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Meadows Presents Two Summer Events in August

Mt. Hood Meadows offers summer events in August.
  • Uphill Challenge Mountain Run on August 16
  • Kids Day Camp on August 23
  • Scenic chairlift and BBQ lunch offered each day

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – For the first time in it’s 46-year history, Mt. Hood Meadows will present summer events at the resort. The inaugural “Mt. Hood Meadows Uphill Challenge” – a 1.2 mile running (or walking) event will be presented August 16. And a Kids Day Camp featuring outdoor activities and education will be presented August 23. 

The opportunity to offer summer events was brought about by a recent U.S. Forest Service directive to bolster summer use and promote recreation-based and financially sustainable year-round activities and tourism at ski resorts on public land.

Mt. Hood Meadows President and CEO Matthew Drake is excited about the opportunity to offer summer events and recreation. “Since the Forest Service guidelines were released in April, we’ve been working closely with the Mt. Hood National Forest specifically to get a summer operational plan approved. These first two events are indicative of the direction we want to take our summer events and activities, offering recreation, social, competitive and educational experiences to our guests. We are looking forward to growing our operational and events schedule in the future to offer a wider spectrum of developed recreation and educational opportunities that will encourage more people to enjoy Mt. Hood Meadows year-round.”

In addition to the two events, Meadows will operate the Stadium chair for scenic chairlift rides, and offer a BBQ on the Sun Deck on those two days. Higher Grounds will also be serving up espresso drinks, drip coffee, smoothies, snacks, and parfaits for both events from 8 AM - 2 PM on the 16th, and 10:30 AM - 2 PM on the 23rd.

$250 cash prizes added to Uphill Challenge

Mt. Hood Meadows Uphill Challenge August 16

The inaugural Mt. Hood Meadows Uphill Challenge will be run Saturday, August 16. The 1.2 mile course starts at the resort’s main parking lot and will finish at the top of the Stadium chairlift – a 621 foot elevation gain. The course will follow a gravel mountain road – it is not a mountain obstacle course. Following the finish competitors will ride the Stadium chair down (alleviating the knee punishment downhill running can cause.) 

We've added a $250 cash prize for both the fastest man and the fastest woman in this inaugural running of the Uphill Challenge. There's also handmade wood awards for record setters in each of the age / gender classes.

Handmade awards for Uphill ChallengeCourse records will be kept for each age category – starting at ages 5 to 9, and increasing by 5 years all the way to 100+. All records will be up for grabs this first year in both male and female categories. Prize money will be awarded for the fastest overall Male and Female finishers. The race starts at 10 AM, but registration and bib pick up opens at 8 AM. 

Advance registration is $20 for ages 15 and older, $10 for 14 years and younger, and includes the race and chairlift ride. Competitors can REGISTER ONLINE through August 14. After that day of registration will be $5 more. 

The Stadium chair will operate for scenic rides that day from 10 AM – 2 PM (at $10 a ride) and the Sun Deck BBQ will be open from 11 AM – 3 PM, offering brats, hot dogs, tofu dogs, beer and wine and other refreshments for sale. 

Kids Day Camp August 23

The Kids Day Camp presents a fun, outdoor-active and educational experience designed for ages 6 to 12. The camp will run from 11 AM – 3 PM and includes education on native plants and wildlife, games, art projects, a chairlift ride, interpretive trail hike and lunch.

The entire day is just $25 which must be PURCHASED ONLINE in advance here

Meadows will operate the Stadium lift from 10 AM – 2 PM and lunch on the Sun Deck BBQ from 11  – 3 PM. A special lift and lunch package can be ADVANCE PURCHASED ONLINE (by August 20) for just $15, saving $5 off the day of price for the package. Day of scenic chairlift ride will be $10. 

For more information on Mt. Hood Meadows summer events visit the resort website, or call 503.337.2222 x1222.


  1. Harrison

    July 8, 2014

    Dear Meadows,

    Do season pass holders get a discount on the events offered this August? Is there some season pass holder discount for this?

    Meadows: Hi Harrison. 2014/15 season pass holders can ride the chairlift for free! Hope to see you up here!

  2. Rick

    July 17, 2014

    Global warming to climate change, it's all noise that is one sided. Think and be open to the contrary. Name calling and polarizing the people that do not go along with group leaders is unhealthy. Are you open enough to think critically?

    Meadows: I don't now - community - are you open minded? Give the video a watch.

  3. Nick

    July 31, 2014

    Global warming is not noise, it is scientific fact. It is happening because of unprecedented amounts of CO2 poured into the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning. Even if you dispute WHY it is happening, there's no question it is happening as we have all experienced the past many winters and summers.
    There are no "sides" in Science and objective temperature measurements, you are entitled to your won opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.
    The Arctic will be ice free in the summer soon and the Antarctic glaciers are in irreversible process of melting, the question is now how to make the impact LESS SEVERE rather than prevent it from happening altogether.
    Stop the false equivalency "there are two sides to the issue" nonsense.

    Meadows: Thanks Nick.

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