option. But you would have missed out on an amazing February as well as some awesome days that we offered up in December and January. Yes snow depth may have limited operations in the early season, but we've been open every day since Thanksgiving providing the opportunity to enjoy the mountain. And now with 106" base and more snow in the forecast, the rest of the season is assured. We suggest you come up and use your pass a lot this spring, regardless of when it was purchased.

  3. May

    March 10, 2014

    I will be moving to Oregon May 1st I am 20 years old. Will the 99 dollar rest of the season pass still be available to purchase at that time?

    Meadows: Yes - either online or at the resort. See you in May!

  4. alex

    March 10, 2014

    i have a season pass and was wondering if that would still work on weekends, because i overheard someone say that and was wondering if it was true.

    Meadows: If you have an unlimited pass it's valid weekends - even the bonus weekends we are offering in May. If you have a midweek pass then it is not valid weekends.

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