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Lock-In Best Rate On Next Season's Pass for $49

Mt. Hood Meadows unlimited season passes for the 2014/15 season are on sale - but you don't have to purchase it now to get the best rate. Pass purchasers can "Lock-In" their best price now for just $49 by May 31, and the remainder of the balance will be auto-charged to their credit card on September 15. The passes will allow uphill access to Meadows’ popular terrain every day lifts operate next season, scheduled from late November through April, and any bonus weekends in May.

LOCK-IN NEXT YEAR'S PASS ONLINE OR AT THE SKI AREA - AND SKI FREE THE REST OF THIS MAY! Just one more benefit we are offering - so purchase or Lock-In now!

Renew My Pass @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortMeadows will keep season passes at the 2013/14 prices. However, 2013/14 Unlimited, Midweek, Night, 10 Time Pass and Spring Pass holders will receive about a 10% discount to renew or upgrade their pass by May 31. Additionally, those purchasing by May 31 will receive one free bonus day pass to give to a friend. 

Purchase your season pass online now!If you don't have a 2013/14 pass, you can lock-in next year's price or purchase next season's pass by May 31 and receive one free bonus day pass to give to a friend. And you get any remaining days in May this season FOR FREE!

 Age  Renew by 5/31* New by 5/31*   6/1-10/31  11/1-11/17  After 11/17
 25-65  $449  $499  $499  $524  $799
 15-24  $314  $349  $349  $374  $499
 7-14  $224  $249  $249  $274  $399
 6&Under  $25  $25  $25  $25  $25
 65-74  $339  $379  $379  $404  $449
 75+  Free  Free  Free  Free  Free
 *Includes FREE Bonus 1 Day lift pass to give to a friend if purchased by 5/31!

2013/14 Passholders receive a Discount!

Those who purchased a season pass or 10 Time Pass this season will get special pricing on next year’s unlimited pass when they renew by May 31. The discount represents about a 10% discount off of last year’s price, and those renewing by May 31 also receive the free Bonus day lift pass to give to a friend. 

Lock in Pricing for $49

We realize coming up with your entire payment for next season right now may be difficult. So you can lock in the special pricing for just $49 by May 31! The remainder of your pass will be auto-charged to your credit card on September 15. You get the best price guaranteed AND you will receive the free Bonus day lift pass to give to a friend! The lock in requires a credit card.

Bonus Lift Pass 

Those renewing, purchasing or locking in their passes by May 31 will receive a free Bonus day lift pass to give to a friend - a $79 value. 

New Age Grouping

Meadows has expanded the young adult age grouping - those age 15 to 24 receive the special pricing. In the past the age group was 15 to 22 so therefore 23 and 24 year olds receive the benefit from this price break, saving $135 if renewing or $150 if purchasing new! 

Pass Protection and Ski Check Bundled at Half last year’s price - secure yourself for just $30!

A lot can happen over the course of your season. Protect your pass investment with Pass Protection - which gives you a pro-rated credit if your season is ended by injury, medical condition or relocation. Ski Check provides a secure location for you to check your equipment into during the day at the main lodge. Why take a chance on having your equipment stolen when Ski Check is so affordable? Purchased separately Ski Check is $25 and Pass Protection is $10. Bundle them together for $30!

*Club Card holders are not available for special renewal pricing


  1. Tom

    April 18, 2014

    Hey, this looks great...but I find that the only option when I go online is for the full pass. I can't get this deal if I renew or lock in my existing midweek pass? Will there be no midweek pass next year? Thanks!

    Meadows: The special offers are for unlimited passes. We will have a midweek pass which we expect will be the same price next season - and you'll be able to renew your pass when it goes on sale.

  2. Cole

    April 19, 2014

    I turn 15 in 2 weeks, If I renew my pass today do I get the price for the age I am now?

    Meadows: Your pass is determined by your age at the time of purchase, so you definitely will want to purchase or at least lock-in your pass before your birthday!

  3. Mac Markstaller

    April 22, 2014

    Does this pass include night skiing?

    Meadows: Yes - the passes we are selling include night operations - basically they are valid from open to close every lift, every day we operate!

  4. Erik

    April 22, 2014

    I have an unlimited 2013-2014 pass. So if I lock in the "special pricing" by paying $49 by May 31st, what will the remainder due Sept 15th be? $400 or $450? Thanks

    Meadows: For those renewing a 2013-2014 pass we are offering a 10% discount, so your remainder will be $400. There is no extra charge for the lock-in. One note, Meadows Club Card holders are not eligible for the 10% discount. But they can lock-in next year's pass for $49 (or pay the full amount) by May 31 and get the one free bonus lift pass as well.

  5. Paul

    April 24, 2014

    Meadows will keep season passes at the 2013/14 prices. However, 2013/14 Unlimited, Midweek, Night, 10 Time Pass and Spring Pass holders will receive about a 10% discount to renew or upgrade their pass by May 31. Additionally, those purchasing by May 31 will receive one free bonus day pass to give to a friend.

    This is from your blog (renew your pass) Say one thing do another (reply to Toms post 4/18/14)
    At least reword your description to avoid confusion.

    Meadows: Thanks Paul - and sorry for the confusion. At this time we are only selling next year's unlimited passes (not midweek, night, 10 time pass or Meadows Club Card). But those who have a 2013/14 can purchase or renew next year's unlimited pass now. Those who don't have an unlimited pass, can still receive the 10% discount on next year's unlimited pass by locking-in or purchasing by May 31. Meadows Club Card holders are not eligible for the 10% discount, but if they lock-in or purchase an unlimited pass by May 31, they will still receive the free bonus lift pass to use for a friend.

  6. Matt

    April 25, 2014

    Do the 10 time and/or weekday passes have blackout dates?

    Meadows: Remaining days on 10 time passes can continue to be used. Midweek passes can be used on Fridays in May (but not the weekends).

  7. Bjorn

    April 25, 2014

    I have a 10 time pass for 13/14 and would like to renew a 10 time pass for next season and get the 10% discount - as your text on your web page states is possible. I understand I have to buy before May 31, but no option to do that on-line at this time, since you are only selling the season pass. So my question is - when can I buy this, can I buy online, or do I need to buy in person?

    Meadows: For clarification - the 10% discount is only for those purchasing unlimited passes for next season. As a 10 Time Pass holder, you qualify to upgrade to an unlimited pass and receive the 10% discount (as well as the free one day bonus lift pass). You can receive this by locking-in for $49, or purchasing the unlimited pass outright before May 31. We will be putting 10 Time Passes on sale by September 1.

  8. SkiDuck

    April 26, 2014

    I like this - loyalty discounts are always a good call. It'd be great if you threw in free ski check with the unlimited pass, but the free buddy pass is nice too. Locked mine in for next year!

    Meadows: Thanks! We reduced the price on Ski Check and bundled it with pass protection for $30 (last year Ski Check was $35 and pass protection was $25). We hope everyone will take advantage of it!

  9. Randy

    April 27, 2014

    I have a family of four. Do you offer a family unlimited pass?

    Meadows: Hi Randy. There isn't a packaged discount for a family, but we do offer age based discounts. This provides the best price available and gives families the greatest flexibility in purchasing passes which makes sense for them.

  10. Sean

    April 28, 2014

    I tried to buy my son a pass for next season as he is 6 now and I wanted to lock in that $25 price, but I'm not seeing that as an option when clicking through the "buy online" link. Is the $25 6 and under pass not able to be purchased at this time? Would like to lock in that rate before he turns 7.

    Meadows: We added next year's pass product for 6 and under to our store, so you can purchase it now. A great deal for any of our young guests who will be turning 7 before next season. This pass does not include the free bonus one day lift pass, but at $25 it's a screaming deal!

  11. böB Frapples

    April 29, 2014

    So if I renew passes for the whole family of three is it 30% discount then? Can it be done all at once?

    Meadows: Hey böB. The discount isn't progressive (although that is intriguing). Our price for those renewing a pass is 10% less than those who are purchasing it new (or didn't have a Meadows pass this season). But 10% off is still a great value, especially since each pass receives a free bonus one day lift pass to share with a friend (except for our 6 and under season passes).


    May 16, 2014

    I am 70 and grew up in UP of Michigan
    With 20 feet of Snow.

    REALY wish you had less expensive
    Tickets so I could ski more:)

    I was in the Ski Patrol at Michigan Tech
    My home Town:)

    Meadows: Thanks for the suggestion and sharing your experience with us! Senior lift passes were $49 / day at Meadows this season, and the 65 - 74 year old season pass is on sale now $339. You can lock in that price for just $49 by May 31, and we will auto charge the rest of the pass in September. it's a great deal for an entire season of skiing at Meadows!

  13. Sarah Beth

    May 16, 2014

    If I were to purchase a full season pass would it work for the 2014 summer?

    Meadows: We currently do not offer skiing in the summer - our last day of operation is May 17.

  14. Beth

    May 16, 2014

    I have always had a 10 time pass (and I do now) but am trying to decide if I want to upgrade to a season pass for next season. What is your estimated price of 10 time passes for next year? I am trying to compare the economics of acting now for a season pass or waiting for a 10 time pass.

    Meadows: That's a great question! We expect the early season price for the 10 Time Pass to stay the same as last year - $399 by November 1. As a current 10 Time Pass holder, you would qualify for the $449 adult season pass renewal price and receive the one FREE bonus lift day pass (a $74 value in itself). You can also lock in the $449 price for $49, and we will auto charge the remaining $400 in September.

  15. Stacy

    May 23, 2014

    I just renewed passes for myself and daughter. How will we receive the free bonus lift passes? And I read something about discounted buddy passes, what are they ard do we get those also?

    Meadows: Congratulations Stacy and thanks for renewing your passes. The free bonus lift pass is built right into your season pass - next season just stop by any point of sale with the guest you want to give the pass to and we'll issue the free day lift pass. Next year's season passes have 3 discount buddy passes included, and it's a similar process, except you'll need to pay the discount price for your buddy. See you on the slopes!

  16. Kathy

    May 27, 2014

    Is this $49.00 to lock in the 2013/2014 price for the Mid Week Pass as well?

    Meadows: No - we're only Locking in our unlimited passes at this time. We will be putting the midweek pass on sale by September 1. This May 31 deal is awesome on the full season pass, especially for current pass holders who get a 10% discount making the unlimited $449 (just $50 more than the midweek pass) - plus you get a free one day bonus pass to share!

  17. Keith

    May 29, 2014

    When are we going to get passes with holes punched into them? I like using a neck strap and currently it is difficult. The manufactures know where the antenna is located so putting a hole in should be no problem.

    Meadows: Unfortunately the hole in the pass is not an option with our current pass media from SkiData. The "antenna" is actually a circuit that runs throughout the pass. We may look at a prepunched version in the future that molds the hole into the design of the pass. Have you considered a pouch with a lanyard?

  18. Josh

    May 29, 2014

    I had a night pass this year but can't find it now and may have chucked it after the season was over. Is there still a way to get the discounted season pass for next year?

    Meadows: Yes. You can call 503.337.2222 and we can assist you over the phone. There may be a nominal replacement fee for the lost pass, but the great savings you're getting as a renewing pass holder far exceeds that expense! Thanks!

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