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Meadows Parks Improvements - Shipyard Rope Tow and a Winter Flow Park!

You asked. We listened. Check out what we’ve got planned for next winter in the Meadows Parks!

Shipyard Rope Tow – This summer, we’ll install a rope tow at Shipyard so you can take lap after lap in our rail park. It’s always the first winter rail park to open on Hood, and it’s included with your Meadows season pass.

Winter Flow Park – Our Spring Park collaboration with Snow Park Technologies was a huge success; largely because it offered a next level park riding experience with creative features that flowed from one to the next, and was serviced by one high-speed lift. Next season, you’ll be able to ride a unique combination of features (accessed by Shooting Star) that flow and offer the same fun, challenging experience Spring Park featured – all season long.

Our parks plan for next season will include features in The Zoo, Fireweed, and Shipyard, as well as construction of the 18-foot Superpipe, some seasonal banked slalom and boarder cross courses, Forest Park and the new Winter Flow Park on Shooting Star. This configuration of parks best utilizes our terrain and will offer you a wide variety of features, and a unique riding experience. We're stoked! 

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  1. Steep & Deep

    June 9, 2014

    Awesome idea to input a rope tow for these folks to be able to get the most out of the park! Now you need to start looking at putting in a poma lift out in the back country to take you from the HC run out trail back up to access HRM lower trails; that would be even better!!! This lift could be put in right after the final snow bridge up through the trees to the HRM run out trail; maybe could even build a couple of new trails out in those trees.

    Meadows: Thanks Steep! We appreciate the suggestions - it keeps us thinking for sure!

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