May 03

Ram's Head Randonee

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort
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Ram's Head RandoneeThe Ram's Head Randonee is a 2.44 mile long course with uphill, downhill, and boot pack sections. Randonee demos, organized by the Mountain Shop, will be available in the demo village at the start. The race starts at 10 AM, with all day festivities ending at an awards ceremony in the base area. Food and beer will be provided by Mt. Hood Meadows and Everybody's Brewing.

Online registration is open! It's $30 to register for the Randonee online, or $40 for day of race registration, which will take place in the SnoBlaster Room from 8-9:30 AM. The entree fee also includes demos, lunch and a drink. There are five categories - Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's Masters (50 and Older), Women's Masters (50 and Older), and an all ages category. See the Ram's Head Randonee Event Race Map here, and register for the Ram's Head Randonee online! You can also try the latest Randonee gear for $20, which includes lunch and a drink too. See the Ram's Head Randonee Event Equipment Demo Fun Loop Map here, and register for the Randonee Demo online.

If you've been interested in skinning uphill, this will be a great opportunity to get information! Special thanks to The Mountain Shop for assistance with planning and promotion to make this an exceptional event.

Ram's Head Randonee Results

Brett Merlin, Men's Open - 41.22
Paul Klein, Men's Open - 41.55
Ben McKinnley, Men's Open - 44.37
Louis Bartlett, Men's Open - 44.51
James Little, Men's Open - 45.1
David Dietzgen, Men's Open - 46.09
David LaGreca, Men's Open - 47.18
Ian Kyle, Men's Open  - 49
Kristan Carver, Men's Open - 50.16
Matthew Harris, Men's Open - 55.11
Ian Downard, Men's Open - 57.58
Miles Pederson, Men's Open - 1.00:05
Drew Lesch-Wragge, Men's Open - 1.03:09
David Novak, Men's Open - 1.04:03
Ben Jacklet, Men's Open - 1.05:19
Jeff McVeigh, Men's Open - 1.06:57
Paul Schornack, Men's Open - 1.12:28
Robin Stein, Men's Open - 1.13:25
Tony Hyun, Men's Open - 1.28:03
Sean Gertz, Men's Open - 1.36:16
Steve Shaw, Men's Open - 1.37:15
Rommel De Leon, Men's Open - 1.56:51
Ben Bliesner, Men's Open - DNS
Paul Robinson, Men's Open 50 and Older - 40.45
Mark Colville, Men's Open 50 and Older - 49.46
Guy, Men's Open 50 and Older - 54.32
David Clarke, Men's Open 50 and Older - 58.49
Paul Mayhew, Men's Open 50 and Older - 1.01:55
Jay Stagnone, Men's Open 50 and Older - 1.26:35
Paul Ramsey, Men's Open 50 and Older - 1.28:22
George Malay, Men's Open 50 and Older - 1.30:45
Douglas Briedwell, Men's Open 50 and Older - 1.40:29
David Clugston, Men's Open 50 and Older - one lap 49.50
Bernard Klatte, Men's Open 50 and Older - one lap 49.50
Ken Stollenmaier, Men's Open 50 and Older - DNS
Amy Krull, Women's Open - 51.42
Lisa Luna, Women's Open - 1.24:00
Natalie Shaw, Women's Open - 1.37:15
Judy Lundeen, Women's Open - 1.40:40
Connie Macomber, Women's Open 50 and Older - 57:43:00