Meadows Film Festival

Turn Your Talent and Passion Into Prizes

Columbia Sportswear presents the first annual Meadows Film Festival, March 6, from 4 - 6 PM in the Finish Line Pizzeria and Sports Bar.

Meadows Film Festival @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortIt's a friendly competition to celebrate the beauty of our mountain, the talent of those who ski and ride here and the creativity of local film / video makers. The first annual Meadows Film Festival will showcase local talent - on the hill as well as behind the camera. In keeping with the freedom that so represents our sports, we're making no categories - we want your best effort depicting what experiencing this great mountain means to you, to your friends, to your family.

Entertain us. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Thrill us. Most of all - have fun that's what this sport is all about. And always follow the rules of the Responsibility Code and Smart Style rules. Now - impress us!

Congratulations Adam Fleck! Your video, So Far So Good, won first place in the first annual Meadows Film Festival!

Meadows Film Festival @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort

Judging Criteria

  • Skiing / snowboarding at Mt. Hood Meadows in a compelling, positive, entertaining and/or intriguing way.
  • Content must be consistent with the rules of the Responsibility Code and Smart Style freestyle terrain code (if applicable). Inverteds are discouraged and may disqualify a submission from being considered.
  • "Family edit" as the Film Festival is open to everyone.
  • Quality of finished piece – video, post production, audio quality, use of music.
  • Creative aspects and approach to the project.
  • Story telling.
  • Overall impression.

Meadows Film Festival @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortPrizes

  • 10 finalists receive a custom logoed Columbia Sportswear Backpack and a $50 Mt. Hood Meadows Gift Card
  • Top 3 finalists receive GoPro helmet Cameras.
  • Top finalist receives a $500 cash award.
  • Any of the top 10 finalists will be eligible for the “NSAA Video Prize” to be submitted to NSAA for previewing at the annual NSAA Conference in May. Any submissions selected to be shown by NSAA will receive a $100 gift card from Mt. Hood Meadows.

Meadows Film Festival @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortRights and Permissions

  • Submitters agree that they own all rights to their submission, including permissions from those appearing in the video/film.
  • Submitters agree that they have received appropriate permissions consistent with copy write law for any music used in the submission.
  • Submitters agree that Mt. Hood Meadows may use the submission for unrestricted current and future advertising and promotional purposes, including but not limited to web videos, television programs, television commercials, DVDs or other recorded media.

Meadows Film Festival @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortQuestions?

  • Email us! or call Jane Jirasek at 503.659.1256, ext. 1186

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