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Bernard Seeger and Rachel Lynn Establish Course Records in Inaugural Uphill Challenge

1st Annual Uphill Challenge
It was a gorgeous morning for the first annual Uphill Challenge at Mt. Hood Meadows. A field of 39 ranging in age from 4 to 71 took on the challenge. Most ran but some walked the 1.2 mile course which gained 621 vertical from the parking lot to the top of the Stadium Express. (See the Finish Line Movie at the bottom of this page).

The course record was set by Bernard Seeger - 10 minutes and 49 seconds. Rachel Lynn had the fastest woman's time (and third overall) at 13 minutes and 16 seconds. They both received a cash prize of $250, and everyone in this first annual event received a handmade wooden award commemorating the inaugural event. 

Inaugural Uphill Challenge Finish Times

Name Age F/M Bib Time Category
Webster, Annabel 6 F 20 21.05 5 to 9
Fischer, Valerie 14 F 43 16.54 10 to 14
Shauklas, Hayley 23 F 36 36.44 20 to 24
Lynn, Rachel 27 F 28 13.16 25 to 29
Jordan, Kristin 33 F 26 20.01 30 to 34
Rayles, Shannon 32 F 35 21.28 30 to 34
Mcmullin, Sara 33 F 33 25.18 30 to 34
La rowe, Nicole 33 F 39 36.44 30 to 34
Holmes, Sarah 37 F 8 14.55 35 to 39
Webster, Amanda 36 F 19 21.05 35 to 39
Lockwood, Jenniefer 42 F 22 19.36 40 to 44
Fischer, Erica 42 F 37 21.49 40 to 44
Tytler, Jenn 43 F 48 31.14 40 to 44
Dillon, Kisrten 47 F 24 17.42 45 to 49
Jordan, Veronica 46 F 27 21.31 45 to 49
Wild, Beth 48 F 31 21.54 45 to 49
Mcmullin, Kristy 53 F 53 25.21 50 to 54
Trulsen, Jill 61 F 61 19.10 60 to 64
Russell, Bonnie 64 F 64 33.59 60 to 64
Schneider, Audrey 71 F 30 21.56 70 to 74
Name Age Bib Time Category
Lockwood, Kellan 4 M 4 28.27 4 and under
Bracale, Ryly 9 M 1 14.25 5 to 9
Ringelspaugh, David 9 M 34 18.10 5 to 9
Lockwood, Kegan 7 M 23 19.35 5 to 9
Holmes, Carson 8 M 38 20.59 5 to 9
Nacua, Mark 14 M 5 12.57 10 to 14
Hollen, Eli 12 M 59 17.57 10 to 14
Holmes, Bryce  11 M 50 20.57 10 to 14
Xayapraseuth, Mitchell 19 M 7 16.57 15 to 19
Bracale, Billy 43 M 2 15.50 40 to 44
Lockwood, Dan 43 M 10 28.27 40 to 44
Seeger, Bernard 45 M 44 10.49 45 to 49
Hollen, Allan 49 M 9 14.13 45 to 49
Blackburn, Paul 48 M 25 14.46 45 to 49
Fourtounis, Panos 49 M 32 19.38 45 to 49
Sardo, Cindy 48 M 3 23.38 45 to 49
Armstrong, Auric 45 M 47 31.14 45 to 49
Russell, Fred 61 M 6 33.59 60 to 64
Schneider, Stephen 69 M 29 18.30 65 to 69

Finish Line Movie


Summer Operations at Mt. Hood Meadows

Mt. Hood Meadows will offer scenic chairlift rides and hiking by fields of wildflowers the next two Saturdays August 16 and August 23. Here's a little video preview, although it's impossible to convey the magnificence of the mountain on the small screen. So come on up and enjoy it in person!

Spectacular Summer Hiking Saturday

We're excited about the next two Saturdays of summer operations at Mt. Hood Meadows (our first opportunity to do so since our beginnings in 1967). And while the main events will be this Saturday's UpHill Challenge Race and next Saturday's Kids Camp (see June 16 Summer Events post for details) we will be operating our Stadium chairlift for uphill and downhill rides, and we have some spectacular summer hiking trails.

Summer hiking trails at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort

The chair will operate from 10 AM - 2 PM each Saturday (August 16 and 23) and we will also have the Sun Deck BBQ open from 11 AM - 3 PM to sit back and enjoy the beauty of Mt. Hood in the summer. 

You can download and print out a map by clicking the hiking trails above, or just pick one up when you come up to Meadows.

Winter Delight at The Bite

Meadows to the People tour at the Bite of Oregon

We're taking the Meadows to the People tour to The Bite of Oregon this weekend. We're proud to support the event, which raises money for Oregon Special Olympics. But hey - we like the food, the entertainment and the craft brews and winery row as well! Nothing like having fun and supporting a great cause!

Portland is for foodies, and there's not bigger event to satisfy your tastes than The Bite of Oregon! But you may also want to get a little exercise considering all the tasting you'll be doing. Stop by our van - and try some ski and snowboard tricks. We have something for all ages, and the equipment really is a lot of fun - but gives a pretty good simulation of the skills and technique you can use for mountain play. 

Here's some of the specials you'll find at our van at the Bite!

  • All kids 6 and under who go through our activation will receive a FREE season pass ($25 value).
  • All kids 7-14 who go through the activation will receive a FREE junior lift ticket ($37 Value).
  • $59 (Regularly $75) – 1x Learn to ski or ride (ADULT)

Show Specials Available to the first 50 purchasers!

  • 3 time adult learn to ride package just $89 (Regularly $139)
  • Southside Package* Adult for $249 ($50 discount)
  • Southside Package* Junior for $299 ($50 discount)

*The Southside Package includes a Southside season pass (valid on Buttercup, Easy Rider, Daisy, Vista Express, Shipyard Rope Tow and the Ballroom Carpet), 3 two-hour lessons and unlimited ski rentals. It's an awesome deal and is even better at these limited price offerings at the Bite!

Meadows Takes the Winteractive Tour to the People

Vincent learns to snowboard at the Meadows to People tour Learning ski and snowboard tricks at the Meadows to the People tourMeadows staff presents summer ski and snowboard skills at the MTP tour

As they say - if the people can't come to the mountain, then take the mountain to the people. Mt. Hood Meadows Resort is giving a taste of skiing and snowboarding in mid summer on the Winteractive tour. The tour presents first time ski and snowboard techniques and tricks to young people using specially made Burton snowboard equipment and other teaching tools focusing on balance, core strength and agility. Rossignol, Columbia Sportswear, the Portland Winterhawks and Burton Snowboards are tour partners.

Vice President of Global Resorts for Burton Snowboards Jeff Boliba applauds this initiative, saying it make snowboarding much more accessible and fun, especially for kids. “Taking these activities to summer and fall events takes the winter weather out of the picture, and makes it easy for families to experience snowboarding in a fun and controlled way. Kids are the heart of our sport and Mt. Hood Meadows shares our passion and commitment to riders.”

Meadows is at the Tualatin Crawfish Festival this weekend (August 2 and 3) and will be at The Bite of Portland August 8 - 10. The tour continues with appearances scheduled at summer and fall events. Watch the video showing the skills demonstrated at the MTP tour.

As a special incentive and to continue the fun, Meadows is offering free season passes to kids 6 and under who participate at the Winteractive events; and a free day lift pass to kids ages 7 - 14. Adult ski and snowboard learn to ride packages are specially priced at the tour stops.

Here’s a schedule of Winteractive tour stops (with more being added to the schedule):

August 2-3 - Tualatin Crawfish Festival 
August 8-10 - The Bite of Oregon
August 16th - Mt. Hood Meadows Uphill Challenge
August 23rd - Family Day @ Mt. Hood Meadows
September 5-7 - Pacific Trail Days
September 21st - Gorge Kids Triathlon
September 27th - Hood River Hops Fest
October 2nd - First Thursday at Meadows Portland Office
October 30th - Laurelwood Brewpub Pass Event
November 1-2nd - Winter Kick-off at Mt. Hood Meadows
November 14-16th - Portland Ski Fever and Snowboard Show

Meadows Cares - The Big Float

Celebrating the recovery of the Willamette River at the Big Float

Mt. Hood Meadows is supporting "The Big Float" Sunday. Meadows cares about the overall health of the Willamette and there is a great story to tell here about recovering this section of the Willamette and making it swimmable again. Our good friend Will Levenson of Popina Swimwear is the driving force behind this event - which raises money and focus on The Human Access Project. Creating urban access to the river for recreational use is a great reason to spend a few hours in the sunshine floating on the Willamette Sunday.

Meadows representatives will be there with our Burton Riglet - giving the young ones a taste of snowboarding. We encourage families to come out and enjoy the day together!

Meadows Cares about:

  • Improving the water quality and health of the Willamette
  • Providing additional access for recreation
  • Having a great day outdoors (there's some great bands playing)
  • Supporting this great cause

For more information visit The Big Float 

Meadows Signs Oregon Business Climate Declaration

Oregon Businesses Call for State Action on Climate Change

“Tackling action on climate is one of the greatest economic opportunities of the 21st Century”

PORTLAND, Ore. – Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has joined over 70 Oregon businesses, including Adidas, eBay, Moda Health, NIKE, Inc. and Portland Trailblazers today issued a joint declaration calling for state action on climate change. The Oregon Business Climate Declaration highlights opportunities to spur local economic development and job creation while curbing carbon pollution.

“Climate change. We have all heard about it for some time, and depending on where we sit on our planet, we are now starting to see its effects,” said Robert Gootee, president and CEO of Moda, Inc. and a founding member of Northwest Business for Climate Action. “We are blessed to live in one of our world’s most special places; it is time for us as Oregonians to lead on this important issue."

"Mt. Hood Meadows is proud to be among the original signatories on the Declaration," stated Mt. Hood Meadows spokesman Dave Tragethon, noting that Meadows was also a founding member of the National Ski Areas Association sustainable slopes initiative and Environmental Charter for ski areas. "Sustainability is a core value of our company and we encourage the Oregon business community to help create a healthy climate through innovation and making smart choices about clean energy. It's important, not just for our company and the obvious connection to winter recreation activities, but for all businesses." Meadows sustainable efforts are partially listed on its environmental commitment page

The Oregon Business Climate Declaration states:

“There is a clear and present need for action on climate to protect our region’s natural assets, its vibrant communities and its growing economy. We business leaders of the Pacific Northwest endorse the Climate Declaration because we support using energy efficiently, investing in cleaner fuels, advancing renewable energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Starting today, right here, the Pacific Northwest can lead the way. We can create a healthy climate and a strong, more resilient economy, by fostering innovation, advancing public health, spurring economic development through job creation and speeding technological advancement throughout our region.”

The declaration comes as more and more business leaders nationwide are raising concerns over the impact of climate change on the global economy. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer, a hedge-fund manager and philanthropist, recently released a report, Risky Business, which details the economic risks of climate change to U.S. businesses over the next two decades. Mr. Paulson will speak about the findings at Portland City Club on Friday, July 18.

“It’s hard to deny what the researchers and experts are saying about climate change,” said Chris McGowan, President & CEO of the Portland Trail Blazers. “Sound environmental stewardship is already an important part of our Trail Blazers culture, and a point of pride for us as an Oregon-based company. We are pleased to join with other Oregon businesses who are ready to take action; innovate new solutions; and preserve the health and economic vitality of our communities.”

“Tackling climate change by making smart choices about clean energy and clean fuels, and reducing harmful impacts is essential to maintaining our way of life and remaining economically competitive as a state,” said Eve Callahan, SVP of corporate communications for Umpqua Bank. “Oregon is uniquely positioned to innovate in this area while creating jobs that advance our state’s and region’s economy.”

Business leaders from the signatory companies encourage other businesses to join them and sign the Oregon Business Climate Declaration by going to:

The Oregon Business Climate Declaration is a companion to the Climate Declaration launched in 2013 by Ceres, a nonprofit sustainability advocacy organization, and its business network, Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP). The Climate Declaration has more than 800 signatories nationwide. You can see the full list of national companies here and the Oregon companies here

Meadows Presents Two Summer Events in August

Mt. Hood Meadows offers summer events in August.
  • Uphill Challenge Mountain Run on August 16
  • Kids Day Camp on August 23
  • Scenic chairlift and BBQ lunch offered each day

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – For the first time in it’s 46-year history, Mt. Hood Meadows will present summer events at the resort. The inaugural “Mt. Hood Meadows Uphill Challenge” – a 1.2 mile running (or walking) event will be presented August 16. And a Kids Day Camp featuring outdoor activities and education will be presented August 23. 

The opportunity to offer summer events was brought about by a recent U.S. Forest Service directive to bolster summer use and promote recreation-based and financially sustainable year-round activities and tourism at ski resorts on public land.

Mt. Hood Meadows President and CEO Matthew Drake is excited about the opportunity to offer summer events and recreation. “Since the Forest Service guidelines were released in April, we’ve been working closely with the Mt. Hood National Forest specifically to get a summer operational plan approved. These first two events are indicative of the direction we want to take our summer events and activities, offering recreation, social, competitive and educational experiences to our guests. We are looking forward to growing our operational and events schedule in the future to offer a wider spectrum of developed recreation and educational opportunities that will encourage more people to enjoy Mt. Hood Meadows year-round.”

In addition to the two events, Meadows will operate the Stadium chair for scenic chairlift rides, and offer a BBQ on the Sun Deck on those two days. Higher Grounds will also be serving up espresso drinks, drip coffee, smoothies, snacks, and parfaits for both events from 8 AM - 2 PM on the 16th, and 10:30 AM - 2 PM on the 23rd.

$250 cash prizes added to Uphill Challenge

Mt. Hood Meadows Uphill Challenge August 16

The inaugural Mt. Hood Meadows Uphill Challenge will be run Saturday, August 16. The 1.2 mile course starts at the resort’s main parking lot and will finish at the top of the Stadium chairlift – a 621 foot elevation gain. The course will follow a gravel mountain road – it is not a mountain obstacle course. Following the finish competitors will ride the Stadium chair down (alleviating the knee punishment downhill running can cause.) 

We've added a $250 cash prize for both the fastest man and the fastest woman in this inaugural running of the Uphill Challenge. There's also handmade wood awards for record setters in each of the age / gender classes.

Handmade awards for Uphill ChallengeCourse records will be kept for each age category – starting at ages 5 to 9, and increasing by 5 years all the way to 100+. All records will be up for grabs this first year in both male and female categories. Prize money will be awarded for the fastest overall Male and Female finishers. The race starts at 10 AM, but registration and bib pick up opens at 8 AM. 

Advance registration is $20 for ages 15 and older, $10 for 14 years and younger, and includes the race and chairlift ride. Competitors can REGISTER ONLINE through August 14. After that day of registration will be $5 more. 

The Stadium chair will operate for scenic rides that day from 10 AM – 2 PM (at $10 a ride) and the Sun Deck BBQ will be open from 11 AM – 3 PM, offering brats, hot dogs, tofu dogs, beer and wine and other refreshments for sale. 

Kids Day Camp August 23

The Kids Day Camp presents a fun, outdoor-active and educational experience designed for ages 6 to 12. The camp will run from 11 AM – 3 PM and includes education on native plants and wildlife, games, art projects, a chairlift ride, interpretive trail hike and lunch.

The entire day is just $25 which must be PURCHASED ONLINE in advance here

Meadows will operate the Stadium lift from 10 AM – 2 PM and lunch on the Sun Deck BBQ from 11  – 3 PM. A special lift and lunch package can be ADVANCE PURCHASED ONLINE (by August 20) for just $15, saving $5 off the day of price for the package. Day of scenic chairlift ride will be $10. 

For more information on Mt. Hood Meadows summer events visit the resort website, or call 503.337.2222 x1222.

Season Pass Deadline Extended

Apparently, a good number of our pass holders are very active on fair weather weekends. These activities have taken them away from their computers and, for those renewing, last year's RFID pass, preventing them from renewing or purchasing their pass. 

We are receiving high call volumes and emails from our guests regarding next year’s season pass purchase, and particularly renewals. Our renewal process requires that the pass holder have the RFID media # (to assure the correct pass is loaded with next year’s access). 

To accommodate them, as well as any guests having technical issues with their purchase, we will extend the May pricing on our website through Monday, June 2. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO OUR STORE.

We appreciate all those guests who were able to make their purchase and renewal by this original deadline. But we also want to be responsive to those guests who need our assistance.

Have a great weekend but make sure you get your pass price Locked-In or make your purchase by Monday! 

Meadows Parks Improvements - Shipyard Rope Tow and a Winter Flow Park!

You asked. We listened. Check out what we’ve got planned for next winter in the Meadows Parks!

Shipyard Rope Tow – This summer, we’ll install a rope tow at Shipyard so you can take lap after lap in our rail park. It’s always the first winter rail park to open on Hood, and it’s included with your Meadows season pass.

Winter Flow Park – Our Spring Park collaboration with Snow Park Technologies was a huge success; largely because it offered a next level park riding experience with creative features that flowed from one to the next, and was serviced by one high-speed lift. Next season, you’ll be able to ride a unique combination of features (accessed by Shooting Star) that flow and offer the same fun, challenging experience Spring Park featured – all season long.

Our parks plan for next season will include features in The Zoo, Fireweed, and Shipyard, as well as construction of the 18-foot Superpipe, some seasonal banked slalom and boarder cross courses, Forest Park and the new Winter Flow Park on Shooting Star. This configuration of parks best utilizes our terrain and will offer you a wide variety of features, and a unique riding experience. We're stoked!