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Superpark 18 Friday Update

Superpark Webcast
Due to weather, the Friday and Saturday Superpark webcasts (scheduled from 1 – 3 PM) have been moved to Saturday and Sunday (1 – 3 PM). These will be viewable on the web site.

Saturday will be the webcast from the features on Shooting Star. Sunday will be the webcast from the base area Woodward rail park.

Our exhibition has also been moved from Saturday to Sunday.

The BBQ should be going on the deck, we’ll have a DJ and the pros will be putting on a show for all to see. It’s a great opportunity for our guests to see the pros and get a behind the scenes glimpse of this major production.

Now - what you really want to see - Day 1 action from Superpark 18! Here’s the video from and it is epic! 

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  1. ac

    May 10, 2014

    pretty disappointing today

    "the last powder day of the year III" and the best MHM could offer was one lift during fresh tracks time???

    i love meadows, but come on! poor form!

    I can only assume this private photo festival paid for hill time (which i can accept and i don't fault MHM for wanting to host it), but can't it be done during the week when you've already closed the hill? Or can't you create a venue that we can all see and enjoy? I'd love to see some guys going huge off a big jump, but the silly stair/guardrail structure near the lodge is not compelling at all...certainly not a draw for me to come watch.

    at the end of the day, i really don't get why anyone should be excited by superpark 18 when there's nothing to watch in person.

    i was excited to be up there today, but it ended up being disappointing standing in a 20 min wait at mhx before vista fired up

    i was going to come up tomorrow but now i don't think i'll bother if we're going to be corraled into one zone of the hill

    sorry for the bitterness...i do love meadows, and i hate ending the season on a sour note, but that's what it was today unfortunately

    i love you, but man!...poor form

    Thanks for listening,

    Meadows: Thanks for sharing your feelings. The Superpark opportunity came to Meadows very late this season. We had already set our scheduled lift operations for May (which didn't include Stadium or Shooting Star). Superpark required privacy, as their participants numbered close to 600 and there is major construction and coordination going on, particularly as weather and conditions change. Until the park builders arrived and scoped out terrain for feature building, we didn't have a clear picture of where the park and features would be located. We really didn't have time to put together a public access plan for spectating. Superpark will always want privacy to control access, for safety and to make sure that only those invited are shooting or riding the features. These are some of the largest jumps ever built. With more advance notice and a better understanding of where the features will be, in the future we may be able to come up with a spectator plan. That's not a promise, as that's really up to Superpark, not us.

    The exhibition in the base area was well attended and a lot of fun to watch.

    Thanks for sharing - and we hope you can join us for our Season's End festival this Saturday (May 17)!

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