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Spring Park Poised for Opening

After a week of intensive construction, one of the country’s longest flow freestyle parks is poised for opening. Spring Park at Mt. Hood Meadows is a collaborative effort between Snow Park Technologies and Meadows Parks crews. The park runs for nearly a mile from the top of the Vista Express all the way to the resort’s 18-foot in ground Superpipe.

Here’s a preview of Spring Park - with photos shot Sunday by Pierce Hodges.

SPT assisted in the design and construction of the park. Two cat drivers have been building features since park construction began last Monday. SPT builds parks all over the world, but the overall length of Spring Park, it’s fun factor, variety of features and the flow into the 18 foot Super Pipe rally distinguishes it from others.

Meadows received more than 3 feet of snow during the build, which pushed the construction back a bit, but a portion of the park may be open today, depending on the weather. The upper part of the Park was completed Sunday, and a multitude of rails are scheduled to be set on the lower part of Spring Park today.

Meadows CEO Matthew Drake commended both SPT and the Meadows Parks crew, saying, “This Park exemplifies our commitment to offering the ultimate spring park riding experience possible for our freestyle guests. SPT is the best in the industry, and their assistance and guidance in the design and construction of this park showcases both the awesome terrain our mountain offers and the talent of our parks crew. It takes all three to make what we believe is the best Spring park offered anywhere this season.”

The park is expected to open fully this week as early as Tuesday. A formal grand opening ceremony will be held Saturday to recognize and celebrate the achievement. In addition to Spring Park, Meadows offers The Zoo (featuring smaller features) and Fireweed (a medium size park) for the rest of the season. Meadows is open daily through April 27, and at least the first two weekends of May.

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  1. old jibber

    March 31, 2014

    Thankyou everybody and anybody for the decisions and all the hard work. I saw from the lift yesterday, words can't describe, fricken awsome thankyou agin.

    Meadows: You are welcome. Now come on up and enjoy Spring Park!

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